It’s Off to Work we Go

A momentous occasion takes place today — Domer enters the working world as an intern.

Ideally, an internship is designed to provide on-the-job training for a young person while they’re still in school. It’s supposed to either reinforce their decision of career field, or lead them down a more suitable path while other options exist.

It’s a Big Deal getting an internship these days. College career centers provide listings and advice, but it’s up to the student to pursue them.

And pursuing them means starting early.

As in first semester.

Domer and his business-major friends would pore over the listings, electronically submitting resumes to whatever company their qualifications matched. They’d do Skype and telephone interviews. They’d even hop on a bus and travel to company headquarters for a day’s worth of interviewing, then bus back to campus.

All this in addition to juggling classes, homework, and other responsibilities.

They’d get their hopes up, to learn someone else got the job they wanted. Or the company decided not to hire an intern after all. Or they got the offer but found it didn’t pay, and by the time they factored in living expenses, it would be more cost-effective to stay home doing nothing.

And they’d start all over again the next day.

Eventually, Domer texted me that he got an internship.

No details. Nada.

‘It’s at a hospital,‘ he said.

Now Domer’s not a big fan of medical stuff. Needles and pain, he can do without. Blood, too.

So I understood his qualms.

‘It’s an internship,’ I reminded him. ‘You don’t have to stay but one summer. And you won’t even know medical stuff is going on because you’ll be doing finance.’

That seemed to perk him up.

He’s had just a week’s “vacation” from school — time to catch up on his video games and reading and golf.

Time to rest. To regroup.

Because for the next several weeks, his classroom will be a place of business.

And he knows he’s one of the lucky ones.

Did you do an internship? Was it worthwhile?

16 thoughts on “It’s Off to Work we Go

  1. Kudos to Domer for landing this internship! That in itself is great preparation for navigating in the “real world.” Years ago (maybe even 100!!) when I was in nursing school , I worked as a nursing aid in a nursing home attached to the hospital. The pay was a pittance but the experience was priceless in terms of preparing me for what I would be dealing with in my nursing career, kind of a reality test.. It also reinforced for me that i was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I wish Domer a fun and productive summer. And from what I hear, he is one of the lucky ones as well as one of the smart ones for planning ahead and fighting for it. Go Domer!

    • Thanks, Kathy! Sounds as if your internship worked out great for you. Unfortunately, for too many, they turn into time-wasters and instill so many bad habits that the first “real” employer has to completely retrain the person. But yes, he’s glad to have snagged one!

  2. Congratulations to Domer on his internship! You’re right–it is just a summer but I’m certain that it will provide him with a great work experience. I never did an internship, although I was invited to do so during my final year of college. Staff from the United Nations came to recruit but alas, my nana was not well at the time and I had to forego on the opportunity. It still pains me to this day. I’m hoping the Son will get an internship as well. I can hear my father whispering, “Work ethics, Bella, we have to make sure our children have them!” I’m glad Domer is already on his way. I hope he has a wonderful summer! 🙂

    • Bella, I appreciate your encouragement and congratulations! It’s all about passing on good work ethics to our kids. I never did an internship, either. I tried, but there wasn’t one readily available in my field. Sigh. I’m glad the Domer, at least, is more realistic than I was at his age, and I’m sure your son will be, too!

  3. Congratulations to Domer! I know he’ll do well and enjoy every moment of it. My daughter is finishing up her internship this week, and it’s really broadened her horizons. Now, she’s getting ready to spend the summer studying abroad. I’m so excited for her and for Domer!

    • I know how proud you must be of your daughter — pass on my hearty congratulations! All Domer’s friends who studied abroad last year truly loved the experience and learned so much about the world and themselves. Good for her!

    • Thanks, Janna. It seems like some fields really stress the importance of an internship while others don’t. He’s in one that does, so I’m glad he snagged it. It gives him something worthwhile to do this summer (though he’d probably rather be playing golf or video games, haha!)

    • Truer words were never spoken, Oma! We can only hope the adults out there will treat our guys with kindness while they’re learning and growing. And that our guys will pick up on the good attitudes, rather than the tired, bored, complaining ones!

  4. Good for Domer! I don’t know a thing about Internships except Cole will do one for 6 weeks when he a senior and it helps to know someone in the field he is interested in interning in…I told him to listen carefully, and show off his manners when he is caddying this summer! I am sure it is much tougher at the college level.
    It sounds like Domer not only landed an internship but learned valuable interviewing skills! Good Job, Debbie you have done such a great job launching your kid into the world!

    • Katybeth, I just wish I truly lived up to your words of praise. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t prepared him at all, especially for things like office politics. Sigh. A mom tries to protect her cubs from all the bad stuff, but unfortunately there’s so much bad stuff that we can’t possibly protect them from everything. My parents couldn’t protect me from it, either. But you’re so right about the networking — I think that’s key. Tell Cole to listen to his mom on this one!

  5. Excellent! Yes I did an internship when I was in grad school in 2007. Got me a job at the library the next semester…and a job at a llibrary system after I graduated…but then I got layed off…oh well! It was still a really great experience! Good job to your son!

    • Thank you, Dawn. Glad your internship proved interesting and at least somewhat enjoyable. Sorry about the layoff, but I guess it was a sign of the times. At least you’re back now!

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