Happiness is a warm puppy. ~Charles M. Schulz, American cartoonist and creator of the Peanuts comic strip



One day you’re

A little pup —

Weak, needy, clingy.

And then I blink my eyes.

You’re all grown up. Beautiful,

Full of energy and ready

To take on the world (or your back yard)

You’ve become a lean, mean, Sheltie machine!

Experts say you’re fully grown at one year;

However, I’ve learned that it takes more

Than twelve months to grow a Sheltie.

You still need to learn to mind

And never poop indoors.

Now please settle down

And take a nap

So I can

Have some


Note: This poetry form is Double Etheree.

23 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. “You’ve become a lean, mean, Sheltie machine!”

    OMG Debbie, I loved that! And oh, oh, oh…what a cuter than cute face Monkey has!

    Well done, my friend. Enjoyed this poem and photo!

    Wishing you and Monkey a beautiful weekend! X

    P.S. Btw, we just got more snow. Yaaaaaaay!

    • I’m glad you got the snow you wanted, Ron. Here, there’s no snow, but our temperatures are in the Deep Freeze.

      I’m glad you liked my poem. Doesn’t Monkey have a sweet expression? He gets away with so much because he’s so doggone cute!!

      Enjoy the coming weekend! xx

  2. Well, it takes a good bit of time to grow a person, so why not a Sheltie? I’ve known some fifty-year-olds who are lacking in a few qualities, too! I’d say you’ve done a wonderful job with Monkey, despite the frustrations. That certainly looks like a portrait of a happy dog to me!

    • Linda, you are sooo right — I imagine there are lots of folks who somehow missed the boat when it came to “adulting.” Monkey is a jolly soul. He might prefer a more active environment, but we don’t get everything we want! And perhaps this is enough activity for wintertime (Spring/Summer/Fall is a lot better for outdoor exercise!)

  3. Our Liam was a very energetic Sheltie, and we were committed to giving him plenty of exercise. When he was young, three or four miles a day for walks, and a backyard for him to run, the Liam 500, as a friend dubbed it. They are, after all, herding dogs bred to run all day in the fields. I couldn’t keep up with a Sheltie now. My knees are too creaky, and I spend too much time on writing. But, oh how I miss our Liam, his keen vigilance and intelligence. This is a long way of saying that I sympathize with the demands of having a very energetic dog. Give that sweet Monkey a pat for me.

    • Laurie, I’m good for outdoor exercise … just not when it’s 4 degrees outside! I don’t find that safe for me or Monkey. He gets plenty of workouts indoors, chasing me up and down the stairs, fetching the balls I throw, and racing around his backyard chasing squirrels, birds, and bunnies! He requires more exercise than my previous Sheltie, though, so I’m considering introducing him to the treadmill. If he takes to it, that will be wonderful!

    • Eliza, I think (I hope!) you’re right. One more year should turn him into a wonderful dog. Right now, he’s so full of puppy energy that it’s hard to keep up with him. It’s especially noticeable because I had so many years with my senior pup, and he was exceptionally chill!

    • He’s turning into a pretty good pup … slowly. I’d forgotten how much time it takes to grow a puppy. We think they’re adults at one year, but at least with this one, that’s far from true!

    • What a sweet thing to say … and I’m blushing at your compliment, Kathy! My previous Sheltie was an “old soul,” and he didn’t seem to take as long to settle down. Or perhaps I’ve just forgotten over time how hard being a baby can be!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Judith — I’ll have to get over to your place, too. Glad you liked the Etheree. Sometimes, they pop right out; other times, I have to struggle to get them to say what I want to and meet those syllable parameters!

    • You’re so right, Barbara — it *has* been a long, rough road thus far, but I have high hopes things will get better. He’s a beautiful guy; he just needs more time to become all he can be!

    • It’s probably unfair to compare Monkey at the beginning of his life with Dallas at the end of his. Dallas was so chill, whereas Monk has tons of energy. And it’s hard during the cold winter months for me to exercise him enough to expend it!

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