Birds on a Line

If hunger is not the problem, food is not the answer. ~Author unknown

There once were some doves on a line

Who thought they were doing just fine

They looked up and down

And glanced all around

Before spotting a furry canine.

Beneath them, the dog did dance

In fact, you could see him prance

His eye, it did gleam

I could tell he did dream

Of dinner on doves, perchance?


Note: Poetry form is Double Limerick. I’d never heard of this, but I guess it’s really a thing!

18 thoughts on “Birds on a Line

  1. I’m always intrigued by birds’ obvious desire to maintain their personal space. When a new one flies in to sit on a wire, the others adjust where they’re sitting so that the space between them remains the same. I suspect these are just as concerned with leaving a good bit of space between themselves and that canine!

    • You’re absolutely right about their personal space. But of course, with lines seemingly endless, why belly right up next to another bird?! That said, it surprised me to see this many doves lined up together. They tend to pair off more usually.

  2. Debbie, as I’ve shared with you before, you have such a gift with words! This was fantastically brilliant. Not to mention clever and funny.

    “His eye, it did gleam

    I could tell he did dream

    Of dinner on doves, perchance?”


    Also, I love the photo of the birds on the wire.

    Have a great Monday, my friend! And thanks for the great morning read. X

    • HaHa, I’m glad you liked it, Ron — and I’m glad you told me! I guess there’s a certain silliness about Limericks (remember the one about the old man and the beard??) that I particularly enjoy. Brings out the child in me!

      I’m wondering if these birds weren’t somehow aware of the upcoming change forecast in our weather, and maybe that’s why they chose to line up. It’s muggy this morning, but we’re expecting possibly strong storms this afternoon and evening, bringing a cold front. If that drives away the mugginess, I think we’ll all be grateful.

      Enjoy your workweek! xx

  3. Loved your clever double limerick! I love the way mourning doves gather on the lines, watching the activity below them with a sense of detachment. I can almost see them thinking, “dream on, little dog, dream on…”

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