Thank You, My Friends!

Well, I’m officially back, rested and raring to tackle the new year.

But don’t think I’ve been too far away. No, I’ve been lurking, reading all my usual blogs and even putting in my two cents’ worth on occasion! I’ve missed you all fiercely — what is it about blogging that bonds us into a community, where we find acceptance and appreciation and support?

While I was AWOL, the friendly folks at WordPress were kind enough to provide me with a summary of my blogging achievements over 2012. I found them pretty fascinating, and it seems like a good way to ease myself back into things.

Now, I don’t want to hear anybody saying they don’t give two hoots about statistics. Of course you do. We all do! It’s the connections we make that are most important to us, but we can’t help looking at (obsessing over??) our stats. We feel a need to find out where our readers are coming from — in my case, most of you are from the U.S., but the Netherlands and Canada aren’t far behind. In fact. visitors arrived to my blog from 114 countries worldwide this year, something I have a hard time grasping! Thank you.

My blog had more than twice the number of views in 2012 that it had in 2011. My busiest day of the year came on Aug. 24 after I posted about the “fun” of another move-in day at the University of Notre Dame. And I was right — I hardly remember the trials of that hot August day, preferring I suppose to concentrate on the joys of having my son a student on that beautiful campus!

I averaged 1.5 posts per week — not great, compared to the prolific writers around me — but consistent. See, I’ve just found something to remedy in the new year!

My top referring sites were via Katybeth, Dawn, and Barb (along with Facebook and Google Reader). Thank you, my friends, for doing what you do to help publicize my presence here — I’ll be glad to return the favor in 2013, if you’ll let me know how!

Changing the subject, do you make new year’s resolutions? Typically, I find myself reiterating the same chant — lose a few pounds, exercise more, etc. — without regard for how I’m going to measure success. Or failure.

This year, however, begs for something more concrete, and so, herewith I set down the following goals (y’all hold me to them, ‘k??):

1) Blog twice a week. Hey, if I find I can do that easily, I might up the number, but I’ve got to start somewhere!

2) Finish my novel. I’m trudging around in the murky middle ground at present and, while I have a pretty good idea how it’s going to end, getting there is no easy feat.

3) Learn a programming language. Perhaps I’ll have to audit a class; perhaps I can teach myself. But it’s got to get done!

4) Lose five pounds — and keep them off. I’m not a candidate for bariatric surgery; I just want to feel better and look better.

5) Set up an author Website. No, I don’t have any books to publicize yet, but I want to be ready when the time comes!

Anybody want to take bets on whether I can attain these goals??