Half-year Review of Goals

We’ve reached the half-way mark of 2013, and I figured now was as good a time as any to review my New Year’s Resolutions and openly admit my failures let everybody know how I’m progressing:

1) Blog twice a week. It appears I’m on track. From what I understand, the trick to a successful blog isn’t the number of posts. It’s substance. And coming up with interesting, well-written posts twice a week isn’t easy. I admire bloggers who do. And I’m offering a sincere Thank You to those who’ve been sticking with me. I’m honored to call you “friends.”

2) Finish my novel. Nope. Not yet. I’m one of those writers who prefer not outlining — if the story bores me, it will bore my readers. But that means I have no guide as to where it’s going, so it’s not surprising I painted myself into yet another corner. I got deep into the middle of my story, then asked myself, “Is this believable?” When I grudgingly had to admit it wasn’t, I decided to go back to the beginning and rework it. Armed with a better storyline and a semblance of an outline, I’m hoping all is not lost. Whether I can actually type The End by Dec. 31 is another story!

3) Learn a programming language. Sigh. No. But at least I’ve started. I bought a few books and found some helpful sites online to teach myself the things I need to know to be competitive and successful in my business. But it’s going to take time. Perhaps I should modify the goal by moving it to an “ongoing” column with other lifelong learning and techy things?

4) Lose five pounds. I realized after I set this goal that I’d neglected to weigh myself. You know what that means? Ascertaining success is going to be next to impossible! Okay, but I’m more concerned with having my clothes fit. Not baggy and sloppy, not snug and constricting. That’s a better measuring stick anyway, right? And since I’ve already noticed improvement — my jeans almost look like the Jones family moved out of the seat, and I’ve had to start wearing a belt to keep my shorts from dropping down ’round my knees! — I’m counting this as a Win. Don’t be jealous. Be inspired. If I can do it, so can you!

5) Set up an author Website. Not finished yet, but coming along. I have colors, fonts, and skeletal design complete; my problem to date is photos. I’d hoped Domer would return photographic duties for all the times I “shot” him. But he doesn’t want to, so I’m opting for a professional. That just might work out better anyway, as it’s going to take a special person to get me to relax in front of the lens!

Ta-Da! This wasn’t so painful after all. Now, how are YOU coming with your goals for the year??