Wordless Wednesday — Hump Day, Yeah!

This camel showed up outside our mall over the weekend. Camel rides $5. Photos $10. Memories priceless. (But no, I don't know these kids!)

This camel showed up outside our mall over the weekend. Camel rides $5. Photos $10. Memories priceless. (And no, I don’t know these kids!)

14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday — Hump Day, Yeah!

    • “I think a camel’s face is adorable!” Me, TOO, Ron! For some reason, they always look like they’ve got a secret — something that’s terribly funny — but they’re not sharing!

      Thanks for dropping by — Enjoy your Wednesday!

  1. Debbie, this photo immediately took me back to a memory–picture of my two children riding a camel, taken by their dad when he took them to the circus during his Sunday visitation. Of course that triggered even more memories but we won’t go there!

    • I’ve never ridden a camel, Kathy, but I was sooo tempted to hop on this one’s back! He (she?) looked so happy and calm and really seemed to enjoy being the center of attention. Glad I was able to spark a good memory for you!

    • I’d heard they spit, too, Janna, but this one seemed way more civilized than that, ha! In fact, it was such a temptation NOT to reach for my money and hop on board!

    • It wasn’t a circus, Linda. From what I could tell, it was more of a traveling exhibit. They had a llama, some goats, and some kind of “exotic” cat (I put the quotes there because it was billed as a tiger or something, but looked more like a big house cat to me, ha!)

  2. Brought fun memories. Cole rode the Camel at the ABQ zoo when he was a tot and loved it. And I rode and elephant at the local mall when I was about 4, My mom can not imagine what possessed her to let me ride an elephant–she figures it must have been a bad four year old day. :-D. But I still remember the tough hide of the elephant and it was FUN!

    • The most my folks ever let me ride was a pony, and I so enjoyed it. Domer got to ride a llama once and, because the poor animal kept turning around every so often to check out its rider, I think Domer found it most memorable (though not necessarily in a good way, ha!)

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