Half-year Review of Goals

We’ve reached the half-way mark of 2013, and I figured now was as good a time as any to review my New Year’s Resolutions and openly admit my failures let everybody know how I’m progressing:

1) Blog twice a week. It appears I’m on track. From what I understand, the trick to a successful blog isn’t the number of posts. It’s substance. And coming up with interesting, well-written posts twice a week isn’t easy. I admire bloggers who do. And I’m offering a sincere Thank You to those who’ve been sticking with me. I’m honored to call you “friends.”

2) Finish my novel. Nope. Not yet. I’m one of those writers who prefer not outlining — if the story bores me, it will bore my readers. But that means I have no guide as to where it’s going, so it’s not surprising I painted myself into yet another corner. I got deep into the middle of my story, then asked myself, “Is this believable?” When I grudgingly had to admit it wasn’t, I decided to go back to the beginning and rework it. Armed with a better storyline and a semblance of an outline, I’m hoping all is not lost. Whether I can actually type The End by Dec. 31 is another story!

3) Learn a programming language. Sigh. No. But at least I’ve started. I bought a few books and found some helpful sites online to teach myself the things I need to know to be competitive and successful in my business. But it’s going to take time. Perhaps I should modify the goal by moving it to an “ongoing” column with other lifelong learning and techy things?

4) Lose five pounds. I realized after I set this goal that I’d neglected to weigh myself. You know what that means? Ascertaining success is going to be next to impossible! Okay, but I’m more concerned with having my clothes fit. Not baggy and sloppy, not snug and constricting. That’s a better measuring stick anyway, right? And since I’ve already noticed improvement — my jeans almost look like the Jones family moved out of the seat, and I’ve had to start wearing a belt to keep my shorts from dropping down ’round my knees! — I’m counting this as a Win. Don’t be jealous. Be inspired. If I can do it, so can you!

5) Set up an author Website. Not finished yet, but coming along. I have colors, fonts, and skeletal design complete; my problem to date is photos. I’d hoped Domer would return photographic duties for all the times I “shot” him. But he doesn’t want to, so I’m opting for a professional. That just might work out better anyway, as it’s going to take a special person to get me to relax in front of the lens!

Ta-Da! This wasn’t so painful after all. Now, how are YOU coming with your goals for the year??

25 thoughts on “Half-year Review of Goals

  1. The good thing about setting our own goals is the only one disappointed if we don’t meet them is ourselves! And we also have the authority to RESET them! I am WAY behind on my novel goals…however, I’m choosing to call it a gestation period which hopefully will be good for it in the end…that is if I ever finish it!

    • Good for you, calling this a “gestation period”! I hadn’t thought of it exactly like that, but maybe that’s better than calling it “writer’s block.” Or quitting altogether! Nah, let’s not do that!!

  2. WOW…that is one AWESOME goal list, Debbie!

    You GO, girl!

    “From what I understand, the trick to a successful blog isn’t the number of posts. It’s substance. And coming up with interesting, well-written posts twice a week isn’t easy.”

    Exactly! I used to post THREE times a week, but went to TWO about a year ago. I find that if I give myself two specific days to post, I end up coming up with something. And you’re right…it’s about the substance.

    It’s funny, I don’t usually set long term goals for myself. I kinda have an idea about things I want to do, but I just allow them to happen as they happen. Yeah I know, that sounds very strange, but it seems to work for me.

    Happy Wednesday, dear lady!


    • This is the first year I’ve laid out written plans/goals, Ron. I kept reading other people’s blogs saying the only way to “succeed” is to tell everybody what you’re aiming to do, assuming they’ll prod you into achievement.

      I don’t know if that works for me — I think I’m more private than that and that I’d do just as well on my own. Without broadcasting my intentions!

      Thanks for stopping by, Ron — have a great middle-of-the-week!

  3. Good Job. Looks like you are on target and adjusting as needed. Best judge of weight loss or gain is clothes! Glad you like how your clothes are fitting! I buy Groupons for professional pictures all the time. The price lowers my expectations and some have been great and some not so much so. Domer is lucky. Cole hides under the bed when I need help taking pictures of my campers but there is no escape.

    • If Domer could FIT under the bed, he’d be there, too, Kb!! He’s actually a pretty decent photographer, but he sure doesn’t want to take shots of me. And I need them for my website, etc. So maybe it’s best I consult with a pro who’s used to coaxing personality out of subjects. Thanks for the suggestion about Groupon — I’ll definitely look into it!

    • Bless your heart, Monica — I only HOPE I’ve lost 5 lbs.!! I really don’t know for sure, and generally, I’m of the opinion that weight is simply a number. A number I could care less about, unless it starts interfering with my clothes. Then I care. And I particularly cared for Domer’s graduation, ha!

  4. Such a good idea to review those new year goals, Debbie. I was going to do it quarterly and am afraid I haven’t. In fact, this is a well needed reminder. Now if I can just remember where I wrote them down. An author website? I’m intrigued.

    • Thanks for indulging me, Barb! Yes, I’ve been reading that, even if one doesn’t have a book published yet, if one is writing and the ultimate goal is publication, one should have a Website for contact information and such. This kind of advice almost sounds like putting the cart before the horse, but wiser folks than I give it, and perhaps they’re onto something. (Or I’m just spinning my wheels and avoiding finishing my novel, ha!)

    • Bless you for saying that, Kim! Sadly, I’ve picked up a few books to browse through them and yawned on the very first page! That doesn’t exactly bode well, does it?! But in the author’s defense, at least the book got published (which, right now, is more than I can say for mine, heehee!)

  5. Progress not perfection, Debbie! You setup measurable goals to begin with. Just the act of doing that sets up an accountability that you can measure along the way. Oh how I can relate to wrestling with your story but I agree ” if it bores you , it will bore the reader” Great job! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kathy, you’re a true pal for stopping by and helping me stay accountable! Why do I still find a gazillion-and-one things I “have” to do though instead of write, when writing’s what I WANT to do??

  6. Um, goals…well, lets not go there. Lets focus on your successes, instead 🙂

    It’s hard to accomplish all the goals we set, but meeting some of the goals mid-year shows progress, which is what we all like to see. As for the novel, I think it’s much better to recognize the issues and fix them once you see them rather than to forge ahead with a story you don’t feel is right. Good luck with it!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Janna! Normally, I don’t spell out resolutions (because I don’t want to have to beat myself up over failing to meet them, ha!). This year felt like I should. If nothing else, it’s confirmation that I was on the right path to begin with, in NOT telling everybody in the world what my goals for the year were. Not that they haven’t been supportive, you understand; just that my private self feels all discombobulated at proclaiming something like this!!

  7. Great goals Deb. I need to do 3 of them. I too have written a book 2 years ago and it’s just sitting in my computer. I need an editor and money to finish. I need to finish my weight loss. I’ve lost 81 lbs and it has taken me 3 years and I only have 25 lbs to go. I’m restarting it today again. I got off track for 2 weeks. And lastly….My brain is not working so well. I’ve had a really bad headache for 4 weeks and just could not write. I’ve been having trouble writing my blog. I don’t know why. I’m just stuck and I ‘m asking you to pray for me. Writing is a really big effort. I type slow and I try to put my heart into it and it takes me so long to write a blog.

    I will pray that you achieve success in completing your list of…..”things to do”.

    • Tanya, you’re amazing! Eighty-one pounds lost? Wow, and here I’m stressing over five! And you’ve already finished your novel, too? Girl, you’ve got to get that thing in the proper hands because there are people in the world who need to read what you’ve written!

      I’m so sorry about your headache — I was kind of wondering why you’d been absent from blogging for long stretches. We don’t know the trials others are facing, do we? Yes, I’ll say some prayers things will improve for you!

  8. You are making good progress on your goals, and where you feel you’ve fallen a bit short, you’ve come up with a plan to get back on track. Well done!

    As for my resolutions… oh wait … I didn’t make any resolutions! 🙂

    • You’re wise NOT to make resolutions, Terri. I normally don’t either, and now I see why. Frankly, for me at least, I think I do just as well in not making them (or making a bunch of short-term goals and tackling them one at a time!). Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Debbie, you gave me a real jolt when you pointed out that 2013 is halfway over! Didn’t it just start? Seems that way to me. Congratulations on the progress on your goals. I bet it helps to share them on a blog–that way you stay committed. Good luck on finishing your novel!! You’ll find your way, I’m sure.

    • I pray you’re right, Jann, in finding my way to finishing this novel. I’ve been over it so many times now that it’s quite ridiculous — how do “famous” authors ever manage to turn out a book a year?! One thing’s for sure — they’re better organized than I am, ha! As for staying committed, well, in all honesty, the fear of being shamed in public is pretty powerful!!

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