Meself Memetastic

Woo-Hoo, Happy Dance! I just got an award!

This morning while reading some of my favorite blogs, I came to my friend Hippie Cahier and there was my blog’s name!

I’ve been chosen. No more sitting on the sidelines while the cool, popular kids get picked for the basketball team!

Woo-Hoo. Again.

I got something called the Memeststic Award (pronounced “meem-tastic”), and here’s the proof:

memetastic award

I’ve seen this thing around on blogs for a while now, and I’ve gotta say, Awesome! Thanks! I’m honored!

And to think I was planning on doing only Web Design today!

Anyway, this prize comes with a bunch of qualifications, to wit:

1) You must proudly display this disgusting graphic, with its Comic Sans font and its jumping, celebrating kitten created by jillsmo (she’s the one who created it; I guess she has the right to call it “disgusting”).

2) You must list 5 things about yourself, 4 of which must be bold-faced lies. That means one must be true. Quality is irrelevant.

3) You must pass this award along to 5 bloggers whom you like, don’t like, or don’t have an opinion about. You can list what you like or don’t like, of course, but it’s not necessary.

4) If you fail to follow any of the above rules, Jill will hunt you down and harass you unceasingly until, she says, “you either block me on Twitter or ban my IP address from visiting your blog. I don’t know if you can actually do that last thing, but I will become so annoying to you that you will actually go out and hire an IT professional to train you on how to ban IP addresses just so that I’ll leave you alone. I’m serious. I’m going to do these things.” Methinks she probably means it!

5) Once you’ve complied with everything, you need to link to the Memetastic Hop so Jill can keep track of where the award goes.

Now for my Memetastic Lies (remember, one of these is True!!):

1) Alas, I’m tone- deaf. Can’t carry a tune in a bucket. All that and Irish, too!

2) I became the star of cooking class in the eighth grade when I took one look at that sink full of dishes and asked, “Where’s the dishwasher?”

3) Not bragging, but I got my private pilot’s license before I got my auto driver’s license.

4) I have no sense of direction. I’d get lost on the way to town, were it not for my trusty GPS.

5) Shopping for shoes is a real problem — I wear extra narrow widths (that’s AAA). Can you say “online shopping at Zappos”??

And now — ta da! — for my nominees to receive the next Memetastic Award:

1) Lynne Spreen at Any Shiny Thing. She’s a writer and retired Human Resources guru, as well as a new grandma.

2) Linda at Crone and Bear It. Despite her being a rabid Ohio State fan, she’s funny and has an adorable Golden Retriever named EmmaLou.

3) Working Tech Mom. She manages 500 tech professionals and has a family. That exhausts me!

4) Kim Holloway at Stuff Southern People Like. She makes me laugh, she makes me miss Mississippi!

5) Izziedarling at The Whatever Factor. Oh so funny, oh so witty, and such a magnet for bird poop!

Now get cracking, people! You’ll never plow a field by turning it over in your mind (old Irish saying).