Inquiring Minds Want to Know

My friend Katybeth brought up this question, and I assured her I’d try to answer it — What’s the Sheltie’s name?

He’s been pictured beside me ever since I started blogging three years ago, but I’ve been consistent in calling him “the Sheltie” or “Darling Doggie.”

Most of the time.

But he tells me he’s not happy with this cloak of anonymity.

Even if it was woven to protect him.

“Are you ready for me to tell the world your name?” I asked.

“Sure, mom, go ahead. But why not have some fun out of it? Make ’em guess!”

So let’s have us a little contest, shall we? Place your guess (or guesses, if you’re feeling really creative) in the comments below. The Sheltie and I promise to read (and in his case, guffaw) over each one and on Sunday (Oct. 28), we’ll announce the winner, based on whoever’s guess is closest (or most amusing!). If there’s no clear winner, we’ll draw one name out of a hat.

To be fair, if you already know my Sheltie’s name because you happen to know us, please don’t participate — give the others a chance, ‘k?

Here are some “hints”:

  • The Sheltie is a male
  • The Sheltie will be six years old next month
  • The Sheltie was born in Illinois
  • The Sheltie is a “paper dog,” not a mixed breed
  • The Sheltie came from a litter of three — two girls and him
  • Don’t even think about calling him Lassie!

To reward the winner, I’m prepared to part with one of my beaded jewelry creations (what can I say? The Sheltie drives a hard bargain!). Here’s the photo and the description:

Chandelier earrings

This is a pair of silver filigree Chandelier Earrings, approximately 4 inches in length. Each earring features:

  • Top section — one 4mm fuchsia bicone flanked by two 4mm sterling plated round beads
  • Middle section — two 5mm pink pearls flanking a single 6mm emerald green bicone (with two silver daisy spacers)
  • Bottom section — one long antique silver tube bead

The earrings also contain silver headpins and eye pins as findings and leverback ear wires. Despite the length, they really are light!

Note: Most people would consider these earrings “costume” jewelry; they’re not made from real silver, nor do they contain precious gemstones. Depending on the winner’s preferences, I could be persuaded to switch out the ear wires for sterling silver ones and I could leave off the bottom tier (shaving off nearly an inch of length, for those uncomfortable with dangling earrings). If you’d just like to play along without being entered in the drawing, let us know that, too. We’ll try not to sulk or pout!

47 thoughts on “Inquiring Minds Want to Know

  1. MMM. I am going to think a bit and come back. I have already guessed twice incorrectly so that eliminates 2 names out of infinity and you eliminated Lassie. I’m ahead of the game. I have some ideas. I have an approach, a technique, a red pen. I’ll be back.

    Love the earrings exactly like they are but I’m guessing just for fun since I put you up to the contest.

        • I’m not buying sugary or super cute– Domer would have been an High School teen 6 years ago and would not have put up with something “dumb”, I’m going for short (call name)–I believe you would have called it several thousand times in your head before picking it, something Irish makes sense to me, or something to do with being the “only son” in the liter. The liter was probably “coded” meaning they may have pick something to identify the pups on the papers…Sign I guess I will have to research back to all the AKC sheltie litters born 6 years ago in Southern Il.–Just kidding. Maybe. 😀

  2. First, I love those earrings. Simply beautiful. Second, I conferred with Henry. We think the Sheltie’s name is one of these: Chicago, November, Veteran’s Day or Pilgrim. Henry says it’s either Charles (Charley?) or Turkey. His name isn’t Pumpkin, is it? Wow, what a tasty name that’d be!

  3. I won’t venture to guess since we know it isn’t Lassie, lol! I can’t wait to read the responses and find out his “real identity”!

  4. Aw geez, I’m not good at this, but with those earrings on the line, I have to try:)

    Let’s try, Bear, Cub. White Sox or Bull (to get the sports teams out of the way!) Or maybe Armstrong (for Louis Armstrong and his fabulous trumpet playing.) I guess it wouldn’t be Fido or Rex, would it? I know – being the only male in the litter, with papers, he’s got to be Stud Muffin – “Stud” for short. Okay, I’ll stop now…

    • Forgive him, Janna, but the Sheltie got a real kick out of your choices (none of which are correct, sad to say!). You’re welcome to keep guessing if you’d like, though, as we won’t “close” the entries until Sunday!

  5. Okay, I’m back for another round. This time, I’ll try the Irish route. How about Seamus? Lucky Leprechaun? (Though if he’s neutered, he may not feel so lucky…) Liam? Bono? (Maybe he likes to jam to U2.)

    All right. I’m really going to quit. I have no idea!

    • I like your suggestions, Janna, but I’m sorry, none are correct! Darling Doggie has certainly gotten a kick out of reading everybody’s guesses, though — he says it’s almost as much fun as chasing squirrels!

    • Do you hear that chuckle coming from the Sheltie’s mouth?! He says to tell you to keep trying because none of these are right. He said to tell you “Socks” sounds more like a cat to him, ha!

    • Darling Doggie IS handsome, isn’t he? I can say that because I didn’t have anything to do with his lineage! Anyway, sorry, but none of your guesses are correct. Gee, is nobody going to come up with the Sheltie’s name??? Thanks for playing along, nonetheless.

    • Hi Chelsea and Chatham, and Welcome! Of course you can play — sorry, but none of your guesses are correct. I knew a Chihuahua named Riley once, though. Darling Doggie loves it that people are weighing in with their guesses — he’s begging me to keep this thing going past Sunday, but I told him we said a week so a week it is! If you’d like to try again, go for it!

    • I like that, and never even thought of it — but sorry, that’s not it. I guess I wasn’t exactly being logical when we named him! Thanks for playing along and feel free to try again, if you come up with another name!

  6. Tic Toc…….we know the clock is ticking down but, we can’t stop playing just a little more. Probably why I can never go to Vegas. Our final entry is Little Egypt. We tossed around Marshall, Macy, Harrington, just to name a few but, we will stop at Little Egypt. With all that said, formal name or not,we still like Darling Doggie for this beautiful pup! Is that my final answer? Yup!

    • We’re soo glad you’re still playing — we love reading all the guesses! And Darling Doggie said he’d love to meet your big doggin (a Golden, right?). Doggie says the big doggies are always friendliest — it’s the tiny ones who seem to think they can attack him! Sorry, but none of these guesses are correct, either. We’re thinking we’d better start putting everyone’s name in a hat and getting ready to draw a winner!

  7. Pretty earrings!

    I’ll take a guess – no real serious thought went into this, but since my best friend in high school had a Sheltie named “Laddie,” I’m going to guess “Laddie?”

    • That would have been an ideal name, Terri. Sorry, it’s not Darling Doggie’s, though. “Laddie” is Scotch, isn’t it, and Shetland Sheepdogs trace their history to Scotland. Yep, maybe that would work for my next doggin!

  8. Debbie, the comments on this post had me chuckling out loud! These readers of yours are wonderful and funny! What a great idea to have a guessing contest for the Sheltie’s name! 🙂

    • Thank you, Bella. I’m sorry you were too sick to play — maybe we’ll dream up another contest, though, and you can get in on that. The Sheltie and I LOVED all the comments and guesses we received!

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