Excuses, Excuses

I should have been writing my blog.

But on Tuesday, I spent all day working on my novel.

You know how it is — some days, the words just seem to flow.

And you don’t have to spend countless hours researching stuff you don’t know in order to write it as if you do.

And the ideas are ripe for the picking, and the dialog actually comes out like people talk.

How could I leave all that, even for a second, and transfer my attention to this blog? Or anybody else’s?

I should have been writing my blog.

But on Wednesday, I had to get together with a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of months.

To rest and recharge, sort of.

And we had to poke around at an antiques store, looking over vintage jewelry and books and what-nots.

And we had to satisfy our mutual craving for Chinese food.

And then we had to sit on her homemade porch swing, watching the grey clouds swirl overhead, listening to the geese honking on the nearby pond, feeling the chill-bumps form on our arms as a cold front started to come through.

How could I leave all that and transfer my attention to this blog??

I should have been writing my blog.

But on Thursday, I had to go shopping.


And I finally found something to wear for My Favorite Domer’s Commencement.

Which takes place next month.

Next month!

I’ll be set as long as the weather warms up a bit.

And I don’t gain a single pound.

It’s not my fault it took all day!

How could I leave all that and transfer my attention to this blog??

I should have been writing my blog.

But on Friday, I had to haul Darling Sheltie Dog to the vet’s for a checkup on his thyroid.

It’s fine, thankfully.

And I had to haul Mom to a doctor’s appointment.

She, too, is fine, thankfully.

It’s not my fault errands took all day.

Life sometimes takes over and waylays us from doing what needs to be done.

Like writing my blog.

So dear friends, hang on. I’ll be around to catch up with you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, woo-hoo: I’m writing my blog!!!


24 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. I’m just laughing. Aren’t we good at excuses/procrastination? It’s a fact that some of these things demand doing. Of course, the other side of the coin is just as much fun. After all – I should be cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry, paying the bills, reading the report. But I’m writing my blog!

    • Some of us have had years to perfect our procrastination, Linda! I used to be much better at it; then for a while, I actually got terribly organized and almost forgot how! Perhaps we should just be grateful that we’re busy?!!

    • I did, Suzi — at least I HOPE I did! I might have to change plans if the weather refuses to cooperate, but packing a couple of different outfits won’t be a problem (and might cover more bases, ha!)

  2. Debbie, I LOVED this post. And you are so ADORABLE!

    Hey, I had no idea you were writing a novel?!? But you are so right, you gotta write when the writing hits you or it goes away.

    As well as hanging out with friends and resting and recharging.

    Sounds like you had an AWESOME week, doing some AWESOME stuff!

    You GO, girl!

    Have a faaaaaaaaaabulous weekend, dear lady!


    • Thanks for understanding, Ron. You are soooo right, my friend — one has to write when the writing’s good, or that Muse simply takes off for parts unknown! And sometimes it takes a special friend to help us recharge. But don’t you know I miss my blogging buddies when I don’t chat with them on a regular basis!! It’s like their worlds and mine are chugging along on parallel paths, when they ought to intersect now and again. Thanks for stopping by and here’s to a wonderful weekend!

  3. It’s always good to get back after being away, isn’t it? And sometimes a break like that gives renewed energy for writing. So don’t feel bad. Think of it as a necessary and valuable break. Welcome back! You were missed!

    • You’re an angel to say that, and I appreciate the sentiments! Yes, being away from Blog-land is hard, especially when you realize just how much piles up and demands your attention upon your return. Almost makes one regret “playing hooky,” ha!

  4. You’re writing a novel? What an undertaking! Yes, you absolutely have to court the muse while she’s present. And your week? So funny – sounds like all the things in life that pull me away too. And that’s good. Do better than I do and don’t beat yourself up about it. I like how you have humor and make a post out of the distractions – and in the process remind us that it happens to all of us from time to time!

    Oh – and glad you found something for commencement. That’s a big check off the to-do list, I’m sure.

    • Ah, Barb, finding an outfit is definitely a relief — I just hope the weather cooperates! Thanks for empathizing with me. We’re all busy, and that brings to mind something I’ve always heard: If you want something done right, give it to the busiest person you know! Those of us who are so busy somehow manage to make time for “just one more” thing, don’t we??

    • I’m glad you can empathize, Pat. My novel is in the contemporary fiction area with lots of twists and turns and mystery. That’s what makes writing it so hard — I find I need a gazillion Post-it notes and storyboard cards to keep up with who’s doing what and when! If I leave it untouched for a day or two, I’m lost, ha!

  5. Debbie, you are too funny. I thought you were writing my story..Now I will confess, I have been absent for a wide array of similar reasons, but I’m back and I love your posts. Any day with laughter is a good day. Thanks for all the good days you provide .:-) I’m happy you’re back and you found a dress for Domer’s graduation!

    • Thank you, Kathy. I missed you while you were away, but I’m thankful you had the chance to go (and passed along some useful information to me!). Any time I can make someone smile, I’m happy, too.

  6. You didn’t list anything here that would take a backseat to blogging. If I were on a roll with writing on my novel (boy, I wish I were!) the world would be dead to me while the words flowed. A chance to meet with a friend? I’m there. Glad you found something to wear to the commencement, and I’m glad Dallas and your mom are both okay.

    Good to have you back (even though technically, you weren’t away…you were just living :))

    • You understand and have been there, too, huh, Janna? Thank you! Sadly, and probably because I keep at it in fits and starts, the novel writing isn’t going as well as I’d like. Too many interruptions. Sigh.

  7. Sounds like it was a good week even if you weren’t blogging! All of those things were much more important! Glad dog and mom are ok and that you have something to wear to commencement!

    • Thanks, Dawn. Isn’t it something how these fur-kids of ours require so much care?? I’m told that, if I got a second Sheltie, they’d keep each other entertained and free up my time. Right. With my luck, they’d BOTH be right up underneath me, demanding full attention! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Writing a novel….wow! So proud of you! And she writes a blog too! You’re the whole package girl! You are one busy woman….but you are living life to its fullest! God bless you…you talented woman!

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