It’s an Irish Thing!

Dallas here.

Mama’s up to her ears working on a short story this afternoon, so I’m commandeering her blog again. You other doggins out there should give it a try! Why should our moms have all the fun??

Anyway, I think mama told you we had a LOT of rain here. More than six inches this month already!

Needless to say, with all that water — and the resulting flooding — the lawn guy hasn’t been able to get here to mow my back yard.

Mama says I’m knee-deep in grass when I go out to investigate and do my “business.”

This morning, I noticed my grass was shorter. That yard man came on Saturday, and nobody bothered to tell me.

How do they expect me to be a watch-dog if they don’t let me know when strangers are coming to prowl around my house?!?

So Mama turned me out, I checked things over for her, saw it was all good, and came right back in for my cookie.

When she started laughing and pointed her camera in my direction, I gave her this look:

What's so funny, Mama??

What’s so funny, Mama??

Guess you don’t see it either. How ’bout a closeup?

I've got green feeties!!

I’ve got green feeties!!

I can assure you, Mama was NOT trying to dye me like her friend Katybeth dyes Rascal! Though Rascal seems to enjoy it (probably a girl-thing, huh?!)

Now me, Mama, and the Domer all have green “shoes.” Just one big happy Irish family.

Too bad St. Paddy’s Day has already passed!

20 thoughts on “It’s an Irish Thing!

  1. HAHAH. I just posted your mom’s green shoe review. All this green must be a sign of good things to come. Dallas, your front could be a lot more holiday festive..a few braids, a little colored chalk. . ..Fourth of July…just sayin.

    • You are soooo right — he has lots of pretty white fur on his chest. Fur that practically screams for decoration. Perhaps a red, white, and blue beading?! What am I talking about? This is a dog who won’t even wear a bandana! Oh, well, it was a good idea anyway!

  2. Well, time your mama complains she needs a new pair of shoes, perhaps you can take a pair of her white ones out and roll around in the grass with them…viola, new green shoes for free!

    • I hope she finishes, too. She’s been cooped up at that laptop most of the day (minus the measly time she gave me for a stroll!). I just know Sir Henry, being royalty and all, wouldn’t put up with inattention like that!

  3. Oh, Debbie , this is precious. I love it!. I just finished “The Art of Dancing in the Rain”, a wonderful story from a dog’s POV. Surely Dallas has book inside him..just saying…

    • You’re not trying to encourage him, are you?! He already feels way too comfortable commandeering my blog whenever he sees me busy with something else! Still, you’re probably right — I’m sure there’s a book inside him, and he just might have the right touch to get it published. Thanks for visiting!

  4. What an ADORABLE post, Debbie. Oooops, I mean DALLAS.

    And when I got the last photo of the green feeties, I HOWLED!

    Please tell Mama that I wish her well with her short story, okay?

    X to you and Mama!

    P.S. Dallas, you have such a CUTE face. Woof! Woof!

    • Ron, Dallas thanks you — for reading and for your lovely comments! I’m glad you got a kick out of his green feeties. All day yesterday he was bringing in grass clippings with him, thanks to our yard man’s failure to bag the excess. Grrr. But at least my poor Sheltie doesn’t get lost in his back yard now! Have a super Monday!

    • Pat, Dallas would encourage you to get a doggin! They’re more “human” than a lot of people I know — kinder, more generous, not as driven. They forgive easily, provide wonderful, nonjudgmental companionship, and teach us how to love! And, unlike kids, they never fly the nest, ha!

    • Now, Tanya, there’s not a mean bone in this dog’s body!! I like your little poem, though. Most of the green has faded this morning, but the grass clippings are more prevalent than ever!

        • He is a sweet boy, Tanya. In fact, many of his breed are therapy dogs, visiting the sick people in hospitals and the elderly folks in nursing homes. I guess their gentle manners and loving personalities help those in need of some good lovin’!

  5. I love his green feet (and I swear, it looks like he’s smiling in that first picture.) It’s fun to take a day off and let the pets blog. (Doesn’t work with cats though- all they want to do is lay on the keyboard!) Hope your short story is coming along well!

    • He does grin — often, too!! I’m sorry you can’t get any cooperation from the kitties. I understand they tend to be somewhat aloof. Thanks for the encouragement to keep working on my short story — I need all the help I can get (I wish Dallas could/would write that one for me, ha!)

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