Who Goes to Hotels to Sleep?

Why do some people act worse than animals when they stay at a hotel?

Take last Friday, for example.

I’d picked up My Favorite Domer for Mid-Term Break and, rather than fighting traffic, we checked into a chain hotel with plans to watch college basketball and get an early start home on Saturday.

I’d stayed there before and found it okay. Nothing fancy, mind you, but clean and readily accessible to the shopping/dining spots we were visiting.

No sooner had we settled in to watch the games, the NOISE started.

Our room was located near the end of the hall, far from the typical noise-makers: ice and soda machines and elevator.

But some parents must have decided everybody should share in the delight of their little darlings, as the kids charged up and down the hallway, screaming like banshees and slamming their room door every chance they got.

A few minutes after this began, MFD looked over at me and asked, “Do you smell smoke?”

Fleeting images of us re-donning our day clothes, re-packing suitcases, and evacuating the premises went through my mind as I shook my head. Then it wafted my way.

Cigarettes, on our non-smoking hall.

I called the Front Desk and was told our entire wing was non-smoking. “If we catch them,” he added, “we’ll assess them an extra $75.”

Ooh, I’ll bet that would’ve scared them — not!

So we turned up the TV and clicked on the heating/air conditioning unit to block out the noise and disperse the smoke.

I also called down to the Front Desk again to complain.

Nothing did any good.

Along about 11 p.m., the kids started crying at the top of their lungs. Their parents must not have known they were over-stimulated and up past their bedtime.

Finally, just before midnight, the smoking ceased, as did the noise.

When we checked out the next morning, I voiced my displeasure to a new Front Desk clerk, who was somewhat more sympathetic. I couldn’t help noticing the No Pets Allowed sign and told her, “I’d rather have stayed with dogs than endure those screaming kids.”

13 thoughts on “Who Goes to Hotels to Sleep?

    • Mine’s pretty good at pouting 😉 and he makes all sorts of funny noises when he’s excited or wants something (like playing ball!). You ought to hear him carry on first thing in the morning, too!

  1. Ugh. I feel your pain. (Bites lower lip, gives a Clintonian thumbs up.) Once on vacation, we stayed at what we thought was a decent hotel, and we ended up next to a family that apparently had never stayed in a hotel before, because they cranked up the TV, shouted to each other, let their kids run in the hallway, and this was at 1 in the morning. I wanted to complain, but I thought there was a good chance they’d be drunk and violent, too. The front desk was useless, too.

    • I’m glad to know we’re not the only ones who’ve faced this type of situation! Truly it would have been quieter to have slept in the car. I understand kids who’ve been cooped up in a car traveling for hours on end need to release their pent-up energy, but their parents should have recognized that — and taken ’em to Chuck E Cheese or something!

    • One night was one night too many! I had to feel sorry for these clueless parents, though they probably had a peaceful trip back to where they were going if the kids slept then!

  2. Things like this bug me on so many levels. First, I am all over my kids to keep the noise down (and this includes running and jumping, as well as voices.) This is also a sign of a bigger problem in our society: general rudeness.

    Funny thing is, I bet these people would be quick to pitch a fit if someone else’s kids disturbed them all night.

    • I think you’ve pinned the root of the problem, Janna — rudeness. Some people just don’t bother to think of others and, when you’re in close quarters like a hotel, consideration should be paramount!

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