Help Me Choose, Please

I’ve got a bit of a dilemma, so I’m turning to my online friends for help.

Most of you are aware that next month I’m going to my son’s university commencement.

You’re also aware that for months now, I’ve been trying to determine agonizing over just what I’m going to wear for this momentous occasion.

(Not that anybody will be looking at me. Or rather, they shouldn’t!)

Anyway, now that I’ve selected a few outfits — mostly in the black-and-white color scheme — I’m debating over accessories.

We had a LOT of thunderstorms recently, giving me many opportunities for my favorite pastime, beading jewelry.

I made the following two pairs of earrings, with an eye toward wearing them for Commencement.

The question is, Which do you like better?

And remember, I don’t want to embarrass my kid. Or stick out. But frankly, it isn’t me to wear a subdued pair of pearl studs and call it a day!

Earrings #1

Earrings #1

1) This pair of dangling earrings measures 3 1/4 inches in length. Each contains four 6 mm round black jasper beads, a round mother-of-pearl, silver rondelle spacer, and an ornate silver connector. A leverback ear wire completes the look. (Black jasper is said to absorb negative energy, if that helps with your decision!)

Earrings #2

Earrings #2

2) This pair of chandelier earrings measures 3 1/2 inches in length. Each contains five 6 mm round obsidian beads, three 6 mm faceted round crystal beads, a daisy spacer, and an ornate silver chandelier. A leverback ear wire ties it all together. (Black obsidian is said to cleanse the environment of negativity, disharmony, anger, fear, and resentment.)

Okay, y’all, start voting! If nobody likes either pair, well, I guess we’ll have more bad weather somewhere along the line, and I can go back to the drawing beading board!

And thanks in advance for helping me out.

19 thoughts on “Help Me Choose, Please

  1. Sigh. Choices are always so hard for me, but I will give it a go. If the outfit is straight forward then I would add a little whimsey with the second pair. If the outfit already has a fair amount going on or you are planning to wear other jewelry in the neck region I would go with the first pair. Both are very pretty and would add to your outfit. I’m sure your favorite Domer will be very proud of his best mom, no matter what.

    • Thanks for helping me out, Katybeth! I hate to say it, but I don’t imagine Domer will give a hoot which ones I wear. In fact, he probably won’t even notice unless I bring it to his attention!

    • Thanks for voting, Suzi. I just realized I probably should have offered an incentive — say, another beaded pair of earrings or a bracelet — to get people to weigh in. Hmm, maybe I will. I have to think about that. There’s already so much on my plate right now, and I don’t want anybody participating just to earn a prize!

  2. Okay, first I have to say AWESOME job on both pairs, Debbie! I had no idea you made jewelry. You GO, girl!

    I have another blogging friend of mine who loves making beaded jewelry as well.

    My vote goes to #2.

    But no matter which one you choose to wear, you’ll look faaaaaaaabulous!


    • Ron, you’re a dear — both for voting and for making my day with your kind compliments!! I sincerely THANK YOU and, while I might not look faaaabulous, I at least want to look okay. It’s a fine line we moms walk, between looking our best and not being so “out there” that we embarrass our kids!

    • Thanks, Janna. There’s just something special about a chandelier, isn’t there? Of course, the intricacy is what makes them beautiful (and hard to work with), I appreciate your stopping by and helping me out!

  3. I vote for no.1, but only because I fear that if it is a windy day, the 2nd pair might just catch a breeze and propel you miles away from the grand event! tee hee. No seriously what a talent to create such gorgeous earrings. Either way, you will look smashing on the big day.

    • Pat, you’ve made me blush with your kind words! Thanks so much for your vote. I was having trouble deciding because either pair would work with what I plan to wear. You’re right about the wind, though — South Bend isn’t exactly “calm,” and sitting up in that stadium might prove chilly (not to mention “Perma-Cloud,” which hangs around threatening rain).

    • Thanks, Monica! I think I’ll just pack both of them. I don’t know what the weather is going to be like, and I’m sure I’ll have a chance to wear them on separate days. They have a dinner for the grads and their families the evening before Commencement, so perhaps that would enable me to enjoy both pairs. Have you chosen your outfit yet — you don’t have much time ’til the big occasion, either!

  4. Both are pretty. the first pair gets my vote as that style is dressier.

    So happy to have found your blog! My son is a Domer and graduating this year too! I am agonizing over what to wear. Parents were real gussied up for JPW so I worry about being underdressed. As of now, i am going with a navy wrap dress buy i want to wear a hat to hide so i am not sweating buckets in the football stadium so not completely decided yet. How about you?

    • Hi Alison and Welcome! Thrilled to meet another “Domer’s Mom”!! Thanks for voting. I’m kind of thinking of taking both — one for the Mass and dinner, the other for the actual graduation ceremonies. Like you, I’m agonizing over attire. Making it even harder is the fact that May weather in South Bend is so tricky. I called ND and they told me absolutely NO umbrellas and NO big hats! I’ve got Irish skin so I guess I’ll resort to lots of sunscreen, sunglasses, and a big ole poncho, haha!

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