I’m B-a-a-a-c-k!!



Dallas here.

Mama hasn’t touched her blog in nearly two weeks, so I’m pitch-hitting for her.

Even though I’m kinda mad with her.

You see, she left me at the kennel while she and Grandma went to The Kid’s big hoop-de-doo. You know him as Domer, but to me, he’s The Kid.

And we’ve been together a long time — six years, in fact.

When Mama first brought me home, The Kid was a little guy. Fifteen, I think. And he was scared of doggins.

Because we have toofies. And can stand on our back legs to jump on people.

But Mama quickly taught me not to bite — not even in play — and not to jump.

Truth be told, I didn’t particularly like jumping anyway. I’m a herding dog, not a circus monkey!

Anyway, The Kid and I grew up together. I taught him to like dogs; he let me lick his sweat after he’d come home from golf and tennis. I taught him to throw a ball; he taught me to bring it back. He taught me to play Chase and Hide and Seek; I taught him unconditional love.

So it was only right for Mama to take me to see The Kid graduate.

I’d have been good. Honest.

I could’ve stayed in the motel. I wouldn’t “go” on the rug or bite the housekeeping staff or howl long and loud.

I wouldn’t have been any trouble at all.

But they stuck me in the kennel. I’ve been there before, though never for this long. And they say dogs can’t tell time — huh!

The kennel’s nice, all things considered. There’s other dogs and cats around, they feed me the same stuff Mama does, and they even take me for walks.

But I wanted to be with my family.

Mama’s back now. So’s Grandma and The Kid.

They surely don’t expect me to believe it took this long for him to graduate. I don’t know for certain, but I think another trip was squeezed in there somewhere.

To a place called “abroad.”

I don’t know what that was about, but I’ll tell Mama to blog it for you, okay?

22 thoughts on “I’m B-a-a-a-c-k!!

  1. What wonderful post, Dallas!

    *two very enthusiastic paws up*

    Boy, you should get a job as a writer for “Dog Fancy” magazine. Or maybe even editor!

    Glad to hear Mama is back. Please tell her that she was missed and look forward to her return.

    Happy Memorial Day to you and your human family!



    • What a dear human you are, Mr. Ron! To read my silly thoughts and leave a complimentary reply — wow! I’m touched! Hope your Memorial Day was wonderful — and that you, at least, were able to get outside. Unlike me and the other pups who had to suffer through thunderstorms!

  2. Aww Dallas, you poor thing! It must have been frustrating to be left behind while everyone else was off having fun! I’m glad the family is all back and you can sleep in your own bed again. I can’t wait to hear about this “abroad” stuff!

    • Miss Terri, you’re too sweet. Sounds like you know how important it is for us pups to sleep in our own beds, too! I’ll nudge Mama about the “abroad” adventure.

  3. Dallas, so sorry you weren’t allowed to go. I know you’d have been a hit at graduation and anywhere else they traveled. Maybe there are a few extra treats in store for you since you missed out on The Kid’s big day!

    • Thanks, Miss Suzi, for sympathizing. Mama did give me an extra Pupperoni, but that hardly makes up for her absence. And yes, I’m pretty sure I’d have stolen the show at The Kid’s graduation — say, do you think that’s why they left me behind?!

  4. Welcome back! All of you were missed. Dallas Dear…go for the guilt and, extra bones, but we both know it wasn’t all that bad… your secret is safe with me. I get it .there is no place like home with your family!

    PS: I am trying to post this another way for some reason I am ending up in spam on WP accounts.

    • Miss Katybeth, you’re onto me — playing the guilt trip card, ha! Mama’s easy to fool like that. Of course, seeing as how I didn’t lose a single pound, I suspect she knows how well-treated I was! Sorry you’ve been having issues with the Spam folder.

    • Miss Kathy, I thank you for reading and commenting on my drivel. Somebody had to step up to the plate, you know, and Mama keeps talking about how far behind she is (whatever that means!). Yes, I’ll tell her to hurry with a better explanation — I’m interested in hearing her excuses, too, heehee!

  5. Abroad? Can’t wait to hear about it. Traveling with your mother? In any event – the kid has graduated (wonderful) and you’re back home – wonderful.

    • I totally AM a good dog, Miss Janna! And don’t tell Mama — I want to keep the guilt trip going as long as I can! — but the kennel wasn’t half-bad, heehee!

    • Miss Pat, I’ll get after Mama to write about her travels — she’s not being lazy, but she’s got a LOT to do to catch up (or so she says!)

  6. Dallas, I’m sure your mama wishes she could be with you all the time and that she didn’t have to put you in a kennel. That’s how I feel about my babies, Henry and Oliver. I’ll be leaving soon to go to my daughter’s graduation and I know I’m going to miss them like the Dickens!

    • Miss Monica, wouldn’t Sir Henry and Little Oliver like to go to the girl’s graduation, too?! Bet they would! Bet they’d behave — and be the hit of the party! I vote with the dogs — take ’em along.

  7. Dallas, what a wonderful post! Roxy and I loved it so much! I’m certain mom and the Kid missed you bunches and wished you had been there too. Sadly, that’s not always possible for all furry friends. Roxy travels with me to Spain but that’s because she’s little in size and fits underneath the seat! 🙂

    • Miss Bella, you place Miss Roxy under the seat? Doesn’t she get claustrophobia? I would, I’m sure. I love traveling by car, safely tucked inside my crate, but I’m not sure I’d like flying. Especially over water! But Roxy’s been to Spain? That lucky little girl!

      • Dallas, would you believe I get claustrophobia for Roxy? hee hee! She’s usually very tired by the time we get on the plane so she sleeps the entire time. It’s just a short trip–three hours at the most. This is the third time that little Roxy will be traveling to Spain. She loves the sun and beach! 🙂

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