Walking on a Fall Day

I took a different route on my walk this afternoon, and was rewarded with some magnificent fall scenery.

Join me, won’t you? I’d love your company!

By the way, it’s about 63 degrees and rather damp, thanks to a dense fog overnight. You might want to wear a light jacket.

And walking shoes.

The sidewalks are wet:

Wet sidewalks

Wet sidewalks

And there’s a fresh dew on the bushes:

Dew on bush

Dew on bush

The squirrels are busily gathering food for the coming winter:

Sit. Stay.

Sit. Stay.

But not so busy that they don’t want their pictures on a blog:

Oh, hai there!

Oh, hai there!

The trees are decked out in shades of yellow:

Fall color

Fall color

And red:

Lovely, isn't it?

Lovely, isn’t it?

And orange:

So pretty!

So pretty!

And I love the way the bark on some really stands out when it’s wet:

Black bark

Black bark

Even the catalpa trees look interesting as Halloween draws near:

Catalpa tree

Catalpa tree

Thanks for coming along — don’t you feel better, knowing we got some physical and mental exercise??

Fall beauty

Fall beauty

28 thoughts on “Walking on a Fall Day

  1. LOVED this post, Debbie!

    And what a beautiful walk it was! I am so envious of the color your trees are turning in your area because here, we’ve had very little change in the leaves. A bit of yellow, but none of the bright red and orange like the trees you’ve shared here.

    I especially enjoyed the photos of the squirrels because I am a HUGE squirrel lover. I think they’re the cutest little things.

    Love the photo of the Catalpa tree. Perfect for Halloween!

    Thanks for sharing, dear lady. Enjoyed! And have a spooktacular Halloween tomorrow!


    • Thanks for coming along, Ron. I was kind of surprised myself at how pretty some of these trees were, as generally, this hasn’t been the most colorful of Falls.

      Yup, the squirrels were most cooperative. It’s almost like they *wanted* to have their pictures taken for the Interwebs, ha!

      Good thing I got the pictures yesterday for today is rainy and windy, nasty conditions for Trick-or-Treating.

  2. Debbie, I finally have some time from so many doctor’s appointments and physical therapy sessions and boy, is this a great post to come back to! How I love it when you take us on these nature walks! And really, that squirrel looks like it’s posing for you! I love autumn. The changing colors, falling leaves, and chestnuts everywhere make it one of my favorite seasons! Hugs! 🙂

    • I swear, Bella, that squirrel *was* posing! I told it to “sit” and “stay,” and it did — much more agreeable than my Sheltie, who can be a stubborn old man at times, ha!

      Take care of yourself, dear, and heal soon — I’ve missed you in the Blogosphere.

  3. What a lovely walk, Debbie. Thanks for taking us along. Most of our leaves are down and the cooler temperatures–40s– have arrived. We even had snow flurries this a.m. So your walking tour was a delightful diversion. Enjoy!

    • Snow flurries, Kathy?? Brrr. Is this early, or is it right on time? I’m glad you were able to join me on the walk. Since today is rainy and windy, I suspect most of the leaves will drop, leaving me grateful I took advantage of the photo op while it was available.

    • True, Monica, but just think how lovely it will be in January, when you still have warm sunshine while we’re buried in snow! Thanks for joining me on my walk. Hope Sir Henry and Oliver enjoyed it, too!

  4. That was a nice walk! (Did I burn enough calories to eat a brownie? :)) I like seeing the trees with all the different colored leaves. We’re going to take one more drive north to see the leaves, but I’m afraid with the winds, the trees might be pretty bare by now.

    Squirrels are so funny…I haven’t seen our guys for a while. I figured they were somewhere keeping warm.

    • I walk pretty fast usually, but found myself stopping to take pictures; therefore, I probably didn’t burn enough calories to eat a brownie. Maybe we can just halve one?!
      Today did a real number on our leaves. You’d be surprised how many dropped in the heavy rains and wind we had — good thing I got pictures when I did!!
      Thanks for joining in the walk, Janna.

  5. Your neighborhood is SO pretty this time of year!

    We’ve had rain and fog the past few days too, and I think the trees are showing the last of their fall colors. Pretty soon they’ll be bare. I don’t want to think about what comes next!

    • I’m sooo not ready for winter, Terri. It seems like just yesterday that there was snow on the ground! And with the clocks rolling back an hour this weekend, that’s going to mean even less sunshine. Sigh. Glad you could join me for a walk, though!

    • You’re most welcome, Pat. Glad you were willing and able to come along — Illinois *is* pretty when the seasons change. Winter? Well, even that has its pluses!

  6. I DO feel better, Debbie! What glorious colors – and I love the squirrels. They’re so busy this time of year aren’t they? The fresh air and company was invigorating.

    • Thanks for joining me, Barb. You know, it’s odd but the colors just seemed to suddenly POP after being pretty drab most of this Fall. And now, just a couple of days later, we’re up to our ears raking what dropped in the Halloween rain and wind!!

  7. You know what I liked best? Not just the colors, although they’re pretty. It was the rain. I can just barely remember that wonderful fragrance of fallen leaves and rain. I used to love to walk at night in a town where I lived. There were rather old fashioned street lamps, and the carpet of wet leaves would smell so good, and blanket everything with quiet. Thanks for the memories!

    • You’re most welcome — glad I could nudge some good memories for you. Because of my Sheltie’s long furs, I much prefer walking *him* in dry conditions. And we both truly love shuffling our feet through the crackling leaves! But, yes, we sooo needed the rain, and it really helped to make the colors explode.

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