Six Easy Pieces

Recently, my friend Monica posted about the importance of art in her life.

When I commented that I do good to draw stick people, she reminded me that I bead jewelry and that, too, is art. She suggested I write a post about my jewelry creations, along with some photos and thoughts about them.

So, thanks, Monica, for the idea, and here goes:

Blue Shell Earrings by Debbie

1) I made these earrings on a whim. I wanted something flashy — more flashy than I’d normally wear! — so I fashioned them to dangle fairly long, almost to my shoulders. They feature a turquoise shell-like material and produce the most pleasant clinking sound when you move your head.

Shell Necklace by Debbie

2) This necklace is made from tiny shells. I like the way it says “beach vacation” and the fact that it goes with anything!

Black Earrings by Debbie

3) The two black crystal beads at the bottom of these earrings were leftovers. Three and a half years ago, I made my Dad a Rosary from these ebony beads for Christmas. He was in the hospital over the holiday, so we carried his presents to him and tried to make his day special. He died less than a week later, the last day of 2008. I keep the earrings in honor of him, but I find I can’t wear them. It still hurts too much.

Chakra Bracelet by Debbie

4) This bracelet is one I made several years ago, when I learned about Chakras. According to Eastern philosophy, we need to balance our mind and body based on seven energy centers that work together and independently. The seven Chakra colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I don’t know if this philosophy is against my Christian beliefs, but I can’t see how balancing one’s emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual energies is counter intuitive to good living. Besides, it’s pretty!

Domer’s Rosary, now mine by Debbie

5) I made this Rosary for Domer’s birthday last year. Notice it’s in Notre Dame’s traditional colors of navy blue, emerald green, and gold. Apparently he thought it looked too feminine or delicate or something, for he suggested I keep it. (He wasn’t quite that blunt, but he’s never been known not to speak his mind!). I was glad to take him up on it, since I wouldn’t have made something that time-consuming for me, and the sapphire color is my birthstone. An added plus? The emeralds remind me of “the motherland”!

Chandelier Earrings by Debbie

6) This is a pair of chandelier earrings with a leverback ear wire. They’re in hematite (the greyish color, said to be a good grounding stone) and faux white pearls. I love the look of chandeliers. They’re girly, without being over-the-top. But they take a long time to make, since they have so many tiny parts, and if you don’t get them just right, they can be heavy on your ears.

There you have it. Six easy pieces, all different, all significant. And to think I have BOXES full of this kind of stuff, just waiting to find the right people to love them!

Maybe I should post one special piece every week until the whole lot is out there??

16 thoughts on “Six Easy Pieces

  1. Debbie your jewelry is beautiful! I like how each piece means something to you.
    Bittersweet story…I had a friend who beaded jewelry and she wanted me to pick out some beads so she could make a piece for me. I did and the piece was truly beautiful and I loved it. Well sometimes a friendship goes south and this one did in a really sad and disappointing sort of way and I found that I could no longer where the necklace or earrings. It was still beautiful, and I still so appreciated it but it just held to much of her energy and perhaps her love which ended up being very conditional. I don’t bead but it seems to be that often these piece are hard to part with and do need the right “home” because so much of the jeweler is a part of them and they are most certainly creative and one of a kind.
    I love how you combine being Roman Catholic with common sense…a lot of clergy could take a lesson from you..just saying…

    • You understand — hooray! I’m sorry about your friend and the jewelry she made for you and the fact that the friendship ended not pleasantly. That does happen sometimes (what is it they say, friends for a season, friends for a reason). We hang onto the memories, even though we can’t hand onto the people. Thanks for your last statement, too. I hate the way some clergy tend to profess, “Our way or the highway.” I can’t believe Jesus was that unloving!

  2. Your jewelry is beautiful! I love beading though my eyes don’t and my fingers either because they swell after the fact! I made two chakra bracelets a few months ago, but I love yours with made with crystal gem stones.

    • Thanks, Suzi. Sometimes, because I have a tendency to sit cross-legged on the floor and beneath a lamp, I find my feet going to sleep and my legs getting all stiff. Not pleasant, to be sure. Probably I ought to find a better “beading studio,” don’t you agree? Of course, no way would I take over Domer’s room for it, ha!

  3. Yes, you are an artist – these pieces are beautiful! The chandelier earrings do look like they would be difficult to make, but they are very pretty. I think you should definitely post more of your creations!

    • You’re too kind to want to see more of my “art,” Janna! Be careful what you wish for, because I’m toying with the idea of posting them once a week or once every other week. I think it might give me a bit of structure that’s sorely lacking around my blog!

  4. Debbie, I’m so glad you took me up on my suggestion and did this, for your jewelry is amazing! So beautiful! I especially like the Blue Shell earrings and the Chakra bracelet. You have such patience to create such splendor. Now, this an artful life!

    • I’m glad I followed your suggestion, too. It’s hard for me to “toot my own horn,” but I love seeing my art online! It gives me great pleasure, and if it gives someone else pleasure, too — well, that’s a bonus!

    • We must use the gifts God gives us, Tanya, or it’s like throwing them back in His Face. If you’ve ever had someone turn their nose up at something good you’ve given them or done for them, you know how much that hurts. I don’t want to hurt my King! To Him be the glory!

  5. I enjoyed reading your descriptions as much as viewing your creations. I was touched about your dad and the rosary. The one time I traveled to Europe, I visited the Vatican. I had bought three rosaries but they weren’t “done” yet. While Bill waited, I cased the crowd, hoping to spot a priest. Bingo! There was one, hurrying across the square, briefcase in hand, head down. I buttonholed him. “Father, could you bless these for me?” He almost sighed in resignation. Then he set down his briefcase and blessed the beads as I cried tears of bitter relief, being a lapsed Catholic with a love/hate relationship with the Church. I am sure he wondered about the tears. They were so voluminous he probably thought I was dying or something! But I thanked him (I think it was him; I couldn’t see anymore) and we went our separate ways.

    • This is a beautiful memory, Lynne! As a “cradle Catholic,” I truly suffer inner pain at the thought of how many lapsed Catholics there are. I understand the love/hate relationship with the Church — I have relatives who feel that way, too — so I’m glad that priest took time to bless your Rosaries. I “dunk” mine in Holy Water as soon as they’re made, but encourage others to have them blessed by their priest as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Debbie, you’re an artiste, as the French would say, my friend! Your pieces are simply lovely and I love how they each have a story to go along. I found the story of the black earrings to be especially poignant and moving. I can understand how it would be difficult for you to wear these. Here’s a thought: why not open your own Etsy shop? I’m so glad you opted to write these post and I, for one, would be delighted to see a weekly post of your jewelry pieces! 🙂

    • Really? You wouldn’t mind if I posted more of my jeweled creations? Thank you, Bella, for the vote of confidence! And for saying such lovely things about my beaded pieces. I hadn’t even thought about an Etsy shop, so thanks for the suggestion — I was leaning more toward designing my own Website, complete with a shopping cart for folks to place orders. Hmmm, Etsy might be easier, huh?!

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