How Come…

I’m up to my ears designing today, but I know I’ve got to post something. How about a list of questions, most of which don’t have easy answers?

How come…

  • Nobody I know ever wins the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes?
  • You rarely see an adult with a face full of freckles?
  • A bad haircut takes forever to grow out, but a good one sends you back for a trim in two weeks?
  • The bigger the dog, the more it thinks it belongs in your lap?
  • When men are presented a tough job they have no experience with, they shrug and tell you that of course it’s doable; but women will take their time, examine every aspect, and say it might be possible?
  • Mascara sticks so well to skin around your eyes, but fades from sight on your lashes by noon?
  • Cats think nothing of traipsing across the yard, even if they smell “dog” there?
  • You send in a small donation to one charity and suddenly, demands for your funds start pouring in from charities you never even knew existed?
  • Kids home from college on break stay in the shower until the hot water runs out?
  • Doctors give you an appointment day and time, expecting you to be there, but seem nonchalant about forcing you to wait past that time to see them?
  • You just can’t make your car re-create that funny noise when you take it in for service?
  • People at funerals always say the deceased looks like they’re sleeping, when they’ve never actually seen the person sleeping at all?
  • There are so many awesome bloggers out there, yet very few have nabbed book contracts?
  • The tinier the swimsuit, the larger the woman who wants to wear it in public?

10 thoughts on “How Come…

  1. So much truth to these, Deb. Thanks for the chuckle. One to add: how come I never notice huge honkin’ dust bunnies or spiderwebs until I have guests sitting within viewing distance of them?

  2. That’s quite a list and one I can relate to. It’s amazing how creative one can get when there are so many other things to do! Kind of reminds me of cleaning my oven when I had a big project due in grad school. Hey, sometimes diversion is enlightening!

  3. This is hilarious, Debbie! And so true…
    I do need to comment on #2 though – I’m pretty freckly, especially in the summer!
    Love your banner photo – where is it taken?
    Sunshine xx

    • I had freckles across my nose as a kid, but they vanished. Nothing cuter than a freckled face — as the Irish say, “A face without freckles is like a sky without stars.” Oh, and the photo? I took it on the Quad at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, IN.

  4. Your funeral observation is so true. This person could have killled 10 people and someone will say what a good person they were.

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