Monkey’s First Post

Our fears are always more numerous than our dangers. ~Proverb

Monkey here.

I understand my predecessor — a beauty by the name of Dallas — regularly took over Mama’s blog, and she figured you might like to hear from me once in a while, too.

If I had something to say, of course.

Well, I do!

First off, you should know I’m terrified of doing this blogging-thing.

I’m still a baby — nearly six months now — and, according to Mama, I’ve spent much of my life battling something-or-other. And this is my “fear stage.”

But if I don’t make myself post, I might never. So here goes.

Over Memorial Day weekend, my human brother Domer came home.

Mama told me ahead of time that I’d love him, and she was right! I’d seen him once before, but I was just a wee pup and fighting diarrhea, so I don’t remember much about that visit.

This time, he was really surprised at how much I’ve grown … and at all the things I can do now that I couldn’t just two months ago.

Puppies grow FAST, you see.

This was just a short visit, but I managed to lose one of my canine teeth while we were playing so Domer would have something to remember me by!

Anyway, this Domer is lots of fun. We took walkies, played Fetch, learned some new commands (working on Sit/Stay), and kicked a playground ball around the back yard.

Me and Domer playing. Silly Mama is still protecting his online identity and she found a Blur tool to make his head all fuzzy. He’s really better-looking than Fuzz-Head Man!

One day, I rode in Domer’s car with him and Mama to pick up fast food and guess what?

The girl at the window saw me and made me something she called a Puppuccino. It was white and frothy, and she served it in a small cup. Mama was afraid it would start the diarrhea up again and refused to let me lick it all down, but the taste Domer gave me was divine!

And this time, Mama wasn’t right. My stools are just fine, thank you very much.

I swear, these Mamas think they know everything, but I’m here to tell you they don’t!

She did get me a name tag for my collar, something to bring me back home if I should ever get lost, but it’s noisy and clanks when I lay down. I’ve quit trying to bite it off — I can’t reach it easily, and I’m tired of her telling me to Stop.

The things we pups have to put up with!

Time to snoozle. Talk later.

Love, Monkey

25 thoughts on “Monkey’s First Post

    • Miss Laurie, Domer likely won’t be back any time soon. Maybe the holidays, he said, though I’m hoping Mama can persuade him to come before then!

  1. Yahooooooo, Monkey! Congrats on your first blog post. You did AWESOME!

    “The girl at the window saw me and made me something she called a Puppuccino.” HA! OMG…how cute is that name? Glad you enjoyed it.

    Monkey, I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing well!

    Great hearing from you, boy! Looking forward to future posts. You’re a regular, David Sedaris!

    Love to you and Mama!

    • Aw, gee, thanks, Mr. Ron. I’m glad the first one’s done. Mama assured me that would be the hardest, and I hope she’s right. I’d hate to get this anxious every time she turned her laptop over to me!

      Yes, Puppuccino is heavenly. Of course, I’m only allowed to eat kibble right now because of my digestive issues, so anything else comes as a special treat! I understand my predecessor Dallas enjoyed delights like pizza and doughnuts — wonder when/if I’ll ever taste them?? xx

  2. Hi Monkey!! So glad you’ve posted, nice to get to know you. I’m not letting Katie read this though, she’s never had a pupicheno, and she’d want one right away if she knew.

    • Oh, Miss Dawn, Katie would LOVE a Puppuccino. The Domer told Mama it’s made with something like Redi-Whip so it’s nothing more than pure sugar, but I thought it was great. I guess dogs in big cities get that stuff all the time, but not so for us rural dogs. Now that I know something that frothy is available here, I’m going to insist on more car rides to fetch fast food!!

  3. What fun! I’m glad you like Domer; that’s important, because I think your mama likes him, too. I didn’t have any idea there was such a thing as a puppucino, but maybe next time you’ll be able to slurp down the whole thing!

    • Miss Linda, I LOVED Domer — he was lots of fun. The only problem was, he didn’t stick around long enough! And he acted like it’s going to be a LONG time before he gets to come back, sigh. You’re right about the Puppuccino. I’m already plotting how I can distract Mama the next time I’m offered one, heh heh!

  4. Hello, Monkey! So nice to hear that you and your stools are doing better! Personally we get very offended when our servant comments on our stools, as she does far too often in our opinion, and she usually makes a very rude ewww face when she’s cleaning our litter tray. Humans really ought to be better trained before they’re allowed to become our servants!

    This sit/stay business – well, you’re just a dog so I suppose obeying humans is part of your nature, but we would strongly suggest you demand a Puppuccino as a reward before you agree to the whole thing. You need to take a firm stand with humans or they’ll think they’re the boss…

    Love from your feline friends,
    Tommy & Tuppence

    • Hi Tommy and Tuppence! What is it with humans and stools anyway?? You’d think I laid a golden egg, the way Mama has to examine it every time I go! And you’ve made a very good point about these Commands she’s been issuing — Sit, Stay, Down, and all that. At least I’ve got her trained to where she rewards me with a treat after I do them. No, it’s not a Puppuccino, but it’s something. Hmm, wonder if I can get her to start making me Puppuccinos on a regular basis?!!

  5. Welcome to blogging, Monkey! I’m so glad to know that things are looking up for you and that you have something to say. 😉 And it’s nice that you will have more visits from Domer to anticipate. The Puppuccino sounds like a great treat, but I can’t blame Mama for erring on the side of caution. Looking forward to your future posts!

    • Miss Barbara, you’re NOT taking Mama’s side, are you?? Gee, can’t a pup have a treat without his mama fretting over his digestion?? Don’t worry — I’ll be back! This was fun, and I got to meet so many nice people. Hugs and Licks to all of you!

  6. So good to hear from you, Monkey! And I’m glad that you’re growing up so quickly and putting at least some of your medical issues behind you. I know the way humans, and even your Mama, do things don’t always make sense. But it helps to know that she loves you very much and honestly always thinks she’d doing what’s best…even when she sticks an annoying tag on your collar. Best to just put up with it, I think. And I hope you blog again soon…you’re very good at it!

    • Thanks, Miss Ann — you’re good with the compliments!! I know Mama always says she loves me … and I suppose she does … but I’m not quite six months old yet, and I don’t really know much about “love.” I’ll just take your word for it, okay?!

  7. Monkey, so glad to hear from you! I always loved hearing from your predecessor and it sounds like you are kindred spirits (although you still have a bit of growing to do!) You already inspire me with your persevering (and understanding) spirit. Getting so many shots at once that set your tummy off – and you didn’t even mention it! Hang in there and hope to see you posting here again!

    • Miss Virginia, thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words. Yes, I’ve had a rough few months, but Mama is hopeful I’ve turned the corner. Lots of prayers have been offered, trust me!

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