When I Tried Wen…

Seems like I can’t turn on the TV lately without seeing commercials for a hair care system called “Wen.”

This product by celebrity hair guru Chaz Dean is actually a 5-in-1 system, replacing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. It’s supposed to make your hair shiny and soft, preserve your color and highlights longer, and actually save you money by reducing the number of products you’ll have to buy.

Sounds intriguing, huh?

So when one of my friends said she had some and offered to give me a sample, I jumped at the chance.

‘I’m sharing it around,’ she said. ‘We all want to try it, but we shouldn’t all have to buy it.’ Indeed.

So why didn’t I use it the minute I got home?

Leery, I guess.

Typical Midwestern distrust of anything new, “high fashion,” celebrity-endorsed.

Sometimes that can be good, but it tends to put our region of the country far behind the curve compared to the East and West coasts.

Oh well.

Last night I figured if I was going to use the stuff, I might as well (doesn’t hurt to know I’m going to see her next week and she’s going to ask how I liked the Wen!)

Now in a general way, I’m not unhappy with my hair. It makes up for the “disadvantage” of being stick-straight by being thick and healthy and growing faster than turtles crawl.

But Wen commercials depict women with gorgeous hair, and who wouldn’t want that?

‘How do I use it?’ I asked.

‘Just put it on your hair,’ she told me. ‘Doesn’t matter how.’

She didn’t get that exactly right. I probably should have browsed through the instructional videos online before using Wen, but it seems results take place regardless.

After only one use, I can tell my hair isn’t tangly. It looks shinier. Feels softer. Seems straighter (if straighter is desirable!)

Wen is touted as containing only natural ingredients, nothing like the hair care products on the shelves. And it’s one of those things where you buy it, then they regularly send you another supply until you cancel. Kind of like ProActiv or something.

I’m not sure I want to get locked in to that kind of purchase.

Nor am I sure I’m ready to part with shampoos that lather up and smell wonderful.

Still, if you get a chance to try some, go for it. And do share your thoughts with us!