Christmas comes Earlier and Earlier

Guess what greeted me earlier this week when I stepped into a Kohl’s department store?

A pair of floor-to-ceiling, red-and-gold, glittery, artificial trees, along with Bing Crosby crooning over the loudspeaker, “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I love Christmas as much as the next person, maybe more than many.

But I almost gagged and walked back out of the store.

Why? This was two days after Halloween!

We haven’t celebrated Veterans’ Day yet. Nor have I had my Thanksgiving feast.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so not into celebrating Christmas until I’ve had my Turkey-day turkey, with all the trimmings!

I realize the economy stinks. Stores are hurting.

Many times you could shoot a cannon off inside the mall and not hit a single person!

But there’s no need for this urgency, this pressure to buy NOW.

I haven’t even started making my Christmas list. Or addressing my Christmas cards. Or decorating the house.

I haven’t got the manger out. Or the Advent Wreath. I haven’t done my Christmas Confession.

I haven’t done my end-of-the-year charitable giving. Or taken advantage of any last-minute business deductions.

But these marketing gurus and store owners are already pushing Christmas.

And just you wait — when I finally decide what I need to buy for whom, the shelves and racks will be bare.

Because as soon as Christmas arrives, they bring out the “summer resort” wear — the navy-and-white cardigans, the white capris, the flip-flops.

The nautical look.

Like we’re all going on a cruise or something.

Give me a break!

18 thoughts on “Christmas comes Earlier and Earlier

  1. I refuse to do Christmas until Thanksgiving has been celebrated. All our stores are decked out and I try very hard to ignore them…its hard though even our grocery stories Christmas aisle is set up. Our Christmas starts with the first night of advent. Yes, we do advent…I love the candles and the simple wreath and my ancient chipped crib set.
    Love to buy gifts and certainly I enter into my own shopping frenzy but all in do time!! The turkey deserves his gobble gobble. Maybe we should start taping signs on Christmas stuff put out before Thanksgiving…NOT YET! We could occupy Christmas!!
    Nautical wear gives me hope that soon I will be complaining about hot weather when I am freezing in Jan…even false hope is good during a Chicago Jan.

    • Glad to know I’m not alone in this! I love Advent, the anticipation, the inner preparation; I love Christmas, too, but you’re right, all in its own time. “The turkey deserves his gobble gobble.” What a great line!

  2. Debbie, I agree wholeheartedly with everything you’ve said here. I walked into Home Depot a few days before Halloween to find all the glitz and glitter of Christmas surrounding me,reinforcing the merchant’s message of the season-commercialism.I had the same reaction-I wanted to walk out. I love Christmas too and I don’t begrudge them for wanting to pad their bottom line but let’s spend some time focusing on what we have to be grateful for at Veteran’s Day ,Thanksgiving and Advent first. Love “The turkey deserves his gobble ,gobble.” Yes, everything in its time is right!

    • Yeah, another person who agrees with me!! I don’t think any of us want our businesses (local or national) to fail, but honestly, people can’t even get their Christmas Club funds out of their banks yet, so lots of them aren’t ABLE to shop this early.

  3. Aren’t you going on a cruise starting January 2nd? Why I think EVERYONE I know is going. Even my mailman, though I can’t picture him in resort wear. But seriously, you’re right, though I’ve seen it here start sooner, around mid-October the signs–and commercials–started showing up. They skip over Thanksgiving like it’s no big deal, but the truth is, they’ve yet to find a way to mine and gauge Thanksgiving as they have Christmas. lol

    • Interesting point, Monica. Wonder why those marketing gurus haven’t come up with a way to commercialize Thanksgiving? Just think how much “fun” it would be to see colorful turkey lights adorning every house, and blow-up turkeys on the lawns! Hey, and maybe a tree decorated in cranberries with big pumpkins underneath!

  4. Sing it, sister! I guess this is what they refer to when they say “corporate America”? Unbelievable. I refuse to get my Christmas jingle on until I’ve digested my turkey. I don’t care who’s pushing what. And like you mention, it’s utterly ridiculous to see bathing suits on store shelves in January. This reminds me of something that happened to me about three years ago. We were planning a vacation at the beach in July but made the mistake of shopping for swim suits in June. When I asked the sales associate at Target where the suits were, she literally gasped. She said, “We’re in the winter season now. You had to buy those in January.” Are you kidding me? In January when it was ten below? Asides from the lucky few who get to travel to Barbados for Christmas, I seriously doubt that many people are stocking up on bikinis. Or maybe they are and I’m the dumb ass! hee hee! Loved, loved this post, Debbie! 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words, Bella! I’ve made the same mistake in trying to buy “seasonal” items during the season I plan on wearing them — whoops! I’m right there with you — who wants to strip down and try on swimsuits when snow is on the ground outside??

  5. It seems like every holiday is rushed. Fourth of July isn’t even over when Halloween decorations are brought out. I love Christmas, but our house doesn’t get the treatment until after Thanksgiving.

    Looks like you have lots of agreement here, Debbie!

    • You can’t know how THRILLED I am to be in such good company! Now, why aren’t those marketers and merchandisers paying attention to us good sensible people?!?

  6. It’s also happening here in London, Debbie, and I so want to put the brakes on. The Christmas lights in Oxford Street got switched on – amid much fanfare and excitement – on 1 November. You must be joking! Soon we’ll start saying ‘only 364 days till Christmas …’
    Sunshine xx

    • Good one, Sunshine! So this trend is worldwide, huh? More’s the pity. You’d think somebody would have enough sense to look at the calendar and count that we’ve got EIGHT weeks until Christmas — and really, I must say, lights and tinsel and presents aren’t what the season is supposed to be about anyway! Thanks for visiting and adding to the number of people who agree with me!

  7. I don’t even like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I like to give Thanksgiving it’s fair share as it is my favorite holiday!

    • I like Turkey-day, too — what a wonderful “excuse” to get together with family and friends, eat a delicious meal, and give thanks for all we’ve been blessed with! It just saddens me to think of those who have nothing at this time of year.

    • I heard on tonight’s TV news that shoppers are outraged at the earlier-and-earlier Black Friday sales the stores are trying to force-feed us. Maybe they’ll listen if nobody shows up, ha!

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