Throw Me Something, Mister!

We traveled to Gulfport, MS over My Favorite Domer’s month-long Christmas Break.

Visiting family, shopping, trying new restaurants, walking outside in warmer temperatures — all that sounded pretty good. Besides, Domer had to fly from there to Miami for the sorry lousy miserable National Championship slaughter game.

One fascinating difference between Central Illinois and the Mississippi Gulf Coast is their propensity to partay. Not that Illinoisans don’t like to have fun; just that we’re a bit tamer about it!

Anyway, as soon as New Year’s Day is over, folks down south bring out their Mardi Gras decor’ — and it’s especially obvious when Lent begins early as it does this year (Feb. 13).

It’s like they put Christmas back in the attic or storeroom and haul out Carnival.


They bedeck their houses with purple, gold, and green garlands; hang lavish wreathes on their front doors; begin attending (and hosting) fancy formal parties; and some scramble for cheap plastic beads and other collectibles during a plethora of parades.

Of course, that’s easier there than here. After all, they don’t have snow on the ground!

Another thing that’s popular during Carnival season is the King Cake. This delicacy happens to be one of Domer’s favorites, and his grandmother never fails to make sure he gets one.

This year was no exception.

And guess who else happens to love cake? Any cake, not just the King variety?

Dallas! Witness his patience while Domer partakes of a hefty slice:

Please? Can I have a taste??

Please? Can I have a taste??

25 thoughts on “Throw Me Something, Mister!

  1. Priceless picture, Debbie, leaving us all wonder if Dallas’ dreams will come true! It reminds me of our golden, Max hovering around our dinner table. I enjoyed the link to the King Cake story, too. Thanks:-)

  2. Love the look on Dallas’ face! Oh, the patience of a dog…mine does that but has a pool of drool on the floor beneath her!

    • Dallas never drools. It’s just not a Sheltie-thing. Sadly, though, his cuteness makes it next to impossible to resist treating him with people-food (no wonder I’m paying for it now by having to count calories for him!)

    • Sadly, most of the rebuilding has moved east to the Biloxi/D’Iberville area. Good for them; not good for Gulfport. When I think of all the sales tax revenues that moved — money that could have boosted Gulfport’s economy — I get miffed. At least somebody had sense to capitalize on the chance to rebuild properly. I hope they thanked you for all you did — I imagine it was quite horrific in the aftermath.

  3. A friend of mine invites our family over every year for Mardi Gras and my kids love the anticipation of who’s going to get the slice of cake with the baby in it. Ah, tradition! I’m glad to see it doesn’t have to end just because they’re in college!

    • That’s when they need traditions the most! Keeping them grounded kind of helps them to appreciate where they came from, gives them something solid to hold on to in their changing world. Personally, I never wanted the slice with the baby inside — that’s the one who has to host the next Mardi Gras party!!

  4. I can’t believe time is flying so! I wanted to get over to Louisiana this year for a rural Mardi Gras, but I guess it won’t happen. I’m pretty much over the NOLA way of celebrating – even Galveston is too much for me. I do love me some beads, though!

    The best King Cake I ever had came from a bakery in Lafayette – but Louisiana. If I don’t stop writing and thinking about it, I’m going to be the one drooling. That photo of Dallas is just precious!

    • Most bakeries now offer online purchases of King Cakes — just a suggestion if you find you’ve got to have one! Thanks for visiting and liking my doggie’s drooling!

  5. Oh, that picture is hilarious – such an intense look. (No way I could’ve eaten the cake under such close watch! I’ve never had King cake….mostly because I’m not really a cake person.

    • Not a cake person? Oh, my, what do you do with two boys and their birthdays?? And you’re right — even the most hard-hearted person would have trouble resisting my pup’s intensity!

  6. Debbie, would you believe that we are celebrating carnival during this week in my neck of the woods. People dress up in the most outlandish costumes but no cake, I’m afraid. I love, love the photo of Dallas! Look at his handsome face! Roxy’s in love! hee hee! 🙂

    • I’m probably a bit prejudiced (and I can afford to be — I didn’t have anything to do with Dallas’s good looks!). Thank you (and Roxy) for noticing how handsome he is in this shot. Enjoy Carnival — wish that was something we celebrated here — all we get are the photos and TV feeds of New Orleans and its frivolity!!

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