Playing Music

If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music. ~Gustav Mahler, Austro-Bohemian Romantic composer and conductor

Dallas here.

She hasn’t written about it in a while, but Mama is still playing flute.

In fact, she plays nearly Every. Single. Day.

If she’s not practicing songs for symphonic band in the fall, winter, and spring, she’s practicing for community band in the summer.

Or for her individual lessons.

Scales, duets, something called long tones, triple tonguing, and so on.

Now, with a concert in just two weeks, she’s really stressing.

I’ve heard her complain about these songs — too many fast runs, challenging rhythms, odd key signatures.

But she’s getting better (so her teacher says).

I wouldn’t know.

I used to love listening — and singing — when The Kid brought his trumpet home.

We’d hop on the daybed together, he’d blow a note or two, and I’d toss back my head and sing like a bird.

Matching your tune, Kid, and it’s thrilling!

But I was a young’un then.

Mama says maybe I liked a brass sound better than a woodwind sound.

Because I’ve never sung to her flute.

Not once.

Still, it seems to me that silence is better than a noisy protest.

Like this doggo that Mama thinks is hilarious.

Hmph. The poor thing’s ears are probably hurting from all that din!

Anyway, my favorite spot these days is lying beneath Mama as she practices. I’m more comforted by her presence than I am by the music she’s playing.

Me “listening” to Mama play flute (that black line on my bottom is the leg of her music stand — my tail is way prettier than that!)

You see, I’m 13 now (officially a “senior pup”), and I have a bit of trouble hearing.

Even a high-pitched flute.

Mama says I’ve got selective hearing because the minute she picks up the rattly bag of cookie-treats, I come a-running!

Gee, Mama, don’t you know even senior pups never lose their entire sense of smell?

20 thoughts on “Playing Music

  1. Oh, Dallas…Dallas…Dallas…I LOVE when you post because you never fail to entertain and make me laugh! The photo of you tossing your head back and singing made me laugh out loud. You look like Luciano Pavarotti (the opera singer). And the picture of you lying beneath Mama as she practiced is so sweet! Hey, for 13 you still look like a young pup!

    Hope you and Mama are enjoying a fun Sunday!

    X to you both!

    • Thank you, Mr. Ron — I’m glad to hear I amuse you! I used to love to sing to The Kid’s trumpet; Mama’s flute? Not so much. But I still like to be around her when she picks it up to practice.

      I had my vet checkup a few days ago, and even my dogtur agreed I look pretty good (and she didn’t say one nasty thing about my getting older either!) Enjoy your Sunday — we’ve got a beautiful, sunny, almost-warm day here! xo

  2. Dallas, you’ve reminded me of my Dad. He could sit and read his newspaper and never hear a word of what my mother said to him, but the minute the refrigerator or oven door opened, he’d come to full attention and say, “You baking something?” or, “Are you going to bring me one of those beers?” He was so funny — just like you!

    • What a lovely compliment, Miss Linda — thank you! I’m happy to have given you a good reason to call up a nice memory. (Mama says any time is a good time for a nice memory!)

  3. Well, Dallas, we’re very happy for you that your Mama is still improving at the flute – we wish we could be as complimentary about our servant and her guitar! Maybe you should tell your Mama that she should take up the trumpet so you could do duets? Glad you can still sense those treats!

    Love, Tommy and Tuppence

    • Hey Tommy and Tuppence, good hearing from you two! I don’t think Mama has any desire to take up trumpet, but we’re both impressed at your servant’s playing guitar. That’s not easy. The Kid brings his home most trips and does a pretty good job with it, but Mama’s got stolen years ago and she never replaced it. Sigh. Hugs and licks! Dallas

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