Some Like it Hot

Those who forecast the weather are gloating over a recent break in our Midwestern heat (like they had something to do with it!)

Temps that were hanging in the high 90s and low 100s have dropped — finally! — to a more reasonable low 90s.

So far, so good. What they fail to mention is how dry it is.

I’m not a farmer, and I can’t find any data to corroborate this, but I’m calling it a drought. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck!

While parts of Illinois benefited from the passage of a cold front (and its accompanying storms), we did not. No rain for weeks on end.

Oddly enough, our plants seem to recognize the difference between Mother Nature’s drenching and the stream from a garden hose.

Since a picture is better than my rambling and complaining about it, take a look and see for yourself:

Wonder if our Kentucky Bluegrass will turn green again?

Big ole cracks where grass is supposed to be

This redbud, I’m afraid, has seen its last days

Weeds seem to love this dry heat!

Now, lest you think all is lost, let me contrast this dire picture with some that show what happens when plants do get water (even if it’s from a hose!):

Aren’t these beautiful and happy-looking?

Snapdragons in full bloom love the sun

Vinca, another sun-loving flower

My crepe myrtle — yes, it should be pruned, but that’s a chore for late winter. Isn’t it magnificent, though?

27 thoughts on “Some Like it Hot

  1. Pretty pics. We’re enjoying a good drench, nice respite from the heat…however, appears this will be following me into vacay next week-big sigh…

    • I can get a lot done during a good rain, Suzi. But on vacation? Umm, not so much. Maybe you’ll get just enough peeks of sunshine to make it worthwhile!

  2. The drought as duck..yes your analogy is spot on. You’re definitely dealing with a duck. Beautiful flowers. Sad to see the dried up plants and trees. And why is it that weeds seem to flourish in any environment?

  3. We have had some rain but far below average and when it comes it is swift, brutal and usually brings hail. I’m certain I did have something to do with the drop in temperatures I complained relentlessly! Your welcome 😀
    Stay cool!

    • I’m delighted to know who to appreciate with this break in the heat — thank you from downstate! Yes, I’ve been hearing about your big storms. Sadly, that’s NOT the kind of rain we need. Rather, we need one of those long, soaking overnight rains — the kind that puts you right to sleep, without all those sound effects and light shows!!

    • Glad you like the flowers! Some are amazing, while others have already bitten the dust. And I’ve heard some folks say they’re tired of watering and plan on letting theirs die a natural death. Sad, huh?

  4. We’re almost always in a drought, so the dry vegetation looks familiar to me. Not even 110 degree heat will kill weeds, but the plants I want to live always manage to die (or get eaten by hungry bunnies.)

    I’m glad you’ve got some color despite the drought conditions. The flowers are so pretty!

    • I’m glad to know not even 110 degree heat will kill weeds — sometimes, that’s the only speck of green in an entire yard this year! When you’re used to looking out and seeing green, it’s really disheartening, too! Thanks for sympathizing, Janna!

  5. The flowers look lovely. None the worse for wear. Glad I’m not in a local suffering from prolonged heat. I hope I didn’t jinx it by saying that. Hope those unwatered plants get some H2O soon!

    • I heard this morning that after today, we’ve got THREE days in a row where there’s a chance for rain! Woo-hoo! Way back when, they used to “seed” the clouds and get rain, but you never hear about that any more — probably found to cause disease or some such. Anyway, we’ll just have to keep praying!

    • Poor Kim! Too much rain is just as bad as too little, only in a different way. I wonder why those suffering with flooding can’t send those of us suffering drought some of their excess??? In a perfect world, I guess.

    • Welcome to my corner of the world! I see you’re in Dallas. I lived in Arlington and Keller for several years back in the late ’80s, and I remember that heat well. I’d sweat all day and it would still be going gang-busters (90 degrees) by the late news! Here, we’re not used to it. We normally get a front to blow through and cool us off after a few days of heat, then the cycle begins anew. We got a few drops of rain yesterday, but they only served to steam things up. Sigh.

  6. Debbie, It’s so dry here in the Northeast ,too. I can almost hear the brown grass crying in the heat. My husband,Wayne has had to hand water the garden for the past month. Your pictures of the flowers are beautiful. I’m looking forward to a few rainy days.

    • I hope you get those rainy days, Kathy! We got about a quarter of an inch yesterday afternoon, but it fell hard and fast so it wasn’t the good, soaking rain we need. Sigh. Plus, it only served to make the temperature feel more sticky!

    • Exactly, Terri! That’s what we need, too. I feel sorry for the farmers — what started out as a promising crop is fast approaching zilch. And we’re all going to end up paying for it, in higher prices at the gas pump and grocery store. I’m just FULL of happy news today, aren’t I??

  7. I don’t get out that much to see earths beauty so….I really enjoy looking at your photos. I hope you get refief from the heat. This is going to be one of those summers though.

    Did comment on your recent dog story cause….I don’t have one because I’m scared of them. But I do have a stuffed dog puppet and he sings because I make im sing LOL! I admire dog lovr though. Who knows…maybe on day I’ll get over my fear…..Not! LOL!

    • I “get” being afraid of dogs — I was, too, until we got a real gentle one when I was a kid. Nothing to be ashamed of there! We still haven’t had any rain to speak of. Everything’s so burned-up looking and sad, almost like it’s given up. We pray for rain, yet it goes where people are praying to dry out — oh, well, it’s not in our hands, is it??

    • No fires, thank goodness! No water restrictions, either, though none of us know why they haven’t done that. We’ve been told not to burn (who wants to stand over a fire pit in this heat??), and they’ve been telling everybody to stay in if possible. We had a couple of days where it only got to 90, and that was a relief — we just need rain really bad, though!

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