Back From Vacation

I just got back from a ten-day “vacation” along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I’m eager to share some of the sights that caught my attention.

Before I do, I’ll bet you’re wondering why I put vacation in quotation marks, aren’t you?

The simple answer is that I don’t really consider it a vacation. To me, vacations involve going some place you haven’t been before, seeing scenery and people you haven’t seen before, perhaps sitting on a beach or poolside with a tall, cold drink decorated by a paper umbrella.

And resting. Lots of lazing around, resting.

This trip wasn’t like that.

First off, it was Mom’s trip. She wanted to go south to visit relatives and check on her other home.

Problem is, Mon doesn’t drive. She needed a chauffeur, and I drew the short straw.

Actually, I drew the only straw — Domer had to stay here and work at his internship; the Sheltie elected to stay with Domer.

Now driving Mom on long trips is an exercise in patience:

  • she has a bladder the size of a Lima bean, necessitating frequent potty breaks
  • she’s reached the age where she can’t lift heavy things like suitcases
  • she insists the trip be broken into two days with a motel overnight stay
  • motel room must be lit and warm for her comfort
  • she snores!

There was LOTS to do once we arrived — clean the house, visit kith and kin, buy groceries and supplies, make sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to (call repairmen as necessary), etc. I did manage to post a few blogs and work on my novel, as well as address my company Christmas cards (really!), so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Anyway, you wanted to see pictures, so here you go:


1) I found this turtle hanging around the front yard one morning. He stuck his head out long enough to peek at me, then promptly retreated to his shell. When I returned from my walk, he was gone!


2) This is a heron of some sort. I couldn’t get close enough to determine whether he was a blue heron or another variety. Nevertheless, he spent a lot of time perched on this dock, probably looking for food. Wonder what the Sheltie would do with long-legged birds to chase?!


3) Beautiful, isn’t it? Living in a land-locked area the way I do, I find being next to the water restful (just not during Hurricane Season!)

Tell me, have you gone on vacation yet this summer? What interesting things did you see and do?

12 thoughts on “Back From Vacation

  1. That dock looks like a lovely place to “vacation”. Looking forward to hearing more about your trip! Your mom and I would be great traveling companions as my bladder is also the size of a lima bean…and I snore, too!

    • Next time, I’ll know who to call when Mom needs a driver, Suzi! You’d make a perfect pair. I, on the other hand, take after my late dad and don’t need near as many potty breaks!

  2. Looks like you made the best of things and came away with a few cool pictures. Love turtles! We are the vacation spot this year. Kith and Kin are heading north and I’m really excited. My cousin in July, My cousins daughter in August and then another cousins 12 year old son will fly the friendly skies to visit us on his first solo trip—Cole has a great time planned for both of them. There is more but suffice to say I will changing guest room sheets with lightening speed. We have taken 3 big trips over the last few years so this summer we are happy to be home, I can turn a trip to the suburbs into a “day vacation” with the right company and snacks. . .I learned back in the days when Joe and I did not have two cents to rub together—-it’s all about snacks, beverages, company and this is important you need at least one adventure.!!
    Your mom is lucky—very lucky to have such a loving daughter.

    • What a sweet compliment, Kb — thank you! I think she realizes she’s fortunate to have me around (at least, that’s what she tells her friends!). Mercy, your house is becoming a Comfort Inn of sorts, isn’t it? I know you’ll have loads of fun with your guests, and Cole will have a blast chauffeuring that “young ‘un” around! Domer has lots of adventures planned this year at ND with the Band and all, so he felt no need for a summer vacation. Valuable lesson you learned with Joe!

  3. The dock looks so serene. I don’t think I’d want to leave there!

    What you’ve done is definitely not a vacation, but you helped your mom, so I hope you feel good about that. We do have an interesting trip planned in the fall. Can’t say when or what it is right now, but I’ll write about it and include pictures when the time comes 🙂

    • The dock looks inviting right as it’s pictured, Janna, but I should have taken one when it was completely covered with water from high tide! Then, you’d change your mind fast — unless, of course, you LIKE submerging your toes where alligators roam, haha!

  4. Debbie, As annoying as that “vacation” was, I hope you realize how lucky you are to have been given that time to spend with your mother. Mine’s been gone now for almost two decades, and when I think back about some of our car trips and how I complained, I take a moment. For on the plus side, I loved hearing her stories of family in Venezuela. I loved her wry observations, or how if there was one barbecue chicken leg left when we dined out, she’d let me eat it.

    Looking on the bright side for you, I see a daughter who was able to give her mother something she needed, to check on her other home. It was probably a great relief to her to have you there! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right, Monica, and I thank you for pointing that out. Yes, the part of me that doesn’t want to go there, often glimpses my life without Mom, and I shudder at the thought. A mom does so much for her kids, teaches them, provides stability for them. I’m sorry you’ve missed out on all that in your adult years, but I’m glad your mom left you with such lovely memories.

    • Yes, I might complain, but I’m grateful she’s here for me to spend time with! Too often, I’m afraid, we take people for granted, assuming they’ll always be around. We both know that’s not the case, don’t we?

  5. What a good daughter you are. I thought, being my first time here, you were going to say it wasn’t a “vacation” because of kids in tow (and boy do I remember years and years of those exhausting trips) but alas…we come full circle in life where it’s our mothers we’re tending to. Actually I suppose full circle will be when our children are taking us. God willing we’ve raised them to be as caring and kind as you’ve been to your mother. Sweet post.

    • Barb, thank you for your lovely remarks. It does my heart good to hear praise once in a while — not that Mom doesn’t appreciate me, but that care giving is such hard work (especially when I haven’t been formally trained for it!). Yes, traveling with a senior citizen presents many of the same challenges as traveling with small children, but you’ve pointed out an interesting concept — one day, if we’re fortunate, we’ll be the ones needing care. Thanks for visiting and do come back again!

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