Storied Tradition

On football weekend Fridays, guests of the University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish can walk — for free! — the tunnel every Irish football player has taken into Notre Dame Stadium since the Knute Rockne era in 1930.

View the hanging national championship banners, take a photo with the field in the background, and imagine what it’s like to race into the stadium to the rousing Notre Dame Victory March and the cheers of thousands of fans!

Note: This is my take on Story, this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge topic. The idea is to use a photograph to convey a story. Kind of relates to the English idiom, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” don’t you think?

Strike up the Bands

My son (AKA My Favorite Domer) departed yesterday.

For Miami/Ft. Lauderdale.

The BCS National Championship football game.

Notre Dame vs. Alabama.

Monday, Jan. 7, 8 p.m. EST, televised on ESPN.

He was excited. And a tad nervous. After all, he’s never been to Miami before. Never participated in a National Championship game.

And doesn’t particularly like to fly.

Especially the taking-off part.

But he looked all spiffy in his Band “traveling clothes” — collared shirt, nice jeans, dress shoes.

Dress shoes, I asked. In Miami?

C’mon, Mom, it’s the BAND, he told me. We don’t want to embarrass the University.

Or the BAND.

Well, okay. There is that.

So I put him on a plane after a big hug and made him promise to not “be a stranger.”

In other words, to let me know every once in awhile that he’s alive.

And well. And safe.

Who’d have thought, back at the beginning of this season when the pundits were talking up everybody but Notre Dame and the Irish were struggling to eke out wins, that the Fighting Irish would be where they are?

With a perfect 12-0 record.

Going up against the SEC’s Big Boy, ‘Bama?

With its “Million Dollar Band”?

Should be a great game.

But don’t be surprised if it’s the BANDS who put up the biggest fight!

Isaac Inspired Me to Create

The remnants of Hurricane Isaac blew through my area over Labor Day weekend, giving us some much-needed rain.

Not what the old-timers call a drought-buster, but we’ll take what we can get.

It’s the “side effects” we can do without — you know, the lightning and thunder, tornadoes and wind.

Have you ever been in Church and heard the tornado warning go off? I hadn’t either, until Saturday evening. What better place to be during wicked weather?

Anyway, with a holiday weekend and bad weather roaming around, I powered down the laptop and turned to some beading. Without further ado, I present some of my new creations (and the stories that go with them!):

1) These dangly earrings each feature three 6mm denim blue cat’s eye beads, interspersed with a 4mm hematite bead, antique round silver beads, and an antique silver tube bead in the middle. They remind me of summer — denim usually does — and what better way to celebrate the end of summertime than with beads?

2) This pair is made of seven 4mm rose bicones, interspersed with silver spacers and a silver circle spacer in the middle. This color is just so flattering to most skin tones! They’re light and delicate, and I imagine they’d look perfect worn with shades of blue or black.

3) Native American cultures have long hung dreamcatchers over beds to catch bad dreams in the net and filter good dreams down through feathers to the sleeper. That lovely tradition is what this pair of earrings is based on. I used two faceted turquoise Czech glass beads with a silver spacer in each one and a leverback closure for increased security.

4) More feathers! I saw these silver “feather” dangles at Hobby Lobby one day and they spoke to me. These chandelier earrings are the result. They might look heavy, but they’re incredibly light and make the most delicate whispering sound in your ears when you move your head.

5) A bracelet/earring set in Hematite. This stone is incredibly slick to the touch and is the gem form of iron. When cut or ground, Hematite gives off red dust that runs like blood when mixed with water. People have used this “red ochre” for thousands of years to paint caves and tombs. Here, I separated the Hematite stones with 4mm silver beads on the bracelet and used a toggle clasp. Trust me, it’s heavier than it looks — that’s why the earrings are shorter than I’d usually make!

6) Can you tell the Fighting Irish have been on my mind this weekend?? This pair mixes several different shades and sizes of green beads, silver spacers, and of course, a lucky four-leaf clover dangle. They must have worked because the Irish beat the Navy in Dublin on Saturday, 50-10!

Gaining on it!

Wow, what a difference a day makes! That, and some new medicine!

I know what I said yesterday — about staying home when you’re sick. I meant it. I probably should have qualified it, though, by saying, “Stay home IF you’re able to.” And I wasn’t. I had to have meds, and everything in my own stash had either expired or was for something other than the cold I have.

So no, I wasn’t trying to infect the rest of you! And in my defense, I did keep to myself and was only in there 10 minutes max. Hey, it takes that long to look over the various choices (all screaming, “Buy me! Buy me!”), read the indications, useage, and warnings on all the boxes, then play “Eeny, meeny, miney, moe” until you’ve got one left!

I purchased a box of non-drowsy Sudafed PE Triple Action, which promised it would get rid of my sinus headache, sinus pressure and congestion, and chest congestion. I figured if it could at least get rid of the headache, it would be worth its price in spades!

I took two caplets and, while I didn’t feel better instantly, it was pretty fast. The headache went away, I can breathe again, and I don’t feel like there’s cotton batting in my head! Of course, my nose is still runny, my eyes are watery, and I’m coughing and sneezing, but hey, this at least is manageable. Nor did I suffer any of the possible bad reactions, like nervousness, sleeplessness, or dizziness. How wonderful to find something that works for a change (thanks, McNeil!!)

On an unrelated note, both my Rebels and the Irish are active today. Ole Miss (5-3 overall) takes on Northern Arizona (also 5-3) at home in Oxford; Notre Dame (6-2 overall) hosts Navy (6-3) in South Bend. I’ll repeat my ongoing beef with televised coverage of college football match-ups — why can’t we watch the halftime shows??? These Band kids work as hard as the football players, yet the announcers are quick to come on and yak about statistics, replays, predictions, scores from other games, etc. I know it’s possible for them to put a small square in one corner of the screen and show the Band there, while still letting the announcers have their fun; so why don’t they do it?