And the Rain Falls

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. ~Loren Eiseley, American anthropologist, writer, and educator

Days upon days of rain
Drenching the ground below.
Keeping us sheltered at home
While Nature continues to grow.

It’s really too cool to garden,
Too wet to dig in the dirt.
My world has become an emerald,
My attire: jeans and T-shirt.

Hang on, people, hang on!
This, too, one day will pass.
Life will acquire a new normal;
Sun will shine on the glass.

It’s easy to drift into sadness
We’re all missing so much.
Perhaps it’s good for the world
To pause from our human touch.

We’re on a maiden voyage,
Fording an unknown sea.
Wading in deepening waters
From which we cannot flee.

Hold on, people, hold on!
It’s easier to smile than frown.
Refuse to add to the misery
Be kind during this slowdown.

Note: I think this poetry form is called Iambic Trimeter. It has three iambs per line. (Of course, if you know otherwise, please educate me!)

10 thoughts on “And the Rain Falls

  1. Debbie this piece is so beautiful because it’s so true. Everything you shared here are things we are all thinking and feeling.

    I especially loved this…

    “We’re on a maiden voyage,
    Fording an unknown sea.
    Wading in deepening waters
    From which we cannot flee.”

    So true. But being an optimist; always looking for the “positive” in challenging situations, I’m focusing what this is teaching us because there are very valuable lessons in this pandemic. And personally, I’m “seeing” and “learning” a lot.

    Like you said, perhaps it’s good for the world. Just to show us how much we need and miss human touch. I can’t wait for the day when I can get together with my friends and give each other big hugs. I miss that.

    Thank you for sharing this today, my friend! Beautiful photo as well!

    Have a great weekend! X

    • Ron, I, too, am an optimist, but I see a lot of folks who are struggling with this thing. I’m able to keep busy, but I feel sorry for those who are climbing the walls. Perhaps they never developed a hobby or outside interest; perhaps they’re old or infirm. Regardless, you’re right — we do need each other, and hugs (when we’re able to give and receive them) will be most welcome!

      But I’ve also read how our planet is healing because fewer of us are driving cars and so forth. I imagine that’s a necessary thing. Earth is our only home, and we should be taking better care of it!

      Enjoy your weekend — we’re expecting more rain and storms, ugh! xx

  2. This is great, Debbie, and more than appropriate for me just now, as we’re predicted to have increasing rain chances all the way through Memorial Day. I will confess I’ve lost patience with certain terms like ‘social distance’ and ‘new normal.’ The first is an oxymoron, and the second is a very subtle way of telling us that we should stay just as we are: masked, separate, and afraid.

    I hate that I can’t drive up to Kansas City and give my aunt a hug, and time’s running out to do that, given that she’s 93. As soon as the place where she’s living allows visitors again, I’m hitting the road for KC, no matter what!

    • Linda, I have a dear friend who had shoulder surgery right before this thing started, and I’ve yet to see her. I know how you feel about your aunt, but she’s a bit older than my friend. Still, none of us are guaranteed a day, are we?

      We’re expecting a rainy Memorial weekend as well. There’s lots of yard work I need to be doing, but I don’t feel like playing in all that mud.

      You know, I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one exasperated by the COVID terminology. All of us have been inundated with the need for staying apart, covering our mouths, hand washing, and so on — gee, did it take something like a pandemic for us to adhere to basic health practices??

  3. Lovely poem! Yes, I think the world is probably quite glad to have had this break from human activity and will have benefitted from it. I only hope we don’t go straight back to our normal polluting ways when we finally get released from captivity…

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