The Rest of the Story

I read a lot of blogs and often find myself wondering how something turned out, the rest of the story, so to speak.

With that in mind, I decided to resolve some of the conundrums I’ve posted about recently and catch you up to speed.

1) Shunning. The last couple of times I’ve been in church, I’ve witnessed this family make a concerted effort to arrive early and grab a pew they all can sit in comfortably together. Those five kids are just beautiful, and it warms my heart to see them getting along! They probably squabble just like most siblings at home, but their differences shouldn’t be made public.

2) Neighbor house. My neighbor moved to a care facility, and her kids sold her house. No longer is this an abandoned, lonely dwelling. A church minister and his family have moved in, with help from oodles of their parishioners. They’ve been making renovations and improvements (most of which are long overdue), and it feels good to know this house is entering a bright new phase of existence.

3) Accident. My car’s rear bumper is finally repaired, and it didn’t cost me one nickel! Nor is it going to affect my insurance rates. Sometimes things just work out GOOD, don’t they?

4) Woodchuck. “Woody” is still around, despite Darling Doggie Dallas’s efforts to “play” with him! The other day, I saw the varmint scoot across our backyard to the soybean field, so I hurried out to the storage shed under which he thinks he’s going to take up winter residence. Using leftover bricks and wooden logs, I boxed up the hole he’s been using as a door, then patted myself on the back for solving the problem. Alas, it wasn’t to be. “Woody” cleverly removed my “door” and has been having a field day!

5) Dallas. He seems to have beaten his back and leg pain. At his last vet checkup, he’d even lost some weight (thanks to switching him to a different food, walking him daily, and eliminating excess treats). Doc says they’re like people — too much weight puts them in danger of all sorts of ailments.

6) Domer. My darling son is settling in to The Land of the North. I know he misses his ND and Band friends, and I know it takes a while for one to really feel at home in a new locale, but he’s adapting. Of course, winter hasn’t arrived yet, and all bets might be off when the snow starts flying!

There, now don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing the rest of the story?!

19 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. What a neat post. I do wonder! Especially about the players mentioned in blogs I read regularly. I loved being brought up to date and with the exception of Woody knowing that all is well. Well, Woody is well, and that I suppose is the problem, but he will move on before long I just know it —unless, you don’t think, that Woody is really Woodanda and has a crush on Dallas do you? I would speak with Darling Boy and remind him about how you took care of the birds and now it is turn!
    All warm and Fuzzy!

    • Perfect, Katybeth — letting Domer handle “Woody.” Or “Woodanda.” What a scary thought! I don’t know why, but it hadn’t occurred to me that HE might be a SHE with a nest full of babies — yikes! Dallas will have a heyday with that! But you’re right — I *did* take care of Domer’s birds, so he owes me. Too bad he won’t be home until Thanksgiving, when the woodchuck family surely will be hibernating. And I can just imagine the horror on his face if I told him to fish them out from underneath the shed, ha!

  2. “There, now don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy, knowing the rest of the story?!”

    Yup, I sure do, Debbie! And what a GREAT idea for a post because you’re right, I do sometimes wonder the rest of the story I read on blogs.

    Yay on not having to fork out even a nickle to have your bumper repaired! Nor, having it affect your insurance rate because that is always a concern when a car accident happens, even if the accident is not your fault.

    And I’m so glad to hear about Dallas!

    Also about your son, Domer, getting settled in his new environment. I remember when I first moved away to NYC when I was 18 and it taking a bit for me to adapt to my new surroundings.

    Hope you had a super weekend, dear lady!


    • You were just 18 when you moved to NYC?? Your poor mother must have stayed up nights worrying about her boy! I know moving away is what young people are supposed to do — and I applaud the ones who do it successfully! — but it makes for some frightening hours for us moms.
      Thanks for coming along on the ride, Ron. It’s funny how we bloggers write about something; gets lots of comments, sympathy, concern, etc. over it; then never hear how the situation resolved itself. That was the impetus for this “catch up” post — I’m glad to hear it wasn’t such a bad idea after all!

    • Thanks, Monica. However, Dallas continues to eat his own waste in the back yard, so every time he squats, I’m Johnny-on-the-spot with a scoop! An inconvenience right now, but when the snows start falling, it will be a major nuisance. Sigh.

  3. I remember all these stories, Debbie. I’m glad that family seems to be getting along now – and have been able to sit together in church. Great news on the car bumper and the neighbor house. I had to laugh at the industrious woodchuck, though. “Critters” have a way of besting us. (I’m having a lizard problem right now. I’ve found six of them in the house the last week and I swear I can’t find where they are getting in! The cats are loving the new toys, though 🙂 Don’t worry, all the lizards have been successfully relocated outside- alive and tails in tact.)

    • Oooh, I don’t like lizards, Janna. They give me the creeps! Yet I can’t help feeling a tiny bit sorry for them, being used as Mother Nature’s free toys for your kitties! Guess this is another incidence of when it’s nice having boys, not girls, because I’ll bet your sons are only too glad to pick them up and usher them outside. Perhaps they can be encouraged to help scout out the lizard’s porthole?!

    • Hey, Kim. Domer graduated from college this past May and has taken a job in the Land of the North. That’s all he wants me to broadcast right now! Suffice it to say, it’s within a day’s drive from me (I’m in Illinois), and it’s somewhere in the USA. Somewhere that gets COLD (and that’s all I’m saying because I don’t want my only son mad at me, heehee!)

  4. I do, Debbie, I do. It’s nice to pick up lose ends and get a “rest of the story” from you. A quick chat, if you will. My favorite was the old house that’s getting a new life. I’ve experienced that a few times in my life and my moves and it’s a great circle of life event.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Barb. Yes, it’s grand having new neighbors, especially those with college-aged kids. While I miss my old neighbor, I’m glad that her house is becoming a home for a new family.

  5. Updates really are nice now and then. I’m especially glad to hear that the “church family” has worked things out. And there’s nothing better than seeing a house become a home again. It improves the life of the neighborhood as well as a the life of the people living there.

    I’m glad all’s well with your car, too. I swear – sometimes life feels like picking our way through a minefield, what with all the things that can happen. But it sounds like all’s well with your world right now. That’s something to be celebrated!

    • And I *am* celebrating, Linda — at least for another week, until Mercury turns Retrograde again and upsets the entire apple cart! Thanks for stopping by for the update. So often, a post I read poses a dilemma and I find myself wondering how the situation turned out. I felt that I was “guilty” of posing some of those dilemmas lately and figured that my wonderful online friends might need to know the rest of the story, too. And I’m so glad to be able to report the sunny side as a resolution (at least, for every situation except “Woody”!)

  6. It’s GREAT to get the rest of the story! I’m especially glad to know that there has been no more shunning going on at church. Now I’m wondering how many stories I’ve left unfinished…

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