Beading with semiprecious stones

Thanks to several days of rain and thunderstorms, I recently had some time to myself, and I chose to pass it beading.

There’s something peaceful about working with beads, string, metal, and such. Something rewarding about creating a bracelet or earrings from rocks and wire.

I derive infinite satisfaction from fingering the beads, researching their healing properties, and knowing that, if I make something I don’t particularly like, I can either dismantle it and start over or I can squirrel it away for someone else to purchase one day.

We all have different tastes, you know, and one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

Here are a few of the items I designed (and if you’re tired of seeing beaded jewelry, forgive me, but I’m up to my ears in Commencement preparations and this is the best I can post in my scatter-brained state!):

Citrine bracelet

Citrine bracelet

1) This bracelet contains 8 Citrine chunks (helps with digestion and is known as the “Merchant’s Stone”) interspersed with 4mm round Hematites (increases intuition and improves relationships).

Unakite bracelet

Unakite bracelet

2) This bracelet features 10 oval Unakite discs connected with 4mm round Unakite beads. Unakite is a combination of Red Jasper and Green Epidote. It’s said to lift your spirits, help you see the beauty in life, and uncover deception.

Healing bracelet

Healing bracelet

3) This “healing” bracelet contains 3 each of faceted Crystal beads, Sodalite, Turquoise, Jasper, Blue Averturine, and Howlite. All are 6mm round beads.

  • Crystal is said to enhance the energy of other stones
  • Sodalite brings inner peace
  • Turquoise is the symbol of friendship
  • Jasper is worn for protection, luck, and to ease emotional stress
  • Blue Aventurine helps with self-discipline and inner strength
  • Howlite relieves stress and aids in sleep.
Healing bracelet #2

Healing bracelet #2

4) This is a healing bracelet featuring round stones sized 8mm each. Included gemstones are Crystal, Carnelian, Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Purple Striated Agate, Yellow Striated Agate, and Fancy Jasper. And here’s what the stones are said to do (minus, of course, the ones I’ve already listed):

  • Carnelian increases energy and guards against poverty
  • Green Aventurine is the stone of luck
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love
  • Agate has so many positive qualities that everyone should have one (or more!)
Jade bracelet

Jade bracelet

5) This bracelet is comprised of 8 Russian Jade oval-shaped beads and 11 round, 4mm Fancy Jasper beads with a silver toggle clasp. Jade helps the body to heal itself. An ancient protective stone, Jade helps in clear reasoning.

Do stones in and of themselves really ‘Heal’? Who knows, but it’s fun learning about them anyway!

18 thoughts on “Beading with semiprecious stones

  1. Beautiful! I love beading (and quilting) with semi precious stones. I love the feel of them as opposed to glass beads. I also love reading about the healing properties. Whether it’s real or not is not so important as if someone believes it and it gives them what they need. I am fascinated with stones. You’ve used many of my favorite stones in this post!

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Suzi. There’s something so peaceful about beading, isn’t there? I don’t know if it’s the tranquility in the beads themselves, or the fact that I tend to “zone out” to outside worries when I’m beading. Perhaps a bit of both!

  2. Debbie, I have to say that your bead work is really, really beautiful!

    Love that jade bracelet because green is my favorite color.

    Back when I first started my practice in Reiki, I used precious stones during my sessions. Stones have amazing healing properties because they contain energy. I find that some people are very in tuned to stones and are drawn to them, while others are not.

    I have a lot of stones placed around my apartment because they seem to calm me; ground me.

    Thank you for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed!


    • “I have a lot of stones placed around my apartment because they seem to calm me; ground me.”

      YES!! That’s it, Ron — they’re relaxing to look at, energizing to finger, and beautiful. I don’t know how people can look at stones and say, “That’s just a rock.” It’s so much more than that, and I thank you for validating it!

      I love the green, too. In fact, today I’m wearing a lovely blue-green jasper bracelet and I feel so much calmer than before I put it on!

      Glad you enjoyed my work, Ron — have a splendid Thursday!

  3. What fascinating beads. It’s interesting to learn and think about the healing powers. I wonder who was able to figure this out and how it occurred to them in the first place that beads have healing powers. Does give one pause.

    • Well, now you’ve given me an idea for another post, Monica — thank you! I’m far from an expert in the history of healing stones, but I’ve got a lot of sources and facts at my disposal. Pulling together some more interesting stories might be just what the doctor ordered, ha!

  4. All so pretty! Love the combination of colors. Healing bracelet two makes you happier just looking at it. I think they heal even if they don’t cure. Big day coming up soon!

    • Thanks for the compliments, Kb. Yes, they make me happy looking at them, but wearing them is even better! Commencement is this weekend. Can’t believe it — it’s flown by sooo fast!

  5. I don’t know how to bead so I admire the work you do. My favorites are the second and fifth ones. I like the way they look, but it’s also interesting to read about their purported spirit lifting and healing properties. I’m glad you shared your beautiful jewelry…I for one, don’t get tired of those posts.

  6. Thanks for indulging me, Janna. I don’t get tired of beading, and I’m glad when my friends don’t get tired of looking at my creations. Since you like yellow so much, I’m a little surprised you didn’t pick the first one, though, ha!

  7. Your work is beautiful, Debbie and I can see how beading can be a relaxing ,diversional activity that affords you immediate gratification –unlike writing or anticipating commencement! Good for you and share as much as you want. It’s “eye-candy”..I love the colors and variety. Lovely.

    • Thanks, Kathy, for validating my obsession! You’re right, of course, and that’s a big part of the attraction — immediate gratification! Kind of like writing a short story as opposed to a novel, ha!

  8. Whether the stones have any inherent qualities that lead to healing, I’d doubt. On the other hand, the process of beading and the joy of admiring all that beauty certainly is healing! They’re just lovely. I think my favorite is the citrine, but I suppose that’s because I adore all things lemon and citrine makes me think of citrus.

    • Ah, Linda, the citrine is a particular favorite of mine, too! I love the way it feels in my hands and on my wrist. And since it feels so good, it makes me happy. If that’s part of its healing powers, well, that works for me!

  9. These are so nice, Debbie. i love the blues and then the healing bracelet which looks like it has the different Chakra colors. There’s something to those Chakras as energy centers. You do very nice work and so glad you shared them – they’re fun to peruse.

    • Barb, you make me blush — thank you for validating what I do in my spare time! I hope I’ll always be able to bead jewelry. Whether I sell it is beside the point — I just love doing it. Why can’t we be that comfortable in our writings?? Why must it always be about publication?!

  10. So beautiful Deb. I started beading a few years ago and it was really fun. I loved giving them to people…but I stopped because it got expensive and I just loss interest in it. I think I got obsessed with it and bought too many beads and supplies…my own fault. I have so many other hobbies anyway so when I feel I need an beaded item…I’ll go to a local craft fair and many people have such beautiful pieces and I’ll just buy one. Do you sell them or are they for relaxation and gifts?

    • Tanya, right now, they’re for me and for gifts. Some day, perhaps I’ll get off my lazy bottom and try to sell them — people are always asking me if they can buy them online — I just see a world of work in that. I’d have to photograph every single piece, write a description, pull a sales figure out of the air, and design a website with a shopping cart. Ugh, makes me weary just thinking about it, ha! So for now, this will have to do — glad you like ’em, though!

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