He’s Back Home

Guess who’s son just got home for the summer?

Here, I’ll put up a couple of pictures to give you some clues:

T-shirts swinging in the breeze

An explosion of green T-shirts

With as much rain as we’ve had lately, I’ve had to capitalize on the rare sunny and breezy day for drying clothes outside.

Don’t even bother warning me about the high pollen levels! I’m hoping that, by the time My Favorite Domer returns to the college up North, the pollen spores will have miraculously evaporated from everything I dried naturally.

Besides, he really likes that clean, outdoorsy scent — better than most laundry detergents!

As for the unpacking, well, that’s taking a bit longer (as is the job-hunting). I truly feel sorry for young adults these days — the economy is so sluggish and good jobs are hard to find.

Traditional seasonal jobs (fast foods, retail, etc.) are being snatched up by older people who’ve been unemployed for a while; big companies might hire one intern but can’t afford to pay; recent grads find themselves taking any job just to be out of the house (and like as not, it’s Mom and Dad’s house they’re living in).

We can only hope improvements are on the horizon.

12 thoughts on “He’s Back Home

    • Don’t I know it!! Last summer, he stayed at college to pick up a couple of extra classes, so this will be a treat having him home! I think he’s getting used to being spoiled, too!

    • I know! It’s truly rewarding to see how much he’s grown up in the past year. It’s something we see when he’s home on break, but with a whole summer ahead (maybe), it’s plenty obvious!

  1. Your pictures are so pretty! I Would have thought laundry could look so good!
    It can be hard to find a job but easier to create your own opportunities….I always try to match up college students with people who have pets that really do better at home than at my house. In Chicago it can pay $50,00 or more a night and no one is expected to sit at someones home all day with the family pet. So its possible to have a social life and a job. I have also matched up college students to run errands–One kid delivers Starbucks to offices at a certain time every day. I gave him a list of places to go and he went and offered his services–at first it was just Starbucks but it grew into more. He makes $12.00 and hour not including tips. I am sure your boy has great manners and is charming…the only thing left is to figure out what service he feels comfortable offering and put the word out.
    Of-course you did not ask me but I tend to launch into this pitch every time any talks about economy and jobs but feel free to ignore me..

    • Thanks for your tips, Katybeth — they sound like good ideas to me, and I’ll forward them to my son. He’s a hard worker and will do a good job for somebody (might as well be a solo-preneur like Mom!). His dad did some pet-sitting back in the day; I had no idea it was lucrative!

    • Hanging laundry is a boring chore, so I try to make it interesting — this time, I put all his green T’s on one line and alternated the other-colored ones on the other line. I imagine the neighbors think I’ve lost it!

  2. Debbie, you sure have captured the essence of a college student returning home to breathe in the freshness of his air-dried tee shirts as well as the grim circumstances of our current economy.(loved the picture of the tees floating in the breeze!). Enjoy the summer with your “favorite Domer”. Hope he finds a job

    • Thanks, Kathy, I hope he does, too (not for me so much because I enjoy having him around, but for him because he wants to feel productive, learn, and make some money!)

  3. Laundry on the line is wonderfully fresh…unfortuantely with 15 pine trees in the yard and a high pollen count on top of our allergies, it doesn’t pan out for us. Enjoy having your son home for the summer!

    • I certainly hope he’ll stay all summer — he’s already kicking around the idea of going back for summer school, particularly in light of the dismal job market around here. Sigh. But having him home even for a short while is a treat!

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