Topsy-Turvy Weather

I doubt any section of the United States is more concerned about weather than the Midwest.

Perhaps it’s because we’re so heavily agriculture-based. Perhaps it’s because for so much of the year, our weather is lousy.


We talk about the weather. We pray for good weather. Our radio stations and newspapers carry extensive weather reports. We have weather apps on our phones, and our computers bring up The Weather Channel as a home page. Weather radios are a big seller for stores; so are snow blowers and houses with basements.

Normally, mid-March brings awful weather. Cold, winds, grey skies. A sudden snowfall. An unexpected ice event. More shoveling, more concern over when the farmers can get into the fields and plant, more despair over Spring’s tardiness.

Not this year.

This year, our weather (as my friend Monica so aptly pointed out) has been gorgeous.

Sunny. Warm, to the point of almost-hot. Gentle breezes. Downright Spring-like.

College kids home on Break didn’t need to plan a trip to Florida this year. They could golf, catch some sun, run, and play tennis, right here at home!

Indeed, who wants to stay inside watching March Madness on TV when you can be outside?

Within just a few days, our weather went from this:

Gotta love this snow, Mom!










To this:

Daffodils in bloom










Too weird.

Usually, we’re bundled to our chins in coats, hats, mittens. Boots and jeans are the uniform of the day.

Now we’re shedding clothes like my Sheltie sheds his coat. We’re busting out shorts and flip-flops, T-shirts and tanning oil.

Some love it; some hate it. But in the Midwest we have a saying, ‘If you don’t like the weather, just stick around a few days because it will certainly change.’

How true that is!

I don’t expect this balmy spell to last. It probably won’t, if truth be told and history any indication. As the experts note, March came ‘in like a lamb,’ so it’s bound to go out roaring ‘like a lion.’

But, oh, while it’s here, we’re enjoying every minute of it!

20 thoughts on “Topsy-Turvy Weather

    • That sounds delightful! I’m not ready to go that far yet — we haven’t had spring storms, which I’m afraid would do a number on those beauties!

  1. Oh yes we are! This weather is definitely a mood booster. But like you, I don’t trust it’s here to stay just yet. Sure has been a beautiful gift though, at just that time of year when everything normally feels so dull and lifeless.

    • You’re so right in calling it a gift, Terri! That it is! I’ve always thought of February as our worst month, but March weather isn’t far behind. Everybody acts kinder and friendlier when the weather is nice — perhaps that’s why Southerners are noted for their hospitality?!!

  2. As I might have said a few thousand times–I do not like this weather. I feel robbed of the winter that we are suppose to have and bliss we always feel when spring FINALLY arrives. And I know the bugs are going to be awful if we don’t have another cold snap. I’mm calling it…I think winter was over before it begun this year and I am changing closets.

    • I’ve already had to pull out a few of my springier things, Katybeth. Like you, I’m concerned about the bugs and the pollen, but I think ole Mr. Groundhog got it all wrong — for us, anyway!

  3. Debbie, weren’t you taught not to rub it in?? Isn’t it bad enough I’m suffering? That my daughter is home from Chicago for one week only, and it’s perfectly miserable here?? You’re killing me, girl, with your Spring photos of daffodils. I’m so jealous!

    But, I’ll forgive you, because I know this too shall pass, and soon my weather will return to it’s normal summery self. In the meantime, thanks for the mention! You’ve made my day! 🙂

    • I really didn’t mean to rub it in, but if you only knew how unusual this niceness is for us at this time of year! Domer was home on Break last week and golfed nearly every day — of course, it was pleasant back in South Bend, too. I am sorry for your daughter having to experience typical Chicago March weather in So. Cal, but don’t worry — I’m sure she remembers many more Springlike days there, and perhaps this will give you time for inside things to make memories of?!

        • No offense taken! And I can’t feel guilty — this hot weather is just what we need to perk up our spirits! While I love having four distinct seasons, I’d prefer having more Spring, Summer, and Fall, rather than so many months of Winter.

  4. This warm weather is very eerie! I’ve been thinking if it’s a sign from the Lord. But so far…it seems like it’s just a weather phenomenon.

    I still think it’s some kind of sign…so I’ll keep my antenna up…LOL!

    I don’t know if I should keep my winter clothes in the closet or did out the summer clothes.

    • Our minds are on the same track, Tanya. I’ve been hearing others caution that it’s a sign from God as well, particularly in conjunction with the siege of tornadoes that ripped through sections of the Midwest not long ago. But it’s too hot to wear woolies, so I dug out a few springy things already!

    • I wouldn’t go quite that far — weeding is NEVER fun, in my book. However, my Sheltie loves having such pretty weather that he can take long walks outside rather than watching me do the treadmill-thing!

  5. I’m glad you’re enjoying you t-shirts and tanning oil weather…at least you’ll be nicely browned when the late snow hits 🙂 Only kidding!

    We’ve had crazy weather, too. It was nearly 80 degrees three days ago, then it has been cloudy and cold (highs around 55 degrees) for two days, and is supposed to be back up to 80 by the end of the week.

    • I NEVER get tan, Janna — darn Irish skin won’t let me, ha! And sadly, you’re probably not far wrong with the late snow prediction. I remember at least one Spring where we had an ice storm in early April, and my dad always said it was May 15 before the last frost. At least your cold spell will be short-lived!

  6. Debbie, that shot of the little Sheltie in the snow just made me melt! What a cutie! I hope you enjoy your balmy weather. You spend enough time out of the year shoveling snow, so you deserve the good weather! I’m also enjoying nice weather in my neck of the woods. Daffodils are blooming, and everywhere there are signs of spring in full effect. I’m relieved the cold has gone into hibernation! 🙂

    • Our final frost typically isn’t until April 15, I think, so we’re not out of the woods quite yet. I hate the thought of all this tender vegetation shriveling up if the freezing weather returns — AND I’ve put away the show shovel, ha! Enjoy your lovely Spring (bet Roxy wants more walks now, huh?!)

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