“But I’ve Always Worn a Small!”

Is it my imagination, or are clothing manufacturers doing their darnedest to make things on the cheap these days?

Take sizing, for instance.

While today’s average-sized woman is a 14, thankfully I’m the same size 6 I’ve been for years. I don’t consider that “Large,” but rarely do I find tops that fit nowadays unless I buy a Large.

Or s-q-u-e-e-z-e into something that makes me look like a tramp or a stuffed sausage.

Manufacturers might say they’re cutting clothing more generously, but they lie. Just go into a store, any store; browse through the racks and try a few things on.

Everything is clingier. Flimsier. And adding Spandex so women will assure themselves they’re “still a size 8” or whatever isn’t fooling anybody.

Tight clothing that shows everything isn’t flattering on anybody and doesn’t make you look thinner.

Yesterday I was going through my closet trying to find something appropriate to wear for a special meeting. I stumbled upon a white, crew-neck, long-sleeved T-shirt I’d bought a few years back but never worn.

Finally the occasion I was “saving” it for had arrived!

I tried it on and Wow! It fit perfectly, had just the right amount of breathing room, was of substantial thickness so my undergarments didn’t show through, and felt soft and smooth, just like this style shirt should.

Out of curiosity, I pulled a similar T-shirt off my shelf. One I’d bought this year, earlier in the season; one I hadn’t worn yet, either.

Same manufacturer, same style, same size, same material, different color.

But the new one felt entirely different. Thinner. Clingier. Cheaper.

If I had to choose which one would last longer, guess which I’d pick?

Yep, the one I’d bought first.

Maybe that’s the idea. Make things so cheap they quickly fall apart and force women to buy new things.

Wonder if men have this same problem?

Go Rebels!

Don’t you just love checking out the new stores you see when you go on vacation??

Over Christmas, I visited family along the Mississippi Gulf Coast and, while far too many things are gone, some interesting shopping experiences remain (yeah, that song was before Katrina, but it’s sadly true today).

One of my more successful shopping experiences took place at Academy Sports. While they have NO stores outside the South (and parts of the Southwest), and their Website lacks online shopping capability, they have the most amazing selection of sports and fitness wear, as well as NCAA and pro fan gear.

I went in looking for a nylon warm-up suit (I found dozens!). What I came out with, though, was this:

Col. Reb will ALWAYS be my mascot!!











Cool, huh?!

Best of all, they had ONE of these T-shirts left. And it just happened to be in my size!

Woo-Hoo, Happy Dance!

It’s like they knew I was coming or something and saved it just for me!

Now that my alma mater has supposedly switched to a black bear as its mascot, these Col Reb shirts are scarcer than hens’ teeth!

But I got one. And, Rebel that I am, I’m gonna wear it with pride!

Shoot, I wish I could dream up an excuse to go to Oxford and flaunt it in the administration’s face.

I’d love to see their expression!