This ‘N That from Monkey

I Monkey here.

Mama is spinning around like some kind of cyclone, so I decided to snatch her laptop and catch you all up on what’s going on.

(It’s a cinch she won’t because she’s still grousing that she hasn’t written a decent sentence since I Monkey came to live with her. Huh!)

First off was her band concert. I tell you, her daily practice with that flute-thing was misery to my ears, but I understand it paid off.

She yakked on the phone (and yes, I’m a shameless eavesdropper) and told everybody how “wonderful” it was. They were in tune, the rhythms were correct, and nobody seemed to mess up. The audience, too, appeared happy to hear them — though I Monkey think they should at least have played ONE Christmasy song.

But they didn’t ask me. Hmph.

Next thing, Gramma had to go to the hospital. Nobody could seem to determine what was wrong with her, so she had to stay there a while, and that put more responsibility on Mama’s shoulders.

Mama became the “point person” for the rest of the family, and her cell phone has been regularly blowing up with calls, questions, and such.

I Monkey think she ought to have a better means of communication, but I’m just a wee pup and don’t understand these things.

Soon, though, The Kid (aka Domer) will be home for the holidays. Woo Hoo!

And that’s sent Mama into a cleaning frenzy. I mean, really. Does the woman think The Kid expects a five-star accommodation or something?

She’s also moving furniture, which I’m pretty sure her chiropractor would frown on. I tell you, sometimes Mama’s nuts! I do what I can to help — you know, chase the vacuum so it doesn’t eat her, help her carry heavy stuff, and bite at the cleaning rags.

She’s rearranging her entire bedroom, when it looked perfectly fine to me. However, I’ve noticed she has yet to really throw anything out. It seems she’s just moving stuff from one place to another. Is that supposed to fool anybody?

Still, she did succeed in getting my crate-bed out of the middle of her room, and so she’s happy about having more space. Probably just seems that way, don’t you think?

So here we are.

I don’t imagine the woman will make time to reply to your comments, but I Monkey will. She thinks I sleep while she’s running in circles. Hah!

Don’t clue her in, okay? It’ll be our little secret!

23 thoughts on “This ‘N That from Monkey

  1. Monkey,
    Seems your mom has a lot on her plate. Preparation the way for the Domer is what mothers do – but dealing with Grandma is unexpected stress. Just don’t let her forget you!

    I know she loves music and renewing her long-lost love for the flute. Music was also important to me back in the day – so that’s why I took up handbells …. but at least I don’t play them in the house!

    Can you tell me something? Is that little pine tree still present?

    • Mr. Frank, Mama can’t forget me Monkey — I’m on her 24/7!! She works from home, you know, and I get a lot of “Mama time”!! As for your little pine, why yes, it’s definitely alive and growing. I’ll have to get Mama to do an update on it (I can’t use her camera). It might look pretty with a spot of snow on it — that sounds like something Mama would say. Gee, you really do get like who you live with, don’t you?!

  2. “Don’t clue her in, okay? It’ll be our little secret!” LOL!

    Oh Monkey, I love when you snatch the laptop and give us a catch-up – always very informative and VERY funny!

    Happy to read that her band concert went well! Sorry to hear about Gramma going to the hospital. Sending positive thoughts her way!

    And I bet Mama is very excited that The Kid will be coming for the holidays. And you too. Can you believe that Christmas is just two weeks away?!

    Thanks so much for posting today, Monkey! And that photograph of you is stellar. You look like a movie star!

    X to you and Mama!

    • Aw, thank you, Mr. Ron. I Monkey often lie down with my paws crossed, and Mama says I look like I’m posing.

      Christmas is just two weeks away?? Oh my goodness, no wonder poor Mama is flustered! I’d give her a pass on not playing more with me, but nope — not gonna happen. Puppies are small for only a short time, and I’ve got to be more important than having a clean house.

      Hugs and licks, Monkey

  3. Monkey, you have to understand. The approach of Christmas induces a certain kind of frenzy in humans. The coming visit of a child does the same. When a child is coming home for Christmas, it’s double trouble! Just keep a low profile and you’ll be fine!

    • “Frenzy,” huh? Well, Miss Linda, I Monkey suppose that’s true. I’m happy that The Kid will be coming though. He’s lots of fun, and I’ve noticed that Mama is way more relaxed when he’s around. Must be true that sharing the load divides the burden or something. Low profile? Me? Um, nope — I’m an “in-your-face” kind of pup!

  4. Monkey, always a joy to read one of your posts. Your joi de vivre always makes me smile. Very sorry about Gramma. Hope she feels better soon. Exciting that Domer will soon be home. Hope you two have some good romps. Finally, this is the busy season for most women. Can’t be helped. Ho, ho, ho!

    • Miss Laurie, I Monkey thank you for your concern about Gramma. Mama is trying to find a way to sneak me in to see her, but I’m too big to fit into a backpack (and she can’t just waltz me into the hospital!) We hope she’ll be home for the holidays though. Yes, it’s a busy time. What happened to that calm waiting of Advent??

  5. “I do what I can to help — you know, chase the vacuum so it doesn’t eat her, help her carry heavy stuff, and bite at the cleaning rags.” That is very helpful, Monkey! You really need to watch those vacuums and cleaning rags. I hope your mama gets a chance to slow down and enjoy the season, and that you do, too. 🙂

    • Thank you for understanding, Miss Robin! I Monkey understand it’s my job to protect Mama — and that roaring vacuum and her screechy flute are things that command my attention. But no matter how busy she is, Mama does try to get me on walkies, play games with me, and have a little quality cuddle time. I’m luckier than most, I know.

  6. Great report, Monkey. I’m not sure Mama would approve of you spilling all the secrets around the house cleaning and room remodeling. In any case, I hope grandma feels better, and you and Mama have a super holiday with Domer.

    • Miss Cindy, I Monkey am always happy to make you smile! I’m going to prod Mama into posting at least once more before the holidays … providing I can lure her away from that vacuum cleaner!

  7. The good thing is, Monkey, that all this cleaning means Christmas is coming! Don’t forget to email Santa while you have the control of the laptop and tell him what you want in your stocking – treats, obviously, and toys and stuff! And there’ll be a feast! I know Mama likes to watch what you eat because of your tummy, so sit near The Kid – bet he’ll drop some special tidbits your way…

    • Oh, Miss FF, what a good suggestion! I Monkey have been practicing my “sad puppy dog look” so The Kid will relent (Mama has steeled herself against it, but he’s not used to it and should succumb readily!) As for Santa Paws, I overheard Mama telling somebody on the phone that I’m getting presents, too, so woo hoo!

  8. Hi Monkey, I’m happy to hear Mama’s band concert went so well! I do hope Gramma is feeling better soon. Don’t worry about all the cleaning, anticipating the approaching holidays generates a lot of energy and serves as a great incentive to get things extra clean and well organized. Where did the crate-bed get moved to? I hope you’re happy with its new location. 🙂

    • Miss Barbara, I Monkey am so happy my crate-bed is still in Mama’s room — it’s just against a wall and not slap-dab in the middle, where neither of us can avoid running into it. Best of all, I can watch her sleep at night (Shelties are always watching, you know!)

  9. It sounds as if your mom has lots on her plate right now, so I’m glad you’re taking over the blogging duties for a little bit. I also home your gramma is better very soon! Take care, Monkey!

    • Thanks, Miss Ann. We hope Gramma comes home soon, too. I’m glad to help out where I can — and staying real close to Mama’s feet is the best way to be ready when she needs me!

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