Q’s Remains

When I took Darling Doggie outside yesterday, I could tell a storm was on its way (The Weather Channel only confirmed it). How did I know?

This is what greeted me:

Sun dogs often predict rain or snow.

Sun dogs often predict rain or snow.

So it didn’t surprise me when the snow started falling mid-afternoon. Falling fast, like feathers swirling in a pillow fight.

And after we’d had between three and four inches of the white stuff, we got some freezing rain.

So when I arose this morning, I saw the result:

Ice covers the buds on this silver maple tree.

Ice covers the buds on this silver maple tree.

And this:

Snow, snow everywhere!

Snow, snow everywhere!

And this:

A snow-covered bush

A snow-covered bush

And this:

Tire ruts show how deep the snow is.

Tire ruts show how deep the snow is.

Now, I much prefer having snow at the end of the year, rather than the beginning. Something about a White Christmas is very appealing, and what’s a New Year’s Eve without a definite chill in the air?

But nobody asked me. And now we’ve got this snow on the ground. Just when everybody is starting to think Spring.

Even the flowers!

These are going to be yellow daffodils.

These are going to be yellow daffodils.


24 thoughts on “Q’s Remains

  1. Okay don’t laugh, but I actually had to look up what a sun dog was (in my defense, I’ve lived in Phoenix for 25 years :)) Oddly enough, we actually got hail and snow in the valley two days ago. It was crazy! I love the snow pictures but I imagine the blanket of white does get ‘old’ after a while. I think undisturbed snow is so pretty. The dirty snow that is moved to the sides of the road or trampled on the sidewalks are kind of depressing to me.

    • I can appreciate your not knowing about sun dogs, Janna. I was lucky to have a “country man” for my dad — he was fascinated by weather and passed that fascination along to me. I heard you got some snow out there — what a wild winter we’ve all had. My sister lives down south, and they had tornado warnings. I’m with you — dirty snow is just that, dirty! Thanks for visiting.

  2. I enjoy snow for the first day–we can all agree on dirty snow – yuck. We got 3 or 4 inches hardly the 7 they were predicting. I guess that is what I hate about this weather is it nibbles you to death…I want cold, snow, ice from about December 1st until the end of February, a slight reprieve in March (it has always been warm around our boys birthdays 😀 at least in Chicago) and then we go into the cruel it should be warm months,–April/May until Spring finally settles in. . .The way the weather is now–it could snow today and be in the high 70’s tomorrow. I object.
    Thanks for the reminder about sun dogs–my dad taught me about them too and I had totally forgotten!

    • Our winter really has been awful, hasn’t it? Far too many dreary, rainy days and not near enough cold, sunny ones. I don’t get to choose, of course, and actually, no place in the entire country has had great weather (or so it seems!). It’s just a real challenge keeping a heavy-coated dog clean in this mess, ha!

  3. Debbie, it’s always the brave little flowers I feel badly for when late snows fall. In Colorado, our rule of thumb is not to plant annuals until after Memorial Day. That’s how late we get surprise snow storms. Actually, after living here so long – they’re no longer a surprise. But those sweet delicate daffodils and intrepid crocuses who can’t wait to pop the landscape with color – are often done in by snow. I hope your little yellow daffodils persist and bloom all the more vibrantly!

    • This “crop” is plenty brave, Barb. They’re protected by shrubbery and a planter we fill with annuals (like you said, after Memorial Day). Still, I don’t know what their hurry is — like they expect some kind of reward for popping out first or something!

  4. Debbie, I just love these pictorial representations of what is taking place in your neck of the woods! Believe it or not, some people would find it hard to believe there can be this much snow. I’m referring to folks living in the Caribbean or other warm temperature countries. I lived in the Caribbean for many, many years and when my sister, who lived in Minnesota at the time, used to tell me about the freezing cold and the many inches of snow that had fallen the night before, I had a hard time believing her. How does darling Dallas cope? Roxy loves snow and luckily we only get a few inches when it does snow here. I worry about the effect of ice and the cold on her paws. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in teaching her to wear the “snow shoes” for extended periods of time. After a while, she would kick them off as if to say, “enough!” hee hee! Sending warm hugs your way! 🙂

    • Thanks, Bella! Dallas hates his snow booties — after I put them on him, he just stands there giving me his sad-eyed look. I tell myself his double-coat is sufficient to withstand the snow and I must be right, for he goes outside and rolls in it! My sister lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and they were warm enough to have tornadoes yesterday. I sent her a picture of our snow, and while she thinks it’s very pretty, she’s just as glad she doesn’t have to deal with it! I’d have much preferred having this over Christmas than now, when my body tells me it should be Spring!

    • I do like snow better than ice — photographs better, too! Would you like me to send you some, just enough so Sir Henry can traipse about in it, then have you dry his royal feeties? Makes a dog feel real special, or so I’m told!

      • Well, assuming you send me some and it doesn’t melt while in transit, I have some rubber booties for Henry that he can wear. Been saving them for an occasion like this. So just send us one bucket of snow please. And put it on dry ice, if you don’t mind. 😉

        • I actually checked into shipping you some, but I fear it’s not very practical. By the time it arrives, it would be a bucket of water! Besides, yesterday was warming, and some of it melted (today and tomorrow should take care of the rest, sorry!)

  5. Debbie,
    Loved your image of snow “Falling fast, like feathers swirling in a pillow fight.” Over here in Switzerland, we have had record breaking snowfall during the endless winter. Won’t we all really appreciate spring this year. Pat

    • It’s hard to believe, Pat, but this is our first really BIG snowfall of the season, and it was only about 3.5 inches! I remember SNOWS from when I was a kid. The shelves in the stores would empty, and people would hole up around their fireplaces until they were able to dig out (which might be 10 days). We’ve grown soft, I tell you!

    • Hi Kim: Nope, this is Central Illinois. And while this looks like a big snow, it’s a drop in the hat compared to what we usually have! Want me to send you some, heehee!!

    • They can’t decide WHAT we’re getting, come Tuesday. The last thing I heard was rain. Lots of rain. That’s okay, I won’t have to shovel rain, and the ground certainly needs water. I’m sorry you’re getting more snow, though really, it’s so beautiful just after it falls — in a perfect world, it would vanish overnight though, haha!

  6. I love your pictures and look forward to them. I’m more of a visual person. It makes your blog so personal. I’m gonna try that. So sorry for all you snow. Here in NY it’s been pretty good and I thank God because we here on Long Island are still rebuilding our homes. It would be hard if we had a lot of snow. God knew we needed break. I can’t wait for summer as this has been a long trying winter and I need to see some flowers and feel the warm air on my face!

    • My thoughts exactly, Tanya! I, too, am eagerly awaiting spring’s flowers and warm sunshine. While I’m glad we have four distinct seasons where I live, a big part of me wishes winter would hurry up and leave!

  7. Really nice pictures. I didn’t know what a sun dog was either and looked it up at http://www.goodsearch.com (an alternative to google that contributes to my favorite charity). In case anyone else wasn’t familiar term, the definition I found was “A sun dog or sundog is a common bright circular (or symmetrical) spot on a solar halo.”

    • Thanks for the link and definition, Tricia. I probably should have done that myself; good thing I have eagle-eyed readers who keep me on the right track! I see sun dogs fairly often — some are quite magnificent and display an entire rainbow within!

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