Fairy Tale Love

When I am with you, the only place I want to be is closer.  ~Author Unknown

I know I’m only just a toad

And not the frog that maidens kiss.

Aware I tote a heavy load

When looking for my special miss.

I’m not cuddly and then there’s this:

I’m plain as you can surely see.

Still, where’s a toad to find his bliss

If no one wants to embrace me?

Note: This poetic form is called Huitain. It’s my first try at this French form with 8 lines (per poem or stanza), and 8-10 syllables per line (consistent within the poem) in a rhyming scheme of ababbcbc.

14 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Love

  1. I never thought about the fact that toads might have frog envy. That’s quite a thought — and you certainly expressed it well! I’d never heard of this form; thanks for the fun introduction!

  2. Debbie, this is not only humorous, but very cleverly composed!

    Well done, my friend. WELL done!!!!

    And also, GREAT capture of the frog!

    Have a stellar Sunday! X

    • Thanks very much, Ron. When I saw that toad, I knew I wanted his picture, but part of me was afraid he’d either hop away — or hop right AT ME!! Enjoy your Sunday. xo

    • Me, too, Dawn. But I’d be happier for him if he’d find her and carry her to somebody else’s yard — I don’t know if I want baby toads hopping around all over the place, particularly if one day I manage to find a new pup to care for!

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