(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Greetings from Gulfport, MS, home of yesterday’s ice storm Leon.

Those of you (like my son Domer) who have endured months of snow and cold might not think much of our “little wintry mix,” but let me assure you, it’s way worse than it looks.

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Down I Go…Again

When I was an infant, I was christened with the middle name of “Anne.”

“Anne” means “grace,” and I can only suppose my parents hoped their daughter would turn out graceful.

Sadly, I did not.

In fact, if there’s any way I can possibly fall over something, I manage to do just that.

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About That Deep-Edit…

Well-meaning, but misguided, friends often question me when I admit I’d prefer the traditional publishing route over self-publishing.

Sure, both are fraught with decisions, fears, and worries, but in my heart, I want somebody standing beside me when I face them.

Somebody like an agent. Or an editor.

You see, few of us are so exacting that we don’t need another set of eyes on what we write.

To catch our misspellings, wonky sentences, even factual errors.

I learned that early in my newspaper career.

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Dining Out isn’t Always What It’s Cracked Up to Be

I’m pretty sure this isn’t Rant Friday, but oh well.

The other night, Mom and I went out to dinner. We selected a restaurant we’d eaten at before, one where we’d had a good dining experience. We expected nothing less.

Were we mistaken.

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

It’s COLD. Practically everywhere.

And while cold — and the misery it imparts — is relative, you know it’s cold when the weather folks start talking about a Polar Vortex and advising viewers to protect pets, pipes, and tender vegetation.

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Caregiving, by Default

I never saw myself in the role of caregiver.

Never trained as a nurse. Never watched my parents care for their parents.

And if I’m to be truly honest, I don’t have a caregiver’s personality. I’m more selfish than that. And, as a creative person, I protect my psyche and guard my time with a certain fierceness.

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