Making the Tough Decision

A friend of mine had to make a tough decision yesterday.

Her dog disappeared overnight and, when she finally found it, it was bleeding and had curled up under an old parked car, presumably to die.

Of course, she rushed it to the vet’s office and had x-rays done.

The results weren’t good — the dog’s back was broken.

She had two options:

1) Send the dog up the road to the nearest veterinary college and let them operate, or

2) Have the dog put to sleep (euthanized) right then.

Not a real good way to end a month, huh?

Choice #1, surgery, didn’t carry any guarantees of success, despite the projected cost of several thousand dollars.

Choice #2 was a permanent solution and would end her dog’s life.

Reluctantly, she picked euthanasia.

As a lifelong dog owner, I feel her pain, and I know it’s going to take a long time for the ache in her heart to heal.

We get so attached to our pets. They gladly become our “babies,” our companions; they follow us around, tongue lolling, eyes bright, ever ready to play, to participate in something fun, to go for a walk or car ride, to lie at our feet and doze while we read or work on our computers.

Who could put a price on such loyalty?

Therefore, when “the time comes” to make the tough decision about when to end their lives, it’s incumbent on those of us who love them to make the kindest, gentlest choice.

They deserve nothing less.

And, while the Bible doesn’t directly address the question of whether pets go to Heaven, I believe they do!

Revelation 19 speaks of Jesus coming from Heaven to earth on a white horse.

So it seems perfectly possible that we will meet up with our beloved pets at the Rainbow Bridge — and what a reunion that will be!

6 thoughts on “Making the Tough Decision

  1. Deb, anyone who has a pet knows what that deep sense of loss is when we lose them. They give us unconditional love and become a steady,loving force in our lives. I could really relate to your friend’s dilemma and heartache. I love the Rainbow Bridge poem and I agree we will meet our special friends again!


  2. Thanks for commenting, Kathy! Yes, I look at my own sweet doggin — peacefully asleep at my feet — and I marvel that God instilled so much devotion in one little creature! Since that’s so, I can’t fathom a Heaven without my Sheltie!

  3. Debbie,

    We have been dog-sitting for a beautiful 3 yo male Sheltie named Simon for the past 2 weeks and we don’t want to give him back. He is so loving and just plain easy to be around. He’s keeping our 11 yo golden ,Rosie, on her toes,too! We will miss him but it has been fun! Here’s a quote that seems to apply to our furry friends: “Love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation” Kahil Gibran. I hope your friend is doing alright.


  4. I LOVE that quote! It’s so appropriate, especially at this Easter time of year. My friend is already looking for another pup to fill the void (can’t say “replace,” for even the most wonderful dog could never take the place of the one she lost!) Enjoy that little Sheltie — when they’re bred right, they’re amazing!

    • Hey Lynne! Yep, I think she did, too. In this economy, it’s pretty hard to justify shelling out that much money for a pet — even if they’re a much loved pet — especially when you have no assurance they’ll be made whole again (and might even end up worse off, with having to take meds or be in pain).

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