How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

Dallas here.

I was having my Sunday afternoon nap when I heard Mama race downstairs and then back upstairs.

What was going on?

I found her in the kitchen with her camera. This is what she was shooting:

It's a varmint!

It’s a varmint!

I whimpered. Let me OUT, Mama! I’ll take care of it for you!

She ignored me. Me, the king of this domain!


She took more pictures right through the window as the thing munched on our grass (yeah, you can see how dry it’s been here):

Look, it’s getting away!

Finally, she raced outside, and I heard her shooing the varmint off.

Wait, Mama, that’s my job!

Well, when she was finally satisfied the thing was out of reach, she opened the door for me.

Whee, watch me track him, Mama:

Nose to ground, sniffing for varmints

Nose to ground, sniffing for varmints

I couldn’t find him anywhere, but Mama said she saw him scoot under the storage shed.

He just thinks he’s safe there.

Don’t worry, Fella. I’ll get you next time!

Meanwhile, Mama went on the Internet in search of the thing’s identity.

It wasn’t a raccoon, as she first thought.

It wasn’t a possum, as our neighbor suggested.

Nope, this is what it is (or so we think).

A woodchuck!

See if you agree:

20 thoughts on “How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck?

    • I also saw a YouTube clip where a standard poodle got hold of a woodchuck and pretty much mauled it to death. It was plenty gross, and while I want this critter GONE, I don’t want Dallas killing it! He can track all he wants, though!

  1. Well how about that? I’ve never seen a woodchuck. Although recently in Alaska, I saw marmots for the first time. And I had to chuckle because I was wearing a Marmot brand raincoat. I wonder if they noticed?

    • Barb, I checked online, and a woodchuck (or groundhog) is in the same family as a marmot. How about that?? The only groundhogs I’ve ever seen (before this thing) have been on Feb. 2 on TV, and those are pretty famous. Glad you were amused!

  2. Dallas, what a CUTE post you shared today! Loved your post title!

    And I also love the video clip you added at the end. That woodchuck is ADORABLE! And although I’ve never seen a woodchuck, it sure does look like it from the video.

    And please tell Mama I loved her photos!

    Oh, and that I hope she had a SUPER weekend!

    X to you and Mama!

    • Before this thing showed up, Ron, the only groundhogs (or woodchucks) I’ve seen are on TV — Punxsutawney Phil and the like. And if you’ll Google Phil, you’ll see closeups (and front end views!) if you’d like to. Somehow, they’re a LOT cuter on TV when pulled from their hibernation by a man in a top hat, ha!

  3. Well, I didn’t think it was a raccoon, but I sure never would have guessed woodchuck. He looks a bit like a groundhog, too, but that tail surely does look like the woodchuck’s.

    I love that poem, too. And every time I hear it, I go on to “Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear…” 😉

    • Linda, I think woodchucks and groundhogs are in the same family, along with ground squirrels. They live in burrows, hibernate throughout the winter, and typically come out on sunny days to forage for food. Their preferences include soybeans (we have a field of them behind our house), apples (yes, the neighbor’s fruit tree), and dandelions (for some odd reason, they’ve been prolific this year). I imagine these critters think they’ve found Nirvana at our house, ha!

  4. I had to smile because it reminds me of my aunt and uncle – they were saying this on a road trip when I was young and it stuck out in mind. And, I swear this is true, just yesterday, I said it to my older son on a hike, in response to his “Peter Piper pecked a peck of pickled peppers 🙂

    I’ve never seen a woodchuck, but it looks like that’s what it could be. I think the wild animals are cute…until they get too destructive 🙂

    • Actually, Janna, I’m just glad it’s NOT a raccoon or a possum. Those things are pretty nocturnal, and Dallas is skittish enough going out in the dark for the final “potty call” of the day! At least I’m able to see this thing when it shows up and run it off before sending the dog out. But yes, I think they’re kind of cute on TV!

    • Jasmine, you ought to see the damage those things can inflict — I know someone whose hot tub was completely ruined by critters like this. They gnawed the wires on the underside, I was told. And getting rid of them is easier said than done!

      • Critters!! LOL LOVE IT! Varmints and critters! I say get a bow and arrow and practice for the fall of society! JUST IN CASE! You’ll have furs AND meat! LOL

  5. Made me think of this….

    How much wood could a woodchuck chuck
    If a woodchuck could chuck wood?
    As much wood as a woodchuck could chuck,
    If a woodchuck could chuck wood.

    This is all I know about a woodchuck…LOL!

    • Since this creature has come into my sphere of reference, Tanya, I’ve done a bit of research about him. Trust me, he’s much cuter on TV at Groundhog Dag celebrations than he is in person, ha!

    • You’re sweet to fret about my Sheltie, Terri! After I saw a standard-sized poodle maul a woodchuck on YouTube, I’m keeping a close watch on Dallas. I don’t want “Woody” to scratch his eyes out, but neither do I want woodchuck-innards strewn about my yard!

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