I Do Know How to Drive …. Honest

Yesterday I drove to Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport to pick My Favorite Domer up for the holidays.

Today I’m apologizing to all those drivers on I-10 for the stupid move I made that could have taken out dozens of us. Maybe more.

Here’s how it went down:

Domer flew in from The Land of the North for a few days, and I met him at the airport.

It’s a cool airport, with huge Christmas trees decorated in Fleur-de-lis, a stage with a baby grand piano (for itinerant musicians, I guess), an immense statue of Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet, and funky lounge seating everywhere. They even have a cafe where you can get beignets (those fried do-nuts covered in powdered sugar that New Orleans is famous for).

Anyway, after Domer landed (30 minutes late because of a cold front), we proceeded to the parking garage, paid, and headed east toward home.

It was dark. And growing foggier by the minute. And the traffic was horrid, with everybody trying desperately to get someplace other than the road.

I was in the far left lane when all of a sudden, Domer (in the co-pilot seat) pointed to a sign telling us to exit right. I put on my turn signal, checked the rear view mirror, found multiple lanes of blaring headlights, and panicked.

“I can’t do it!” I shrieked.

“Just ease on over,” Domer suggested. “They’ve got to let you in.”

Well, no, not in New Orleans, they don’t.

You see, I’d driven over in the daylight and knew what I was facing. Everybody was barreling along at 80 mph (minimum) and zipping around me like I was parked. They were on a mission and knew where they had to go. Me? I was in a cold-induced fog.

But our exit was fast approaching. I couldn’t afford to take the wrong road and get lost.

With a fervent prayer, I basically closed my eyes, zeroed toward the exit, and only exhaled when I realized nothing had slammed into us.

Now I don’t normally do such foolish, thoughtless things. Especially at Christmastime. Especially with my only son in the car.

And I’m truly sorry if I inconvenienced any other motorists.

I’m just glad today to be alive and on firm earth!

16 thoughts on “I Do Know How to Drive …. Honest

    • Oh, Barb, I do hope we’re all more forgiving! I know I probably would’ve had a few choice words if somebody had done that to me, but I’m so grateful angels were watching out for us.

    • Like Barb ^ said, I think I just trusted the wheel to the angels, and they did a good job — much better than I ever could have. Domer pulled one of those dumb moves once when we were traveling to The Land of the North, and I was horrified. Why do young men get a thrill from such stunts??

    • You know, Monica, I didn’t hear a SINGLE honk! I think I just blanked out for that few minutes, I was praying so hard. Because, of course, I wasn’t in MY car. No, I had to be driving my mom’s “Fancy Pants” car — yikes!

  1. The freeways of Phoenix are like this…if you wait for someone to back off and give you room to switch lanes, it won’t happen. (On the flip side, we’ve got some real nut cases that carry guns!) I’m glad you made it home safely, but oh, what a scare!

    I hope you have a fabulous Christmas with your son!

    • Thanks, Janna. I have a pretty good idea that some of the rednecks in Louisiana carry guns, too — and probably were all liquered up, to boot! Sometimes, I guess we just need a reminder how fragile life is. Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Don’t forget that last line of defense you had – the out-of-state license plate! I think at this time of year everyone is a little more cautious and a little more tolerant around those visitors from “Elsewhere” – I know I am. But let’s not try that again, okay?!?

    Have a wonderful Christmas, and enjoy being with Domer!

    • Well, Linda, I can just imagine those Louisiana drivers telling all their friends to stay away from those crazy Illinois drivers, ha! But you’re right, I always cut folks from “Elsewhere” a LOT of slack. They can’t possibly know where they’re going, and I empathize with that, seeing as how I’ve been in their shoes.
      Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. We all have done driving crazy stuff!!!! I just did that recently myself. This is why I pray for traveling mercies DAILY! I thank God when HE has blessed me with safety like He just did for you and your son. Don’t let the repeated thoughts come back for the negative experience…but it’s good to dwell on the positive of God’s protectiveness.

    What state do you live in so I can stay off the road there….Mr. Magoo! LOL!!!!!!! Just kidding. I’m so happy that you will have a Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time with your son.

    (Remember Mr. Magoo the words worse driver?)

    • Tanya, you crack me up with that Mr. Magoo comment! Yes, I remember that poor soul and constantly found myself marveling that he got ANYWHERE safely, ha!
      We’re so blessed that God sent His angels to watch over us. I felt my angel’s presence very strongly after pulling such a dumb move. I’m glad we weren’t injured, and I’m glad others remained safe, too.
      Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    • Thanks, Kathy. It’s wonderful having him home — who would have thought he’d snag some time off at the holidays, having just started work a few months earlier? Way different than my first job. Happy Christmas to you and your family!

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