Commencement Wrapup

Commencement Weekend at the University of Notre Dame has come and gone, and I’m left with the following observations:

1) Nobody does Mass better than ND. This weekend was Pentecost Sunday, the birthday of the Church, and we had no less than 40 red-robed priests (plus two bishops) on the altar for the celebration!

2) Nobody does food better than the ND Food Services staff. Our Friday feast featured chef-carved beef, chicken, tilapia, and a dessert bar topped with a “2013” ice sculpture. On Saturday, they fed us grilled steak, chicken, shrimp, and made an elaborate display of round, two-layered white cakes with frosting — one for each family to enjoy!

3) Nobody offers better music than ND. Volunteers from the ND Band (minus the seniors) played at most events. And no, I didn’t do much more than tear up at “Pomp and Circumstance,” the Alma Mater, and the ND Victory March, so my desensitization helped!

4) Nobody offers more guidelines (that people don’t pay attention to) than ND. I was told no umbrellas or wide-brimmed hats that might interfere with people’s vision. I obeyed, but others did not. I was told to respect others’ views of the proceedings. I obeyed, but one woman stood right in front of me minutes before my son was to cross the stage to accept his diploma. When I politely reminded her, “I can’t see,” she jumped all over me, arguing that somebody was taking a photo with a camera phone and she didn’t want to block that. Obviously, it never crossed her mind to go behind the photographer, rather than block my view!

5) Nobody does unpredictable weather better than South Bend. Here I was, worried over cold and rain, when Sunday dawned brilliantly sunny and temps climbed to almost 90 degrees by afternoon. Good thing I remembered sunscreen!

I know some of you are also interested in what people were wearing. Comfort, indeed, was the better part of wisdom. And there were so many people milling around that I probably could’ve worn a grocery sack and not stood out!

In fact, I saw all manner of dress:

  • Men in khaki shorts
  • Men in flip flops and deck shoes
  • Men wearing suits and ties
  • Men wearing blue jeans
  • Men wearing Polo shirts
  • Women teetering on sky-high spike heels
  • Women in cowboy boots
  • Women wearing dressy sandals or flip flops
  • Nobody wearing pantyhose
  • Women wearing lace
  • Women wearing sundresses, long and short
  • Women wearing slacks and jackets
  • Infants in carriers
  • People in wheelchairs or on canes
  • People speaking English or their native tongue
  • People wearing sunglasses and ND ball caps

Me? For Saturday’s Mass, I wore a knee-length black pencil skirt with a black and white polka-dotted peplum jacket. On Sunday, I chose a pair of dress black slacks, a black and white jacket with blue-green flowers, and a matching blue-green knit shell.

It was a great celebration, but I’m glad the hoopla is over.

(I’m “going dark” for a week or so while I do some celebratory stuff with my son. Intrigued? Good, I love a mystery! I’ll post more when I get back. Love to ALL!)

25 thoughts on “Commencement Wrapup

  1. Debbie, I was so anticipating a post on the commencement and you DID NOT disappoint:)

    WOW…what a variety list of all manner of dress!

    “Men in flip flops and deck shoes”

    You’re kidding?!?!?

    And #4. OMG…I so hear ya! Does ANYONE ever read or pay attention to guidelines!?!? No. And that is something which drives me absolutely crazy!!!

    LOVED both your outfits! Classy, simple, clean and PERFECT!

    Enjoy your time off, dear lady. You will be missed, but looking forward to hearing all about it when you return!

    Have a grrrrrreat week!


    • Ron, your words are so sweet — thank you! No, sir, I’m not kidding about the flip flops and deck shoes, sad to say. It’s not my intent to judge, but really, wasn’t this supposed to be a dressier occasion??

      I’m glad my outfit descriptions passed muster. I worried and fretted over what to wear for so long! All I really wanted was to make my son proud, and I think that happened 😉

      I’ll catch up with your posts when I return. (((HUGS!)))

    • Thanks, Kathy. Both of us need a break — I’ll post about it when I get back. If I was going to take my laptop, I might post before then, but I don’t think I’m going to. I’ll visit your blog home as soon as I get back!

  2. Sounds like the graduation was amazing and you looked amazing…and when it comes down to it that is just so important :-D. Congratulations to you all!! Enjoy your break, we will be here when you come home waiting for yet another story. . . ♥

    • Thanks, Katybeth! We’re looking so forward to our break — both of us need some time away. Yes, commencement was awesome (except for that nasty incident with the rude mom!), and I saw lots of sunburns the next day, ha! I’ll catch up with you soon, promise!

    • Ah, Kim, thank you. Domer is glad to be done (in a nostalgic sort of way); I’m just so proud of him for finishing on a high note! I’ll visit your blog again when I get back.

  3. I love the rundown of what people were wearing. I can relate to the annoyance of people being inconsiderate – can’t tell you how many youth sports games we’ve gone to where someone sets up one of the big beach umbrellas right in front of us.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the commencement! Of course I’m curious about your ‘dark’ time, but I do hope you’ll give us a hint of what you did when you come back 🙂

    • I promise to give more than a hint, Janna — I suspect I’ll have blog-material for a long time to come!

      People actually are rude enough to set up a beach umbrella right in front of you at at sporting event?? How rude! Guess there’s no explaining some people, huh?!

      Promise to catch up with your life/blog when I get back!

  4. Debbie, this is what memories are made of, and what an important milestone in your son’s life, as well as yours. Enjoy your week-long celebration! I’ll let you know how my daughter’s graduation goes; hope I don’t run into big hats and umbrellas, too!

    • Monica, I hope you don’t have to fend off big hats and umbrellas, and that your daughter’s big day goes off without a hitch! You’re right — it IS such a special time in our lives, and we can only pray it’s memorable in a good way! Congrats to you and your daughter, and enjoy her graduation!

  5. Fantastic Debbie! It’s been a fun, loving, full of growth adventure for both of you! I’m just disappointed that we didn’t get to see your graduation duds! I’m sure you looked beautiful. Congrats to your son!

    • Sorry, Barb, but Domer doesn’t want to be identified on my blog, and I’m usually the one taking the photos!! Thanks for your kind wishes on Domer’s graduation. It was beautiful, but HOT, and we’re both glad it’s past, ha!

  6. Wow, that sounds amazing! (Definitely different than a North Dakota winter graduation ceremony!) I almost felt like I was there. Congratulations to Domer on such a major accomplishment!

  7. I’m tired just reading all you did. I’ve done all that with 6 kids so I know the craziness! But oh the memories off it all. Get some rest and then meditate on the events. One day when you are siting with your grandchildren you’ll be telling stories about this weekend…..”I remember when…….”

    • Thank you, Tanya, though grandchildren seems a LONG way off right now, ha! I know you’ve trod this same path (and survived!), so that gives me hope!

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