Hooray for Mama!

Dallas here.

Excitement is in the air. I don’t know what’s going on, but mama is running around the house like a person on fire.

She’s dragging out suitcases. Pulling clothes from the closet and stacking them on her bed.

Changing her mind. Putting a stack back and replacing it with a different one.

She keeps saying things like, “There’s just so much to do!” and then she’s off, racing around again.

Doing laundry. Changing the bed. Running that loud sucking thing they call “vacuum.”

She’s making me tired, just watching her.

Before I could get a nice nap though, she scooped me up and set me on a table.

Where the “torture implements” were already laid out and waiting.

The brush, scissors, thinning shears, nail clippers, and her “old lady glasses,” so she won’t chop off one of my feeties.

What could I do but lie down and suffer?

I’m not blowing my coat, honest. I don’t do that at this time of year.

But you’d never know it by what mama yanked out. Here, take a look:

Dallas and his furs

Dallas and his furs

As you can see, I’m wearing my bored expression. Because I hate that camera-thing pointed at me.

But if you look closely, you can also see how pretty my ears and front paws are. Mama said so, and she knows these things.

As for that mess in the sack, well, better off than on (even if it looks like something mama could have used to make a baby Sheltie!).

Back to my story.

Have you figured out yet why mama is running around like a whirling dervish? No?

Well, she told me, and I’ll pass it on — she’s FINALLY going to take a few days off!


It’s like she’s been saying forever — We’re going to pack the suitcases, load them in the car, and go somewhere.

But I was beginning to doubt her. You would, too, if you were me.

I mean, “patience” and “waiting” just aren’t in this dog’s vocabulary.

And mama so needs a vacation.

Here’s the best part: I get to go, too!

I don’t care where we go, or for how long, just as long as I can stay with my mama.

The kennel is nice, but it’s not mama. (Don’t tell her I said that, ‘k? No need for her to think I’m being all clingy and annoying).

Mama and I will catch up with y’all when we land. Until then, have a super weekend!

Dallas, signature

Dallas, signature

19 thoughts on “Hooray for Mama!

    • We haven’t had fun yet, but we’re going to, as soon as my mama gets well. She’s been coughing and sneezing ever since we left, and she tells me it’s called a “cold.” I don’t know, but I’m glad we doggins don’t get them!

    • Dallas here. Mama’s “under the weather,” whatever that means. I think she’s just sick, probably because of all that rushing around she did. And all that stress! Anyway, she tells me she’s gaining on it, and that’s something I’m counting on — I didn’t get all prettied up for nothing, you know!

    • Hi, Miss Suzi. Sadly, my mama isn’t feeling well (hasn’t been since before we left). But I understand that colds last a week or so, and maybe she’ll be back to being herself soon. She’d better be — I didn’t come this far for nothing!

    • Well, Miss Linda, it’s going to be fun once my mama gets back her wellness. She hasn’t been much fun lately — sleeping and using boxes of tissues and keeping me up half the night with her coughing!

    • Thank you, Professor, for your kind compliments. Yes, I rather think Mama does a decent sort of job with the torture devices. You have German Shepherd(plural??). Oh, my, I don’t think I’ve ever met a live German Shepherd! I’d probably like them just fine, though — it’s the TINY dogs that terrify me, ha!

  1. Have an AWESOME time on your trip, Dallas! Please tell Mama to take lots of photos so we can see and read all about it when you get home.

    Oh and btw, your haircut looks faaaaaaabulous!

    Have a great weekend!!!!

    • Mr. Ron, if I could blush, I’m sure I would at your high praise! Yes, Mama calls me beautiful, but she’s Mama and that’s part of her job.

      I’ve told Mama she’d better get well soon or I’ll have to commandeer her blog again and tell you what we haven’t been doing — having any fun, that is. Hah, she gets me all spiffied up and then she gets a dumb cold. Go figure!

    • Mama hasn’t been well. She’s snorting like a bull and coughing, too. I tell you, “colds” must be just awful! Anyway, she’s on the mend, and I fully expect her to assume her “duties” blogging again soon.

    • Dallas here. Mama says I’m the BEST traveler ever because I curl up in my crate and sleep the entire way. But now that I’ve been praised, I expect to have some fun, just as soon as Mama gets back to her healthy self.

    • Aw, shucks, Miss Monica — I’m speechless! Me, the doggin who loves to chatter! Actually, your Henry and Oliver would LOVE going on vacation with Mama (if she can ever get over that awful cold, that is!)

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