I Believe in Miracles

When prayers go up, blessings come down. ~Author unknown

Those who know me well know how hard it’s been for me since my beloved Sheltie Dallas left for the Rainbow Bridge back in March.

Not a single day has gone by without my thinking of, and praying for, him.

But it’s taken nearly seven months for me to dream about him, and what a vision that turned out to be!

I dreamed my son Domer and I were in a car traveling on a single-lane road that had gravel where the tires should go and grass between them. Domer was at the wheel.

Suddenly, he said, “There he is!”

And I said, “Stop! Let him in!”

When Domer stopped the car and opened his door, Dallas leaped inside, across Domer’s lap, and right into my arms!

I tell you honestly, I could feel him, feel the weight of his body, feel the warmth radiating from him, feel his lustrous furs. It was heavenly!

And I finally knew the peace that comes when somebody you’ve loved and lost returns to you, if only for an instant.

If only in a dream.

Now, this story would be magical enough if it ended right here.

But it doesn’t.

The day after this dream, I was talking on the phone with Domer and described it for him, just as I have for you all.

And he stopped.

I heard him take a quick inhaling breath, and he said, “Wow!”

“What?” I asked.

“It’s just that, some time ago, you sounded really sad over missing Dallas and not being immediately able to find a new pup to love. That night, I prayed that God would send you Dallas to cheer you up. And it worked.”

Oh, my. It did, indeed.

And I still get chills when I realize just how caring my son is and how powerful prayer can be!

21 thoughts on “I Believe in Miracles

  1. “And I still get chills when I realize just how caring my son is and how powerful prayer can be!”

    OMG Debbie, not only did I also get chills when I read that, but also tears in my eyes. How beautiful! And I truly believe in things like this; praying for something and receiving it. Yes, I believe in miracles100%!

    I am so utterly happy that you had this experience because I know (and understand) the grief you have felt in losing Dallas, because as you shared, it brought a sense of peace.

    As you already know, even though I never met Dallas, I always had such a love for him, just from your posts and photographs. So this experience you had touched my heart.

    Thanks so much of sharing, my friend. Have a terrific Sunday! x

    • Ron, thanks so much for supporting my story! I was leery about posting it for fear people would think I’d made it up. But it really and truly happened, just the way I’ve described it!

      I’m not sure that people who haven’t loved and lost a pet can understand how profound the experience is. I’m pretty must past the overwhelming grief and sadness, and into the happy memories phase. But I’ll always miss Dallas — he was special!

      Enjoy the new week, my friend! xo

  2. I’m ao glad Dallas visited you! I’m sure that must have been so wonderful. I have only had that happen once, and it was so real that I kind of think it IS real! Miracles DO happen!

    • You had this happen, too?? How relieved I am to read that, Dawn! My late dad was the scientific type, and if it couldn’t be felt, smelled, tasted, or analyzed and quantified, it wasn’t REAL. But this felt real to me, and it was wonderful seeing Dallas able to run and jump again, knowing he was no longer in pain … or hard of hearing, ha!

  3. Lovely story, Debbie! It’s always such a comfort to dream about someone we’ve lost – it makes it feel as if we’re still connected. I’m sure one day you’ll find that new pup but Dallas will always be in your heart… and maybe in other dreams to come!

  4. What a special son you have and what a Great God we have who knows just what we need. My verse of the day I get in a email, was this today:

    Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior,
    who daily bears our burdens.
    Psalm 68:19 – NIV

    • Tanya, thank you for sharing your verse of the day. I’m blessed to have had Dallas for 13 years, and I miss him lots, but this dream reinforced for me that pets do go to Heaven. And Dallas looked just the way he did when he was younger and didn’t suffer the agony of arthritis and hearing loss!

  5. These stories of “visitations” are so interesting, and yours is a great one. Dixie Rose visited me once. I was sitting at the computer, working away, when I looked over at the sofa she like to sleep on, and there she was, looking right back at me. Then, she jumped down, and disappeared. This was at least a couple of years after she died, so I’d pretty much gotten over expecting to greet me when I got home, and so on. It’s a mystery, but a wonderful one, just like your experience.

    • Linda, thank you for sharing your story about Dixie Rose. I’d never heard of a “visitation” like this, but having experienced it for myself, I realize how comforting it was. Just seeing Dallas again and feeling him in my arms has given me the courage to welcome a new pup (eventually!) into my life. Almost like Dallas has given me “permission” to love another. I don’t guess we’ll ever understand this kind of mystery this side of Heaven!

  6. I’m so glad you had that dream! Before I even got to the end of your post, I thought to myself, “she is seeing Dallas again. His spirit came to visit her.” I really believe your son’s prayer was answered!

    • I believe it was answered prayer, too, Ann! Just seeing my Sheltie as he was when he was alive, young, and healthy was reassuring. I know a lot of folks don’t believe dogs go to heaven, but I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t, especially when they’re as good a dog as Dallas was!

  7. Debbie, what a special gift and answer to Domer’s prayer! How appropriate it was on/near the Feast of Saint Francis. I remember you once posted about taking Dallas for a blessing (or did he post that one? Sure do miss his posts here!) What a real blessing for you to experience his vibrant presence in your dream. I’ve had a few dreams where my precious mama and papa turn up. In the last one mama’s presence seemed so real when I woke up I forgot for a moment she’s in Heaven!

    • You know, it’s funny but a few days before my dream about Dallas, I dreamed about my late daddy — and it was a good one, too. Perhaps they’re trying to tell me they’re okay?! I think Dallas did that post about the Blessing of Pets last year — and how glad I am he got it before crossing the Bridge!

  8. This is just so beautiful! I believe that pets do go to heaven, and things/dreams/visitations do happen that can’t be explained. I’ve had it happen with one of my dogs who was 12 when he left me. I did not think I would be able to live when my Badger left me. And I have to tell you, I had a nephew that was tragically killed in a car accident when he was just 17. We could find no solace. One night, I dreamed that he was standing in the hallway looking just as beautiful as he was the day before he died, telling me not to grieve any more, that he was okay. That was years ago, and that is still as fresh in my mind today as when I had the dream. I believe he did come into my dream to let me and my sister know that he was okay. You were gifted a magical gift.

    • Angie, thanks so much for your lovely stories. I’m glad to hear that other people have experienced similar miracles! It really is a relief when a beloved pet or person appears in a dream to let you know that all is well. It’s kind of like my Dallas was telling me it’s okay to start looking for another pup, that he’s well and happy and will greet me when I arrive on the other side. Definitely a gift!

    • What I love about this story is, it’s TRUE! I had no expectation of ever seeing Dallas again (until we met in the next world, of course), but he was just as alive to me in this dream as he was when he was here. Thank you for reading and for letting me know you enjoyed it!

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