Another “Fad” Diet?

I was minding my own business when something caught my attention on Good Morning America today.

It seems that some new brides, fearing they won’t look PERFECT on their wedding day, are taking to a drastic means of shedding excess pounds.

Yes, there’s a doctor who has found that inserting a feeding tube into the poor dear’s nose for a 10-day period can help banish unwanted weight without side effects.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

The K-E Diet promises to rid you of 20 excess pounds in 10 days. You exist on basically 800 calories a day, supposedly aren’t hungry for the entire 10-day period, and are under a doctor’s supervision but not hospitalization.

The Florida doctor promoting it says the only side effects are a bit of constipation and bad breath.

Oh, and you have to carry your “food” around with you in a purse-like bag and keep the nose tube in place.


I think the bigger quandary is why a bride figures she has to be perfect in the first place.

I mean, suppose this diet works and she loses the pounds. Isn’t it likely she’ll gain them back on her honeymoon or during her marriage?

And, if a bride has to be perfect, shouldn’t her husband be perfect, too? He’s probably carrying a pound or two extra, so maybe they can do the diet together.

Wouldn’t that be cute?

I can just hear the pundits now. The couple who diets together, stays together.

Really? They probably just stay angry together and wolf down everything in sight once the fast is over!

The K-E Diet only recently came to the U.S. from Europe. I’d love to hear if it worked there and if the pounds truly stay off, or if it’s just another American fascination with anything foreign and exotic.

And the diet doesn’t come cheap. The doctor’s going price is $1,500 for the 10-day treatment (questionable whether insurance will cover it).

So what do you think? Would you be willing to try the K-E Diet?