Go Away, White Witch!

I woke up in Narnia this morning.

Well, not really, but it felt like it. Here’s a photo of one of our trees (those are buds that thought it was time to come out):

Iced branch and trees










Yes, it’s beautiful. Yes, it’s historic. But doggone it, it’s dangerous and I’m tired of it!

It started yesterday with freezing rain, sleet, and ice. The stuff fell for hours, off and on.

Today, the folks who study these things are calling it a “monster storm.”

No kidding!

We’re in line for more ice today, as if we haven’t had enough. Then, we’re supposed to get six inches of snow. Then, the snow is supposed to get blown around in gusty winds.

Can you see the recipe for disaster here??

Iced power lines (no, my city didn’t bother to bury them like normal places do), iced tree limbs, and high winds.

My dog gives me the look that says, “What, are you kidding?” when I send him out to potty. Slipping and sliding on the skating rink that’s my backyard, he finally does “the deed,” then tucks his head and tries to scamper back inside.

Poor thing looks like a drunken sailor. No merry barking and racing around chasing birds and squirrels for him today!

Fortunately, we at least were forewarned. The prognosticators have been talking about this beast for a week now, giving us plenty of time to gather necessities: food, water, medicine, books, etc.

But how does one prepare for losing power when the temps drop to below zero??