Christmas decorating early

OK, so I succumbed!

I had absolutely no intention of putting out the Christmas decorations this early, but here in the Midwest, we take advantage of mild, pretty days when we get ’em.

Today’s temperature was flirting with the 60-degree mark, the sun was shining, and thankfully, the wind was only a puff, so I dug the Christmas lights from the storage boxes in the garage and decorated a few trees in the front yard.

I know the neighbors thought I’d lost it; shoot, y’all probably agree with them!

Sorry, but I’ve gotten caught more times than I care to admit, waiting until it’s “proper” to decorate — and then having to wrestle a stiff 40 mph gale right out of the North, not to mention having to string lights with mittens on!

No, sir, that’s NOT my idea of fun.

Maybe I spent too much time down South, where folks can pretty much decorate whenever the “spirit” overtakes them. Probably my blood thinned out while I was there, too.

Regardless, me and frigid weather don’t gee haw.

So whoever wants to be “proper” can have at it. Me, I’m finished with this chore and happy as a clam.

Of course, I won’t be turning the lights on until at least after Thanksgiving, just to keep everybody happy (and then I’ll be praying for another pretty day in January so I can get them boxed up again!)

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