Gotcha Day #2

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author unknown

You’ve been here for two years now,
My mischievous little pup.
And surely in all those weeks and months,
You’ve had opportunity to grow up.

What did mama tell you
About stealing papers you can reach,
And promptly tearing them to tiny bits
While waiting for her to screech?

35 thoughts on “Gotcha Day #2

  1. OMG Debbie, the photo you captured of Monkey looking down at his paper tearing mess is PRICELESS! You can actually see the guilt-ridden ooops look on his face!

    My cats used to do the same thing with the toilet paper in my bathroom. However, cats have no quilt. So whenever I would come home to a TP mess on the floor, they would walk over to me with a look on their faces that said, “Yeah….whatever. I’m a cat….get over it!” LOL!

    Thanks for the morning laugh, my friend! Happy Monday!

    X to you and that mischievous little pup!

    • I can’t believe he let me get his photo, Ron. Usually, he runs for the hills, knowing he’s done wrong and expecting me to scoop him up and put him in “time-out” for a spell.

      Love your description of the cat and the toilet paper mess, and I can certainly appreciate their stance. Cats don’t obey … unless they want to!

      Enjoy the week ahead and hope you get the snow you’re wishing for! xx

    • Two years indeed. Sometimes (when I see messes like this!) it feels longer than that. He’s had a rather trying puppyhood, but I keep reminding myself that Rome wasn’t built in a day. And my son keeps telling me Monk is lots better than he was — it’s just that I see the day-to-day, while he sees the growth and changes over time. Sigh.

    • THIS time, it wasn’t money, Linda. He’s drawn to paper and cardboard like a magnet, so he regularly snatches notebooks and whatever he can … from wherever he can. I don’t know how to break him of it. I’ve read that chewing cardboard isn’t necessarily dangerous (unless they swallow lots of it), and for some dogs, it’s akin to feeling feathers in their mouth (eww!) So I just watch him like a hawk and keep things up high (and count my lucky stars it’s not poop!!)

  2. Katie did that with paper towels and tissues. She daily did a circuit of the house perimeter checking all the wastebaskets. If she found either paper towels or tissues, she would systematically shred it into similarly sized squares, right near the wastebasket. Then she’d proceed on with her normal life. She never felt guilty about it. Ever. She did this her entire life. I think little Penny is equally interested, but I haven’t given her any test…yet. Poor little Monkey. I’m sure he feels really bad. Not.

    • Oh, no, he doesn’t show any sign of remorse! In fact, he almost seems to search more diligently for things he can tear up. Perhaps a “shredding party” is his go-to form of entertainment? Thanks for letting me know Katie did it as well — this puts Monk in good company. Dallas *never* did it (Monkey would say, There she goes again, making him out to be St. Dallas!). Then again, Monkey doesn’t eat poop, and poor Dallas couldn’t resist that, ha!

        • Eww. But if that’s all the “bad” things she does, you’ll both be fine. And hey, maybe she’ll be more interested in other things once the flowers and plants come out!

  3. I’ve learned that dogs have VERY selective memories. They can remember suppertime, where their treats are stored, where there’s a hole in the fence they can use as an escape route, etc. But they absolutely cannot remember household rules, unless they choose to do so. Which they rarely do.

    • Thanks, Ann. I think the difficulty is having had such a GOOD dog previously. I know every dog is his/her own “person”, but Monk is definitely a challenge. I’d think that eventually, he’d learn. I’ll keep trying, but boy, it’s hard on the tiny spot of patience I have!

      • I can relate! We had sweet Sandy for sixteen years, and the worst thing that dog ever did was jump on the couch. Our next dog (although they overlapped for about nine years) was Lucy, and Lucy never met a rule she didn’t promptly break! It was a whole different experience.

        • Probably much like raising children. I only have the one son (who’s just about perfect!), so I can’t compare. All I can note is that my sister and I are as different as night and day!

  4. We had a dog who used to go into the downstairs bathroom and run round and round the house followed by the roll of lavatory paper. The kids and visitors thought it was funny – me not so.

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