My Camera Loves Spring

“The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.”
― Bern Williams

Is anybody tired of Spring photos? Can we ever get enough of the beauty of this season, with its new beginnings, its promises, color and warmth?

Today is gray and gloomy. Rain showers and possible thunderstorms are rolling around, and I for one need a reminder of prettier days past. Join me, won’t you?

Looks like some sort of crocus

Looks like some sort of crocus

Solitary pink tulip

Solitary pink tulip

White dogwood against a blue sky

White dogwood against a blue sky

Fence row of colorful tulips

Fence row of colorful tulips

Pink flowering tree

Pink flowering tree

Purple and yellow tulips tower over white flox

Purple and yellow tulips tower over white flox

Pink dogwood

Pink dogwood

Azalea in bloom

Azalea in bloom

There, now, don’t you feel better? I know I do!

29 thoughts on “My Camera Loves Spring

  1. Yes I do feel better Debbie! Are these photos from your yard? I’d be smiling every time I looked out the window. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    • Some of them are in my yard, but most are ones I see on my walks with Dallas. And yes, they provide a simply beautiful experience every time we go out! Thanks for stopping by, Barb.

  2. “Is anybody tired of Spring photos? Can we ever get enough of the beauty of this season, with its new beginnings, its promises, color and warmth?”

    No, in fact, for the past month I’ve done nothing but take photos of all the colorful trees and flowers. I have so many, I don’t even know what to do with them – HA!

    Gorgeous photos, Debbie! Especially enjoyed the one of the pink dogwoood.

    Loved the quote from Bern Williams!

    Happy Spring, dear lady!


    • Thanks for visiting, Ron. I’m so happy when I have a chance to share such beauty from my neck of the woods!

      I’m pretty partial to the pink dogwood, too — I always refer to it as my late dad’s tree, and I like to think of him looking down and enjoying seeing it in bloom!

      Hope the rest of your week is beautiful!

    • Thanks, Kb, and don’t worry — Spring will make it to your area, too! I just got back from a one-day trip to ND to fetch some of Domer’s stuff and boy, were the tulips prolific up there! Doesn’t hurt, I suppose, to have a full-time maintenance staff tending the grounds, ha!

    • To live with hope is such a beautiful thing, Kathy. It forces us to look beyond the dreary present and see a glorious future, to see summer blooms in winter’s brown sticks. I think hope also calls forth the best of humanity, don’t you? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh, they’re so beautiful. I love the azaleas – ours have been gone for nearly a month, now. They came a little early this year. I’d surely love to have some of your gray and gloomy, though. There’s rain passing to the north of us tonight, and I’ve got my fingers cross that we get some. We were a little short on our April showers!

    • I think a lot of people would be only too glad to send you some of our rain, Linda! The poor farmers just can’t get out in the fields to plant. Sadly, the rain seems to come in torrents or not at all. I just know we’ll be suffering when late July-August rolls around.

    • Lovely compliment, Monica, and I so appreciate it! With as much rain as we’ve had, it’s been a challenge finding a day pretty enough to snap a few shots.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Debbie, and they gave me a real lift. We are having the same endlessly gray, gloomy weather in Switzerland and areas of France have had severe floods.

    • I’m glad to give you a lift, Pat. Spring here has been especially beautiful, thanks to all our rain, I suppose. Still, I can only feel sorry for the farmers, who are chomping at the bit to get out in their fields and plant!

    • Usually I love May, too, but sadly, our weather hasn’t been the best this year. We’ve had LOTS of rain and gray days (compared to the customary warm, sunny ones), and it’s been on the cool side. But with the longer daylight will come the warmth, or so they say. Thanks for stopping by, Dawn!

  5. I can see why your camera loves spring 🙂 I don’t get tired of seeing all the pretty colors – I especially like the azaleas in the last photo. For some reason, most of the flowers I manage to get pictures of are yellow.

    • Perhaps we just gravitate to the colors that make us happy, Janna?! I like to see yellow flowers, but sadly, I didn’t find too many on this walk. I’ll keep looking, okay?!

  6. Oh my Lord……such beauty!! I feel much better and always look forward to your pictures! Here in the northeast we are still recovering from Sandy. It did so much damage….but some of the damage it did was the salt water killed all of the pine trees in the whole flooded area…so in all our yards there are dead trees and many of the plants and shrubs didn’t make it or are missing half there leaves. But what is so beautiful is to see the early flowers popping up despite the flooding. There are smaller than usual but their color is encouraging. So I really enjoyed looking at your pictures today.

    • I’m glad they were able to lift your spirits, Tanya. We often forget how cruel Mother Nature can be. She was like that on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, too, when Hurricane Katrina rolled in. There are still (eight years later!) huge areas where nothing is grown up, and I remember seeing those stately pine trees completely stripped of their needles. I hope your area will get back some of its beauty!

  7. I, for one, am NOT tired of spring photos. Thank you for sharing yours! I dreamed twice last week that I woke up to snow and thought I was going to have a melt down. Our spring isn’t blooming quite as enthusiastically as yours, so I appreciate you sharing your pictures.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Terri. I’m glad if my pictures were able to cheer you up a bit, knowing what a long and harsh winter you’ve had! These late winters, I think are the worst. We want (and need!) Spring’s warmth to lighten our spirits, yet sometimes it seems as if Spring will never get here — then, when it does, it’s gone in a blink and we’re smack-dab in the middle of Summer!

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