Krud Kutter

When I find a great product, I have to tell the world about it.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has insisted on washing every window in her house — all three floors of it!

As kids, we hated this ritual — the nasty discarded T-shirt rags, the ammonia-scented Windex, and having to lean w-a-a-y out the window (all the while praying you didn’t fall to certain death!). It seemed like such a time-waster, when we could be out with our friends playing and having fun.

Besides, nobody else in our neighborhood washed windows (or so we thought). Why did we have to?

But our arguments fell on deaf ears, and we could count on at least one “wasted” Saturday sometime during every summer break. Mom would get out the rags (washed, of course) and the Windex, and we’d sigh, groan, and grumble — to no avail.

After we kids grew up and moved off, Mom continued this task. Only this time, she’d found a little “helper.” No, not a cleaning lady; they don’t do that sort of work. Her helper was called Krud Kutter.

I remember when she told me over the phone about it. “Whatever,” I thought without enthusiasm. “Just as long as I don’t have to participate.”

This morning I saw her get out the hose with that determined gleam in her eyes, and I knew what was coming — window washing.

“I need your help,” she said.


Following her directions, I attached the Window Wash plastic bottle to the garden hose, spun the dial to select the suds or the water, and power washed until my heart was content.

This product is awesome! We did the entire house in about a half-hour!

Best of all, Krud Kutter doesn’t leave any streaks, it gets rid of all those nasty spiderwebs and bird poop, AND it’s even earth-friendly!

Who could ask for more?

I still can’t say I enjoy window-washing, but it’s really nice looking outside and seeing things through crystal-clear glass.

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