Don’t Touch my Stuff

Did anyone read “Dear Abby” in the newspaper or online this morning? Go ahead, read it; I’ll wait.

No? Okay, then, I’ll summarize: The writer (Kid 1) said he’d left his college dorm room unlocked for a short time to retrieve something in a friend’s room. Upon his return, Kid 1 found his laptop, cell phone, and several books missing. He panicked because it was close to final exam time. Later that night, another friend (Kid 2), appeared at his door and “confessed” to the deed, saying he was trying to teach Kid 1 not to leave his door unlocked.

Kid 1 pressed charges. Kid 2 was charged with misdemeanor theft, lost his scholarship, and told to do community service. The two are no longer on speaking terms, and Kid 1 says Kid 2 is harassing him and telling his friends lies about him.

Abby called Kid 2 “emotionally disturbed” and said Kid 1 is not to blame; she advised Kid 1 to report Kid 2 to the authorities if he doesn’t stop the harassment.

Doesn’t this smack of overkill?

I mean, c’mon, people, it takes two to tango, and both these young men share some blame.

Kid 2 shouldn’t have removed Kid 1’s things from his room (but at least he returned the stuff shortly after); Kid 1 shouldn’t have spun into overdrive about it.

I mean, really, how many college kids don’t sneak into somebody else’s room and swipe something, usually in good fun?

Heck, I’ve done it myself. My roommate one year had a stuffed animal that she slept with every night. One afternoon, it “disappeared,” and NO WAY was she going to sleep unless and until it reappeared!

So it did, and that was the end of that. I can’t imagine her reporting me to the police and the university!

Maybe a stuffed animal isn’t the same as a laptop, cell phone, and books, but it was just as important to her at the time.

If Kid 1 was so “touchy” about his things, he should’ve remembered to lock his door; why shoot the messenger?

What I’m trying to get at is this: college kids prank each other. Most times, it’s just because they’re bored and think they’ve dreamed up something interesting to do at someone else’s expense.

Pranking continues throughout life. What office worker hasn’t returned from vacation to find green things growing from his keyboard?

Or a cubicle filled with balloons? Or everything covered in Post-It notes or aluminum foil?

Part of life is learning to get along with others; having a sense of humor diffuses many a bad situation.

Unless there’s real harm involved — to someone’s person or things — shouldn’t the adults stay out of kids’ petty disputes?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Touch my Stuff

  1. Good post,Deb! I’m with you. They’re both to blame and in the grand scheme of things,it’s really no big deal. Maybe kid 1 needs to be more careful and kid 2 needs to stop meddling. You know that saying, “don’t sweat the small stuff and it’s all small stuff.” Thanks for the entertainment!

    • I still have trouble with Abby calling Kid 2 “emotionally disturbed.” He probably has a problem with the difference between what’s “funny” and what’s “hurtful,” but maybe he’s been a prankster all his life — who knows? You’re so right about the “small stuff,” though!

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