He’s Back Home

Guess who’s son just got home for the summer?

Here, I’ll put up a couple of pictures to give you some clues:

T-shirts swinging in the breeze

An explosion of green T-shirts

With as much rain as we’ve had lately, I’ve had to capitalize on the rare sunny and breezy day for drying clothes outside.

Don’t even bother warning me about the high pollen levels! I’m hoping that, by the time My Favorite Domer returns to the college up North, the pollen spores will have miraculously evaporated from everything I dried naturally.

Besides, he really likes that clean, outdoorsy scent — better than most laundry detergents!

As for the unpacking, well, that’s taking a bit longer (as is the job-hunting). I truly feel sorry for young adults these days — the economy is so sluggish and good jobs are hard to find.

Traditional seasonal jobs (fast foods, retail, etc.) are being snatched up by older people who’ve been unemployed for a while; big companies might hire one intern but can’t afford to pay; recent grads find themselves taking any job just to be out of the house (and like as not, it’s Mom and Dad’s house they’re living in).

We can only hope improvements are on the horizon.