23 thoughts on “Here Comes Santa Paws

    • Thanks, Monica. Hope you and Henry had a Merry Christmas, too. Santa Paws DID come visit and left me some wonderful squeaky toys and treats! I tell ya, I’ve been so good!

  1. Oh my, your dog is gorgeous (don’t let him get a big head, though :)) I bet he takes a lot of brushing!

    I hope he finally found Santa Paws, or at least some doggie biscuits under the tree…

    • Janna, as to the brushing — well, if you only knew! Shelties are high-maintenance dogs, for sure! Thanks for your compliment and yes, he did find the goodies Santa Paws left for him!

    • Thanks, Lynne. He definitely knows he’s cute (though I’m not convinced he knows that’s any different than being “good”!) It’s all in the tone of voice and the facial expression, which he reads so well. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Debbie,
    I’m in love with your Sheltie! I just want to bring him home so he can be Roxy’s best friend! Look at that face and the fur! Oh!! I love him!! hee hee! I hope your Christmas was splendid and that you were able to enjoy yourself and also have some relaxing down time! 🙂

    • Thanks for your kind words — I just know he and Roxy would get along famously! Yes, he’s endowed with LOTS of fur, which translates to LOTS of brushing (and shedding!). The things we do for our fur-kids! Christmas was grand; hope yours was, too.

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